Schick Injector Type I and J reclassification

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    As many razor owners know Schick Injector razors tend be classified using this system here.

    As far as the I and J razors the classifications are not complete and some of the dates are inaccurate.

    First as we can see here with copyright in the ad itself that the I2 hydro magic was first introduced in 1954 not 1955.

    Second is that the I and J models were sold together and not I models first then J models as seen here in this ad for Fathers Day 1955. So we can say for sure J models were introduced at least as early as 1955 not 1958.

    So how to sort all the models out. First distinction is between razors with hydro magic levers and razors without. The next distinction will be based upon how the branding is stamped. For Hydro magic you have 3 types ones stamped Eversharp Schick, Eversharp Hydro Magic and Schick Golden 500. For non hydro magic lever razors you have Eversharp Schick, Schick Safety Razors and Schick.

    How do we determine which order the stampings follow well for starters for hydro magic razors it is straightforward, the earliest version would have been prior to marketing coming up with hydro magic name for the lever so the order would be.
    Eversharp Schick -> Eversharp hydro magic -> Schick Golden 500.
    It is highly unlikely they would have unbranded the hydro magic afterwards and we know the other which order they came in 2 by how the levers were made.

    For the non hydro magic lever razors aka the I1 variants, J1 variants and J2 we can first make an assumption they started out with larger blade gap exposure to a smaller blade gap exposure as seen here.
    IJa.jpg IJb.jpg
    The only J1 and I1 variants not pictured are the ones stamped Schick Safety Razors, they had larger blade exposure like the other white handle I1 and J1 razors.

    So finally which order were they produced. Based upon how razors were made in this time period they went from more to less gap exposure and from more aggressive to mild. Having used almost all the variants I can say through testing following this progression they would have been produced in the following order.
    Eversharp Schick -> Schick Safety Razor -> Schick

    Next 2 posts will cover hydro magic razors and non hydro magic razors and their variant grouping. Final post will contain category grouping based upon tested razors.

    How I group the razors to keep within Appleby's original designations is the following. First by handle either they have an I style handle or J style handle. Then to keep within the original I1,2 and J1,2,3,4 the variants are distinguished by the following using a v1,2,3,4,etc. appended to the original Appleby designations.

    For I and J models the first variant distinction is by the branding stamp on the razor head. The second distinction applies only to hydro magic razors and the variants which is determined by the style of lever.

    The final distinction is a category ranking which tells us which razors shave the same regardless of other distinctions.
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    For Hydro Magic razors we have 4 major variants for I2 razors and the J3 and J4.

    Here are the I2 variants first.

    First up is what I will term I2v1 this one is the earlier branded short lever hydro magic. This was produced between 1954 and 1958
    i2v1b.jpg i2v2a.jpg

    Next is what I will term I2v2, this the non branded hydro magic, it is the earlier version based upon the shorter lever.
    As it turns out this razor was produced for a short time during 1958 before they went to the longer hydro-magic lever.
    i2v1a.jpg i2v1b.jpg

    This one is what I will term I2v3, this one is silver head, long lever with no writing on the lever. It is assumed this was produced sometime between 1959 - 1961
    i2v3a.jpg i2v3b.jpg

    I2v4 this is last version one w/ gold and silver head and the longer lever with writing on it. These were produced between 1958 and 1961.
    i2v4a.jpg i2v4b.jpg
    I2v4sa.jpg I2v4sb.jpg

    For the J models with the hydro magic lever we only have 2 models the J3 and J4.

    First up is the J3. This was sold in 2 stamped base plates. Variant 1 was stamped Schick Golden 500 and sold from 1959 - 1964. Variant 2 is stamped Schick 500 and was sold from 1964 - 1969.

    J3v1 Golden 500 1959 - 1964
    j3a.jpg j3b.jpg

    J3v1 packaging 1959 - 1963
    golden500 case.jpg

    J3v2 Schick 500, 1964 - 1969
    schick 500.jpg

    J3v1 packaging 1963 - 1964 / J3v2 packaging 1964 - 1969
    Schick 500 set.jpg

    J4v1. These are stamped Eversharp Hydro magic. These were marketed in sets called the Eversharp Hydro-Magic 500. This is the earlier version one sold with the short hydro-magic lever. This one was made from 1954 - 1958.
    hydro1.jpg hydro2.jpg hydro3.jpg

    J4v2. These are stamped Eversharp Schick. For a short period in 1958 they dropped the hydro-magic branding from the I and J style lever razors. They also share the same short hydro-magic lever as J4v1.
    J4v2c.jpg J4v2b.jpg

    J4v3 These are stamped Eversharp Hydro magic. These were marketed in sets called the Eversharp Hydro-Magic 500. This is the later longer hydro-magic lever version. These were produced late 1958 through 1959.
    j4a.jpg j4b.jpg

    Though a hydro magic this one technically should be classified as a type L Schick injector. Included for completeness purposes.

    L9 Schick 500, 1967/68? - ?? w/ newer handle you see on type L injectors, sold in Europe. This style razor shows up again in the US and Europe between 1972 and 1975 with a yellow handle as a Lady Eversharp.
    j3v2b1.jpg j3v2b2.jpg

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    A while back I was questioning a difference I noticed between some of my Schick I razors. As you will notice in the picture below, the first razor is a Hydro-Magic, the second an I1 and the third another I1. You can see that the middle razor has a head similar to the Hydro-Magic, not like other I1 razors. It was explained to me that the middle razor is a model 55, assuming to be named because of the first year for I razors, 1955. And for me, there is a slight difference in shaves over the more common I1 razors. It shaves a bit closer and more comfortable and actually is my favorite Schick I. And it would seem that the Hydro-Magic (I2) razors were based on the earlier type head.

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    Now for the I1 variants.

    This one I'll term I1v1, it is stamped with Eversharp Schick, this variant only came with a white handle and is also referred to as an I55 by some razor collectors.
    i1a1.jpg i1a2.jpg

    This next one I'll term I1v2, it is stamped Schick Safety Razor, this variant only came with a white handle and is also referred to as an I55 by some razor collectors.
    i1b1.jpg i1b2.jpg

    Finally this one is I1v3, it is stamped Schick and only came with a black handle, besides having less blade exposure than I1v1 and I1v2 the spring is slightly different from the earlier ones. This spring design and blade exposure you see on the later L types.
    i1c1.jpg i1c2.jpg

    Now for the J types, J1 came in 2 variants and J2 only 1.

    First this one I'll term J1v1, it is stamped with Eversharp Schick, this variant only came with a white handle
    j1a.jpg j1b.jpg

    Last one I'll term J1v2, it is stamped Schick Safety Razor, this variant only came with a white handle. These pictures here are not mine since this is the only variant I do not own.
    j1b1.jpg j1b2.jpg

    For J2, it is stamped Schick and only came with a black handle, besides having less blade exposure than J1v1 and J1v2 the spring is slightly different from the earlier ones. This spring design and blade exposure you see on the later L types. I've seen some J2 razors with old spring design but same blade exposure as the later L types unlike the J1 variants which only came with the older spring design. I think it safe to say these came after the J1 variants not before for that reason also.
    w/older spring
    j2oa.jpg j2ob.jpg
    w/newer spring
    j2a.jpg j2b.jpg
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    Based upon my testing which consisted of using the damn things these are my finally tally on the tested razors. They fall in 5 distinct shavers.

    Category 1 is the mildest of the I and J types as compared against each other. These are all stamped Schick
    I1v4, J2

    Category 2 is still mild but more aggressive and has more blade exposure. These are stamped Schick Safety Razor and the silver colored head I2 hydro magic.
    I1v2, I2v3

    Category 3 is what I will call aggressive and less efficient. These are the most aggressive of the I and J models out there.
    I2v4, J4v3

    Catagory 4 is what I will call aggressive but less efficient but more smooth than category 3.
    These razors have a similar blade feel and aggressiveness but are smoother feeling.
    I1v1, J1v1

    Category 5 is aggressive but more efficient. These include only the earlier model I2 hydro magics.
    I2v1, I2v2, J4v1, J4v2.

    Category 6 is aggressive but most efficient. This applies to the J3 variants.
    J3v1, J3v2

    Razors not tested yet

    I can say that J1v2 stamped Schick Safety razor based upon everything else should be the same razor sans handle as the I1v2 and as such should listed in the same category. Also at some point Schick retinkered the geometry on the gold colored I2 hydro magic razors. The question is did they change that on the I2v2 or later on for the I2v4.

    When I refer to one of these razors using this ranking scale if I use a Iv2v4/c3 that means it is an I2, variant 4 and shaves like a category 3 ranking. Now if an I2v4 is ever found that is more mild for example and happens to be the same as category 2 ranking shave wise we can distinguish simply by listing it as an I2v4/c2.
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    Here is a J2 with older spring style with the hole in it like the white handle J1 and I1 variants. That it came with both spring types would make it a transition piece unlike the white handle variants which only came in the earlier spring design.

    These are not my pictures.
    j2oa.jpg j2ob.jpg
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    Here is an interesting aside. This ad is for Christmas 1955. If you look carefully on the tree either they made an undocumented black handle type G or Eversharp was still selling excess stock for a type E5 as late as 1955.

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    The Schick to the far right would be a little better for clamping to keep the blade flat on the base plate IMO, I believe that is the razor you mentioned to be a little smoother and shaves a touch closer.
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  9. jimjo1031

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    It's the middle one, the 55, it just does. Same with the Hydro-Magic razors. The regular I1's are good, just the other seems better. Maybe because the angle the head creates looks to be different.
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    Looks like the actual introduction of the I1v1 and J1v1 are 1957 not 1954/55 time frame according to this. Notice the branding is Eversharp Schick on the razor heads.

    Advertisement from Sports Illustrated in 1957.

    Based on the ads we can say the I2v1 and I2v2 came first in 1954 and then the J3 Golden 500 in 1955 and finally I1v1 and J1v1 in 1957. The I2v3 and I2v4 are uncertain the introduction dates still.

    The J4 is still uncertain and the I1v2 and j1v2, I1v3 and J2 sometime after 1957.
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    And all through '56 the G model is still being heavily marketed .


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    Yep and the G5 was most likely introduced for Christmas season in 1955 as seen in that Christmas ad I posted also. So for the G5 the date range is late 1955 - sometime in 1957 for sure.
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    I find no Schick corporate ads for the G in '57 but yes individual retailer's still advertise the shampoo promotion at least through May '57. The big I1/J1 promotions appear in August.

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    My point was they would have been still on retailer's shelves right up until and possibly after the introduction of the new models. When Eversharp stopped producing the G5 is another issue but I think it safe to assume they didn't produce them beyond 1957.
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  15. jmudrick

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    Yes of course.

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    And to correct something that razor is a G8 not G5.
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    I2v1,v2,v3,v4 testing completed results post edited to update the information.
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    Explanation updated in the first post how the variant scheme works and third post reworked the grouping by how they shave by using a category designation instead.
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    Upon doing some research I know for sure when some of these razors were produced. I'll post the ads later on when I get them reformatted.

    I2 Eversharp Hydro-magic regardless of variant is 1954 - 1960/61*. Shorter lever models are earlier variants and longer lever models later variants. Introduced prior to the J4 in 1954.
    *They were sold into 61 but mostly likely production stopped in 1960 due to Schick rebranding all their razors.
    Shorter lever versions were produced between 1954 and 1958, longer lever versions between 1958 and 1960/61.

    J4 Eversharp Hydro - magic regardless of variant is 1954 -1959. Shorter lever models are 1954 - 1958 and longer lever models 1958 - 1959.

    I1v1 and J1v1 Eversharp Schick are 1957 - 1959

    I1v2 and J1v2 Schick Safety Razor are 1959 - 1964*
    *1959 is last year you see them referred to as Eversharp Schick and referred to Schick Safety Razor there is overlap with the v1 and v2 variants being sold this year.

    J3v1 Schick Golden 500 is 1959 - 1964.

    I1v3 and J2 Schick are 1964 - 1967, the Type L1 replaces the I1v3 around Christmas time of 1967 and the J2 disappears for good after 1967.

    J3v2 Schick "500" is 1964 - 1969

    As far as branding goes it becomes apparent what is going on with the changes in razor stampings.

    Every razor prior to 1959 had the Eversharp name somewhere on the razor head with the exception of the early model I1.

    In 1959 the Eversharp name is dropped from all the razors and only reappears on Lady Eversharp razors in 1962 - 1975.

    In 1964 they rebrand the stamps again switching them to simply Schick and dropping all other words from stampings. J1v2 goes from Schick Safety Razor to a J2 Schick J3v1 from Schick Golden 500 to J3v2 Schick 500.

    Also of note the last of the these razors aka the J3v2 disappears when Warner Lambert takes over the Schick brand from Eversharp.

    Other Schick razors that overlap the I and J razors are the following. I am dating this based upon the ads.

    Appleby got these introduction dates correct.

    Ladies Eversharp Razor aka the Type K is introduced in 1962
    Specifically the K2 which was produced between 1962 - 1966
    K1 which was produced between 1966 - 1972
    K3 which was produced far as I know only in 1964

    Schick adjustable dial razor is first introduced in 1964
    Specifically the M1 model which was produced between 1964 -1969

    Appleby has these dates wrong
    G1v3 - has a rounded ferule and eversharp schick stamped on the spring 1953 - 1954 though superseded by the G8 it most likely was sold later in the year alongside the G8.
    G8 1954 - 1957 this was introduced a few months prior to the I2v1/v2 which are the first I model razors on the market. G8 also is the first instance of ribbed handle prior to the I2 razors and later I1 razors that supersede the G8.
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    Nope 1964. I find ads going back to June '64 .


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