Schick Injector Type I and J reclassification

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  1. BBS

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    64 it is. I didn't actively search 64 for adjustable razors. The ad I found for them stated they are new for 1965. The Lady Eversharp I did search prior to 62 and didn't find any mention.
  2. jmudrick

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    You'll find ads still saying "new" well into Christmas shopping season in '65. Pay no attention.

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  3. BBS

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    Lady Eversharp Type K razors were sold from 1962 - 1969 not 1968 as previously dated.
  4. BBS

    BBS Well-Known Member

    I searched 64 and found ads for the adjustable.
  5. jmudrick

    jmudrick Well-Known Member

    Yup, as I said.

    PAL had introduced their adjustable in '62 , Schick was playing catch up.

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  6. BBS

    BBS Well-Known Member

    On the adjustables the dates for the following on my research.

    M1 1964 - 1969

    M3 1970 - 1974

    M2 1973 - 1977.

    I'll post all the ads and dates when I get things reformatted. I will also split all these dates and ads off into their own separate thread.
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  7. BBS

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    One other interesting tidbit the ribbed handle upon further inspection first shows up on a G8 not the I2 as it turns out.

    Earliest mention of a G8 (sold as a Deluxe kit) I found is for Feb. of 1954 and the I2 Apr. of 1954. Also means the G8 was introduced in 1954 and not 1955.
  8. BlueShaver

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    How do you rank them in order of preference?
  9. BBS

    BBS Well-Known Member

    The easy way is to go by category which is how I group them by the way they shave. Any razor in a certain category is going to be an equivalent shaver. I am only listing the razors I like in each category.

    In order from most to least

    Category 5

    Category 4

    Category 3
    I2v2, I1v1/J1v1***

    *Of the categories the J3 Golden 500 is probably the hardest and most expensive to obtain also more times than not you'll see J4 razors sold as a Golden 500 since sellers to tend mismatch the razor to the case or assume that a case marked Eversharp 500 is a Golden 500 which it isn't. You have to look at the razor stamping to confirm if it is a J4 or J3 regardless of what the case says. A correctly paired J3 set will have a razor stamped Schick Golden 500 and the case will also say Golden 500 on it.

    **You'll be lucky if you find an I2v1 but the I2v2 is easier to find and can be found on the cheap if you stay away from sets and find the right listing since I2 prices regardless of variant tend to have a wide spread in range.

    *** These razors unlike any of the Hydro magics can take a Schick Twin II blade. It is a tossup between them, comes down to which handle style I or J do you like better if you want to use Twin blades if not then it is do you want a razor with the hydro magic lever or not for this category. I don't like the J4v2 since I don't like long handles on razors that are this aggressive.

    I find Category 1 and 2 too mild for me but if you like mild razors any of the ones in those categories are easy to obtain except for the I2v3.
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  10. BBS

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    Couple of dates that can be revised.

    The type D was sold 1934 and 1935.
    The E1 was sold in 1936
    E2 from 1937 to at least 1940. When they switched springs on E2s I don't know. The 1940 date can be corroborated by instructions showing it is an E2 without the movable spring with the 20 year guarantee dated to 1940.
    E3 at least as early as 1941, I have scans of instructions with the 20 guarantee for an E3 style razor dated to 1941.
    E3 and maybe E2 razors were sold for civilian production during WWII in 1941 and 1942 then they disappear until 1946.
    When they introduced the E4 razors I have no idea but they did sell them on the civilian market in 1946.
    1946 is the first mention of Eversharp but it looks like in 1946 they were only selling surplus E4 razors and some leftover type F razors.
    The first ads I found that clearly show a G1 are from 1947.
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  11. BBS

    BBS Well-Known Member

    One other small tidbit on the G1 razors upon further research there were 3 variants total and I can lock down almost the exact date range for each.
    The first distinguisher is the stamping on the spring, Earlier variants which I will cal G1v1 are stamped Schick Injector and date to 1946 possibly as late as 1947. The G1v2 and G1v3 have are stamped Eversharp Schick and appear maybe as early as 1947 but definitely in 1948 through 1953 and possibly as late as Jan. or Feb. of 1954 before they superseded by the G8 injectors with the ribbed handles. G8 razor for sure shows up by Feb. 11th of 1954.

    Here is a G1v1

    The second distinguisher that differentiates a G1v2 from a G1v3 is ferrule on the handle the G1v2 had the square ferrule and were produced possibly as early as 1947 but definitely by 1948 through 1952. The G1v3 had the rounded ferrule and was produced in 1953 and possibly as late as Jan. or early Feb. of 1954.

    On the left is the G1v3 and right G1v2
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  12. BBS

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    Update new J3 variant added. J3 should be changed to Schick 500 since it came in 2 variants aka a regular chrome plated 500 version and a gold plated Schick Golden 500 version.

    Update#2 picture color threw me off, they are both gold but were sold concurrently as a Schick 500 from 1965 - 1967. Both were sold in distinct '500' sets with different stamped razors depending the set from 1965 - 1967. Whether they are also different shavers is unknown.
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  13. BBS

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    I and J timeline dates updated.
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  14. BBS

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    Update redid designations and updated dates and categories accordingly.
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  15. BBS

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    Updated classifications for J3, category types for equivalent shavers and redid the timeline.
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