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    Type L razors were produced between 1967 - 1984. There is a lot of variations but can be put into distinct categories depending the date range produced with a few exceptions.

    Some key pieces of information are that the early ones from 67 - 69/70 were produced by Eversharp and the ones produced from 1970 on were made by Warner Lambert. During this run the typical Type L known as an L1 came with 3 distinct logo styles and a such we can put a date range on the majority of the Type L razors based upon this. We can also group them into 3 variants also since with each logo change so did the way the Type L1 razors shaved.

    The first date range is from 1967 - 1972. These have the larger Schick lettering with a triangle under the word Schick as seen here.

    The second date range is from 1972 - 1982. These have the smaller Schick lettering with the logo underlined as seen here.

    Finally the last range is 1982 - 1984 these go to a solid large style logo the same as seen on the later Type N and Type O injector.

    With that the first 3 variants will be based on these razors, any razors that don't share these logo styles will be designated as their own variants unless otherwise stated where I know how they shave.

    1st variants - Schick large lettering logo with triangle under logo.

    Style 1 - This razor is the precursor to the Type L1 and was only produced for a few months in early 1967 before being dropped and later reintroduced as the Type L1 around Christmas of 1967. Produced 1967.
    l0a.jpg Northwest_Arkansas_Times_Mon__Feb_27__1967_rs.jpg

    Style 2 - This is the flagship injector from this period referred to as an L1. Produced 1967 - 1972.

    Style 3 - This razor was most likely was marketed as a ladies razor and has a purple handle. I am of the belief that this razor is sometimes misidentified as a the blue handle L4. It is the purple handled razor in the below picture. Produced 1971.
    lp1.jpg lpb.jpg

    Style 4 - This was a promotional razor produced for the 1972 Olympics sold as a Championship razor. It is also referred to as an L7. Produced 1972.

    Style 5 - This a long handle Type L Schick '500' injector. It is the only one produced with a hydro-magic lever. These were produced in the US and overseas and were never originally designated by Appleby. Produced 1969 - 1972 possibly up to 1975.
    Schick_500_holland_2.jpg Schick_500_holland_1.jpg Schick500_1972_b.jpg Schick_1972_a.jpg

    Style 6 - This is a greenish tie-dyed Type L '500'. Unknown when produced.

    Style 7 - This is a purplish tie-dyed Type L '500'. Unknown when produced.

    Style 8 - This one is the only known gold plated 1st variant and also has a brownish color handle.
    Style 8 razor is on the left.

    2nd variants - Smaller underlined Schick lettering logo.

    Style 1- This is the flagship injector from this period referred to as an L1. Produced 1972 - 1982.

    Style 2 - This one is referred to as an L5 and sometimes also referred to as a Paul Revere which is a misnomer. This razor was distributed through International Silver but was never called a Paul Revere. It was referred to unofficially as a pistol grip razor and officially as a Schick Classic. It came in 2 finishes either in Pewter or Sterling Silver. It is unknown the exact dates International Silver distributed this razor but is assumed to be between 1976 - 1980. Schick also gave this razor away in 1978 through a mail in promotion which they took out full page ads in national newspapers.
    lp1.jpg The_Spokesman_Review_Sun__May_7__1978_rs.jpg
    Style 2 razor is the last one on the right.

    Style 3 - This one is the second variant of the Championship razor also referred to as an L7. Produced 1972. As can be seen by the date code on the packaging this razor proves the logo change for 2nd variants was in 1972 since the razor came it both a 1st and 2nd logo variant. Contrary to the misinformation out there this razor was only produced as a promotional for the 1972 US Olympics and no other years.

    489SchickL1Olympics_01.jpg 489SchickL1Olympics_02.jpg

    Style 4 - This one was never formally designated but was always packaged as a Golden Schick and is identified by the gold plating on the razor head. Produced 1977 - 1978

    Style 5 - This one is an orange handled version that is undesignated. Unknown when produced.

    Style 6 - This one is a white handled version that is undesignated.
    Style 6 is the first razor on the bottom left.

    Style 7 - This one shares the same handle as the Type J. Unknown when produced.

    3rd variant - Solid large style logo.

    Style 1- This is the flagship injector from this period referred to as an L1. Produced 1982 - 1984.
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    Now for variants that aren't based on the L1 handle or logos but were produced in the same time frame. I haven't used them before so they may or may not shave like the first 2 variants.

    4th variant

    Style 1- This one was sold as the Easy Rider and is also referred to as an L6. The Easy Rider has nothing to do with the movie and everything to do with how it shaves as seen in the commercial below. Produced 1971 - 1972.

    5th variant

    Style 1 - This one was sold as as the Stick Schick and is also referred to as an L2. Produced 1973 - 1975.

    6th variant
    Style 1 - This was sold as a Schick Grip and is also referred to as an L3. Produced 1975 - 1976.

    This last razor I am unsure how to classify but it is important for other reasons. This is a Japanese L1. I don't know how it shaves for sure but it is the razor upon which the modern Type L clone injectors are copies of. It has a unique feature in that the guard has teeth in it unlike the US, Canadian or European Type L1 razors.
    lj3.jpg lj1.jpg
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    Nice write up. I did not know they made an L Type Schick 500 as well. I only have the J Type.
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    Me neither until recently and only in the last few days did I find proof as seen in the blister pack pictures that this razor was sold in US besides Europe. I've never seen an ad in a US paper for a '500' after 1969 and never one with an L style handle. The only reason I can date that razor to 1969 as the introduction date is instruction sheet on the one made in Holland. It says Eversharp on it so it had to have been printed prior to the merger in 1970.
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    New first variant update.
    Classified as a 1st variant style 8.
    Key features are the gold plated head and brownish color handle.
    Two L1s.jpg
    Razor on the left is the 1st variant, style 8.
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    Update more definitive proof the 2nd variant logo change was in 1972 as seen here on this retail packaging for the 2nd variant style 3 aka L7 Championship razor. Information rewritten accordingly in main post.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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