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    No negotiation really. Brush on a table next to the razor. I asked if it was $10 for the set or just the razor.
    He said "both", and I didn't even try to negotiate lol.
    I've never heard of Redleaf before, but it oozes quality. Any comments on it, them, appreciated.
    As for the Merkur, I thought it was a soap scummy handle, but appears the razor is pretty newish, and the handle is actually lacquered white in the recesses. It's brought nickel on the high points...idk if it's a normal finish, an option or what, but I'm digging it.
    Definitely a nice add to the collection. [​IMG]

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    Sweet score!
    I have a Redleaf just like yours. My wife found it years ago at an antique mall and bought it for me. Nice little badger. I like it; never a complaint when it comes around in the rotation. Hasn't lost any hairs that I've noticed.
  3. Enrico

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    Redleaf was made by Simpson shaving brush Co. I believe in the 50's and 60's.

  4. Old School

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    Good to know, thanks gents! I almost feel guilty, well, not really...

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    Update on the white wash that was posted on another board:
    From a quote of an email from Dovo on early slant handles:
    "These razors are silver plated and the white colour on the knurling is 'white-silver-plating'. This was a special process of electroplating and was popular at that time."
  6. stingraysrock

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    A Progress and a Butterscotch brush for $10.00, yeah, that is quite a nice steal! Bravo Sir!
  7. BBS

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    That particular Progress may not be a higher end collectable for Progress razors but it is certainly worth more than $10.00. Good score.
  8. brit

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    looks like a simpson..:)
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  9. brit

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    cool scores Mike..:cool:
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    I'm pretty pleased, thanks! My wife noticed her maiden initials (EH) are on the old logo... wonder what it stood for? The initials are gone, replaced with some linear design on the new packaging.
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    Educate me. I'm no Merkur collector, but what's a more desirable Progress? I've got an old one, and a new one, and the old one to has a cool finish. What am I missing if I'd like to expand my Progress collection?
  12. BBS

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    With that style knob and lines between the number the rose gold plated ones are the more sought after ones because the finish. Same with the ones with bakelite base plates.
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    I read through that entire thread, and didn't see a reference to a rose gold...I did see the gold gold with the bakelite baseplate.
    Scarcity aside, I still prefer the one I've found, never seen "white silver" before. For that reason alone is my favorite lol.
    I think a white bakelite base plate with white silver finish on the handle would be the bees knees ;)
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  14. HoosierTrooper

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  15. Avalon

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    Very nice! That's quite a score :)
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  16. BBS

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    They made them in a gold finish with and without the bakelite base plates. According to my observations what drives the collector's market for them is how different they are visually from a modern Progress, the more it is the more likely someone will buy one in specific price ranges.
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    I'm going to call B.S. on that one. The early Merker made Hoffritz slants had a similar coating, which was a Nickel plating with a phosphate layer, if I recall correctly.

    A 60+ year old razor would be tarnished black by now if the plating was silver.

    Just because the manufacturer says a thing, it does not necessarily make it true. No one from that time still works at Dovo/Merkur/Apollo.
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  18. jmudrick

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    I don't know what that whitish material was but it's god awful.

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  19. tonich

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  20. Old School

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    Flea market find.
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