Schick Platinum DE - the razor that almost doesn't exist

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    Some time ago I was lucky enough to pick up two Schick Platinum DEs - one NIB and unopened - and since the one that is without box will be my "razor for the week" this coming week I thought I'd bore you all with some tidbits and trivia as per usual :D

    First of all - let me tell you - finding consistent information about this razor was probably the most frustrating research I've ever done on a razor. Therefore, consider any data below - pertaining to the details of the razor - to be rather soft and to, hopefully, be firmed up as I get more information.


    Short version of the below:
    Probably made 1970-1972.
    First sold as just a "Special Offer", later re-issued as "Platinum"
    Comes in different colors.
    Hard to find any info about it.
    Hard to find the razors for sale.
    I got pretty photos.

    Long version:


    The company
    Most people have heard of the brand Schick and that's no surprise as they have been around for nearly 100 years now. Founded in 1923 out of New Jersey by Jacob Schick it had an almost immediate focus on injector razors. The company did however only remain under the ownership of Mr Schick until 1928 when he sold all rights to "The American Chain and Cable Co.". It was a natural transition as the company had been the one that had manufactured the early razors already from the start of production in 1926.

    What happened to Mr Schick?
    He invested the money into electric dry-razors that, believe it or not, was rather successful.

    The company changed hands again a number of times

    in 1946 when the "Eversharp Inc." (sounds familiar?) acquired it and promptly renamed the company "Schick Safety Razor Co".

    The various Schick razor models
    (Big thanks to Waits' compendium for the year-breakdown below)

    Schick razors are often identified as "Type [X]" where "X" is anything from A through O - and represents a chronological progression of the razors.

    Type A: 1926-1927
    Type B: 1927-1932
    Type C: 1933-1941
    Type D: 1935
    Type E: 1935-1945
    Type F: 1940-1941
    Type G: 1946-1955
    Type H: 1947-1953
    Type I: 1955-1958
    Type J: 1958-1964
    Type K: 1962-1968
    Type L: 1965-1980
    Type M: 1965-1972
    Type N: 1980-1998
    Type O: 1999-2003

    Almost all of the razors manufactured were injector/repeating razors with some few exceptions such as DEs and cartridge razors.

    Noteworthy exceptions are;
    - The Schick Krona DE razor, and
    - The Schick Platinum/Special DE

    The Schick Platinum/Special DE was so shortlived that it's not even mentioned in Waits' compendium and it is commonly considered to be one of the rarest Schick razors ever made often fetching prices around 100 US dollars on online auction sites. Not too bad for an almost-all-plastic razor.

    The razor is also sometimes nicknamed "The Plastic Fantastic"

    Manufacturing years
    This kicked my butt for quite some time...but after having spent more time than I care to admit looking into it, this is what I've come up with:

    The Schick Platinum was sold in parallel with the well known Schick Krona at during a time when that razor model was coming to and end - and it was released at an unfortunate time when attention gravitated towards razors such as the Gillette Trac II razor - and the rise of disposable razors.

    It is hard to estimate exactly for how long the razor was on the market.
    A number of online sources calls this out as being a 1960's razor but after having some research my final, general estimate is a product launch in early-1970 and subsequent termination in 1972.

    Now this is where it gets tricky/fun:
    The cased razor I have (see photos further down) sports the company name "Schick safety razor co. Division of Eversharp of Canada LTD".

    Now why is that significant you may ask?

    Well, Eversharp sold the business to Warner Lambert Pharmaceutical in May of 1970!

    Tricky/fun part II: This is the version of the razor that does not have the wording "Platinum" on it but rather just "Special offer".

    Extrapolated [read: guess] conclusion:
    - In 1970 a very limited marketing campaign issues the razor as a 'special offer',
    - The company changes hands in early 1970,
    - The razor gets re-issued in 1971 w/ new Canadian patent filed in 3/30/71 under trademark "Platinum"


    Here's btw some of the Canadian patent filing that Schick did on 3/30/71 - which I am assuming is an extension of the patent to cover the Canadian market and/or to cover the re-issuing of the razor now under the "Platinum" name:

    All the above is all based on cross-referencing a number of online sources (if anyone have more precise manufacturing years I'd love to hear) and looking at NIB boxes w/ dates, etc. And, well, pure speculations to fill out the gaps.

    It also doesn't help that during its short existence it was produced and sold in at least the US, Japan and Holland.

    A short timeline to provide some context:
    1964-1976 Schick Krona (even these years are vague but still generally accepted)
    1970 Schick "Special" comes out in very limited quantities
    1971 Gillette Trac II
    1971 Schick Platinum DE

    When the razor was first released it was just referred to as "Special offer" (as can also be seen on my NIB razor further down) which caused it to sometimes be called the "Schick Special" - but it was promptly re-branded "Schick Platinum". In Japan it was sold under the name "Schick No. D60".

    Three known colors: White, Black and Grey.

    The various models all have plastic handle and metal door - but the TTO wheel in the middle of the razor can be either metal or plastic depending on the model.

    Weighing is approx 1 ounce so it's a light - yet very sturdy feeling - razor.

    A number of clones were produced - predominantly in Eastern Europe/Russia.
    Some noteworthy ones are; Cik Bey (Turkey), Iskra (Russia), Sarapul-1 (Russia), Utro (Russia), Astra 501.

    Member @rodd on TSD did a side by side comparison a few years ago with a Schick Platinum next to an Astra 501, see below:

    Note the plastic end-caps on the Astra:

    And thus concludes the long and rambling quasi-history

    To wrap it all up, here are some photos of my own two Schick Special/Platinum razors:

    My still-in-box "Schick Special":


    Note the company name:

    My unboxed Schick Platinum DE. Isn't it purty?

    Next to a Gillette Slim to show scale:

    The razor is almost exactly the same size as a Gillette Black Beauty:
    [​IMG] shot:

    Last question: How does it shave?

    Answer: I don't know but starting tomorrow I'll be using it for a week so I guess I'll find out :)

    And that's all.
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    I like the "That's comfort talking" tag line.
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  3. Darkbulb

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    Well, I thought I was 'clever' when writing "The razor that almost doesn't exist" as I wanted it to have somewhat of a dual meaning - that the razor itself is really hard to find - and that it's even harder to find any solid information about it :)
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    And take a look at that price. less than a dollar. Wow! :happy093: :shocked003:
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  5. Darkbulb

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    I added a TLDR (Too Long Didn't Read) section at the top :)
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    Those vintage schick blades are awesome. I tried one from a passaround box in my Fatboy. Great shave.
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  7. Darkbulb

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    Unfortunately I don't see myself opening up the box to try out the blades :)
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    Very good write up. I really enjoy the history of the razors you provide each week.
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    Pretty dang cool! Thanks for the awesome write up.
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    Nice write up, thanks for the info. I have one of those in black with case. Kinda just sits on the shelf since I've shifted to SE/injectors.
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    Had my first shave with my black Schick Platinum DE this morning.
    Some initial reactions;
    - very audible,
    - the handle - and the whole razor - is obviously very light but it feels relatively well balanced with some more weight towards the head.
    - on the mild side but, to me, more aggressive than say a Gillette blue tip.

    Overall it produced a very smooth result after two passes with minimal clean-up required.
    It was a rather 'fun' feeling razor to use - although it'll take some time for me to get used to how lightweight it is.
    Looking forward to see how I get along with it this week but I see no issues at all in having it as my sole razor this week.

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    Great write up on a razor that has been driving me crazy as well :happy088:
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    Telling you, there's one for 85 bucks on the bay now :D
    Not mine

    Note: My two ones, combined, wasn't even $85 so it might be a tad over priced.
    Then again I think I literally stole the NIB/unopened one for less than $25....
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  14. SDK

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    LOL- just about any NOS razor in the package is a steal for $25.

    Thankfully, I have a big enough collection now, and have become more patient. Am hoping it's obscurity will work in my favor and allow me to find one at a decent price. For $85 or higher, it better be a Fatboy!
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    Well if I spot one out there somewhere I'll let you know.
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  16. SDK

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    Please do! If you help me score one at a decent price I will find a way to thank you.....
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    Supporting Vendor
    That is a pretty cool razor. I wouldn't mind having one myself.
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  18. BigMark

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    How is it compared to a Krona ?
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  19. Darkbulb

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    I personally don't know as I haven't used a Krona - I do however have a gold Krona on its way to me so hopefully I'll be able to make a comparison between the two of the at some point.
    I have however read online that the shave is indeed similar.
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    Want one
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