Schick II Twin Blades

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  1. rodd

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    I heard about these a couple years back, but haven't really seen them around. I got a chance to pick some up, so I thought I would share some information and pictures. Most images link to a larger version if you are trying to read packaging or see details.

    They came out as dual blade cartridge razors were starting to pick up steam. This was a creative way for Schick to cash in on the "more blades is better" notion. Basically it is a regular DE blade, and a slightly smaller DE blade, with a thin spacer sandwiched in between them. I love the quote from the packaging: "New Schick II Double Edge twin blades for a better shave without changing razors." Schick advertised that they fit all double edge razors, but in reality, the head geometry could make a big difference in whether or not the second blade actually touches your face.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Because there are two different size blades, there is a top side, and a bottom side, and it is important they are put in the razor properly.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    In the razor, as the head tightens down, and the blade flexes, the blades do space just a little bit, but there is no way for the soap/whiskers to flow through like they do on a cartridge razor, so regular rinsing is necessary. Sorry, it turned out to be very difficult to get good pictures of the edges.

    This morning I shaved with one of these, in the Schick Platinum razor in the picture above. I didn't have high expectations. Surprisingly, I got a great shave. I think it was more the fact that it is has a good sharp and smooth edge than the fact that there are two blades, but it was a very nice shave. I am looking forward to experimenting with these in some different razors to see what kind of a difference it makes.

    Too Long Didn't Read: more blades = better. ;)
  2. IAmTheJody

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    Nice post. I got a pack of these a year ago that I haven't gotten around to using yet. Motivation!
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  3. Slivovitz

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    I've seen pictures of these before, and would pick up a pack if I had an opportunity at a low enough price. By comparison, I already like the twin injector blades made by Schick, Personna, and Gillette. Did anybody besides Schick make twin DE blades? I remember a sort of double cartridge razor, shaped like a DE but with two blades on each side. That one had the blades more widely spaced than with the Schick Twin DE, though.
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  4. rodd

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    I am not sure if anyone else made them. These are the only ones I know of. I think I saw one of those double cartridge razors on ebay recently, but I can't tell if it is single blade, or double. Either way, I was sure I wouldn't be able to find cartridges for it.
  5. HoosierTrooper

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    Those are kind of cool looking.
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  6. GDCarrington

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    Personna also made a version as well. I have used these and they are good, but beware that when the give it up and start slightly tugging, get a fresh blade, don't wait. They have a steep drop off compared to regular blades in my usage.
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  7. Hanzo

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    Fascinating , never heard of these blades, someone should still make these . Nearest I ever heard was Gordon said he saw a European barber put two DE blades in a safety razor to shave him and that the shave was excellent.
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  8. GDCarrington

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    Here is Personna's entry in this blade class.

    personna twin double edge.png
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  9. rodd

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    Thanks for the heads up!
    Awesome! I love that it is a 1 blade pack.
  10. Johnny

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    The packaging cost more than the blade.

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