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Discussion in 'The Brush' started by Teiste, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Teiste

    Teiste New Member

    I just wanna recommend this brushes.I have been using the Semogue 2000 for almost 3 weeks now and Im just impress about its performance.I did order the 1305 and got it today.Its another gorgeous brush,and you can feel that is so well made and incredibly cheap for its quality.The 1305 its a beauty and the 2000 has a gorgeous handle.Im posting some pics of them for you to compare.The 1305 has 22mm knot and its not in bloom and the 2000 has 25 mm knot and its bloom,but you can have an idea of the difference between those 2.Im really happy with the 2000 but Im anxious to try tomorrow the 1305.
    Ill let you know how it goes.

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  2. beyboo

    beyboo New Member

    AWESOME !!

    The aluminum ring just gives the raw feel of high quality ruggedness. Nice photos.
  3. planf

    planf New Member

    What is "cerda"?

    Boar's hair?
  4. Teiste

    Teiste New Member

    It means boar, both is spanish and portuguese.
  5. Special_K

    Special_K New Member

    I am about to purchase a 1305 because of you Teiste!!!!

    Enabler :D
  6. Truckman

    Truckman New Member

    Do it! :D I love my Ever Ready boar, and I really can't wait to get the 1305...
  7. freddy88

    freddy88 Member

    I've ordered the 2000 and it should be waiting for me when I return from my vacation. It will be my first boar brush and I'm quite looking forward to the experience.

    Thanks for feeding my AD's Teiste. :(:mad:;):D:happy102
  8. Markwtb

    Markwtb Member

    Great looking brushes!


    Love the brushes. I agree with Beyboo about the ring. The ring is a great look.

    I have one Omega boar brush that my daughter gave to me. Its taken a number of uses to reach a point where I really enjoy it. I now feel that the more you use a boar brush, the softer and better it gets. I am glad I stuck with that brush.

    I wonder if most Boar users find their brush better after three months or even after one year of use.

    Wish there were more reviews of boar brushes.
  9. Truckman

    Truckman New Member

    It took me a while to break in my boar, too, and also a few months to actually like it. Now it's not even a thought to grab it, and I haven't picked up my silvertip now in quite some time, except for 1 day last week because I saw it sitting there, neglected. And mine's a NOS Ever Ready 100T - I was afraid the smaller size would be bad, but I quite like it...I can't wait for my 1305 to arrive (have I mentioned that, yet? :rolleyes: :D )
  10. Teiste

    Teiste New Member

    hahahahah,Im sorry man,but thats a great brush for the price,I can tell you.
  11. Teiste

    Teiste New Member

    Youre welcome too Freddy!:happy102:happy102
  12. Teiste

    Teiste New Member

    Boar gets better after a month of using(for what some people have told me)but the Semogue 2000 that I have only has 3 weeks and its soft like badger and performs so well.Maybe you can make some of the beautiful brushes that you do with boar instead of badger.I dont have anything against badger(and I will go back to it,Im sure)but now boar its doing so well that sometimes I wonder why we do have to paid 90,100,150 euros (not mentioning Plisson prices) for a brush when we can paid 12 and get the same great results.Im glad that you like your Omega.I think that Im gonna get one in the next couple months too.I will make some reviews about the Semogue brushes soon.
  13. TG_Charles

    TG_Charles Member

    Mine arrived 3 days ago, have not had a chance to use them yet, but I'm aleady impressed with them.


    Although, I don't think everyone in the house shares my enthusiasm.

  14. Teiste

    Teiste New Member

    GREAT pics Charles!!you already know that we are gonna be called "enablers" by others....:happy102:happy102:happy102:happy102
  15. Markwtb

    Markwtb Member

    Couple of Boar brushes and one synthetic

    Charles : Thanks for the great pictures.The cat thinks you have the worst taste in cat toys! They don't even look like mice!

    I just discovered I have one boar that I have not used.

    Since I have a bad case of SBAD, I love finding brushes that do not bankrupt me like a Plisson. I love the red one that my daughter got for me. The one in the middle is a German brush I purchased off of eBay that was part of a group. It is listed as pure borsten which I understand means pure bristle. The one on the left uses a Synthetic knot from the Goldennib. It is very soft and softer than the boar. The red and the Synthetic are used more than some silvertip badger brushes I have.

    I want to thank everyone to for a very interesting discussion on Boar Brushes. I will try the German Brush tomorrow and I will try to fight the urge to buy a Semoque.

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  16. Teiste

    Teiste New Member

    Cool brushes Mason!hows the synthetic one?
    check this video about the Semogue factory,its in portuguese I know,but you can see Mr Gomes and some of the brushes:
  17. Markwtb

    Markwtb Member

    Hi Teiste

    You should order one of the synthetic knots from Goldennib. It is really soft at the tips. It has somewhat of a boar overall stiffness to it with very soft tips. Kinda between a boar and badger brush. Less than $10 for the knot.

    I enjoyed seeing all the brushes in the youtube film. Thanks for the link.
  18. Special_K

    Special_K New Member

    Teiste, Thanks for sharing the video....I didn't have to understand the spoken language. That is a great video and pretty much seals the deal.
  19. beyboo

    beyboo New Member

    I have a Semogue 730 badger from Shavingessentials and so know the quality of the make they show in the movie. Why - they recently had the horn handle limited edition too..

    Man - I now really want these Semogue boars alongside my Omegas

    [Teiste - I ask - why, why did you have to post these ;) ]
  20. Teiste

    Teiste New Member

    Semogue should give me a comission:D:D:D:D
    Today was my second day with the 1305 and used it with a glycerin based soap and I did created lather for more than 6 or 7 passes,on its second day of use....
    Now I wanna try the synthetic knot one from The Golden nib.I have to find a 22/23 mm handle to put it on it.Something is telling me that Im not going back to badger for a really long,long,long time.....:happy102:happy102:happy102

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