September 2018 30 Day Rule/Focus Pix & Discussion

Discussion in 'Shave School' started by NCoxSTL, Sep 1, 2018.


Single Edge Plans?

  1. Gems baby! 1912, 1914, Lather Catcher

    12 vote(s)
  2. Some more Gems baby! OCMM, Clog Pruf, you know.....the Micromatics.

    12 vote(s)
  3. Schick Injectors baby! Click 'em and stick 'em to your face for that close shave.

    12 vote(s)
  4. Shavettes baby! Because I'm a boss like that!

    6 vote(s)
  5. Dark Side baby! Straights. The original single edge.

    9 vote(s)
  6. Gonna eat cookies until my ears bleed. Mmmmmm.....cookies.

    13 vote(s)
  7. Nope. Not playing with the SE's. I'm cool enough I'll stick with DE!

    8 vote(s)
  8. Buzz off Mr. Poll Man. I don't have time for your foolishness.

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  1. Douglas Carey

    Douglas Carey Wildman

    I'm in, I have enough SE for the month. I only have 2 Stirling soaps and 1 aftershave plus 1 balm. Should be fun.
    :happy088: :happy088:
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  2. PLAla

    PLAla Bit Shy of a Full Puck

    I'm in for Stirling SEptember! I plan to rotate through all of my injectors and SE razors. Some get neglected from time to time as I have favorites, so I'm looking forward to going through all of them.

    Plenty of Stirling to choose from and I'll rotate through my stock of that.

    Will be a great month!
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  3. SharptoothC

    SharptoothC I bite..........

    I missed most of August, so I'm shooting to be back in. I have no shortage of Stirling gear and it'll be fun to focus on my SE gear.

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  4. PLAla

    PLAla Bit Shy of a Full Puck

    We went inside for about an hour last night before a decision was made to postpone the game until this morning at 9:00. But they also moved the site of the game to the other school because they have a turf field. The field at our school doesn't drain well and it would be a muddy mess this morning. However, with the decision to postpone AND move the game, there was no way the band could attend. Can't throw together a trip overnight that involves five school buses with drivers, two equipment trucks, etc. Tough decision, but it is what it is.

    Anyway, my wife and Wilson were at the game as usual, so I got to hang out with him some last night. Here is Wilson and me sheltered away in my office. Not shown is the mass of over 150 sweaty teenagers in the room outside my door! No one wants to see that photo! My desk is fairly messy, but it's a working desk. Radar is on the computer screen. A working night!

    Rainy night.jpg
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  5. Robstreperous

    Robstreperous Well-Known Member

    I'm certainly in and looking forward to it.

    My single edge of choice will be a Fatboy (I know... don't say it.) Hard for me to stay with just a single soap (even brand) for 30 days though. Soaps were the gateway drug that got me looking down this rabbit hole to begin with. Maybe I'll do Sterlings on days with T in them and Barrister & Mann (Classic) only on other days to limit the variables a bit.

    BTW, the August 30 day was an enormous help. I think I'm up to my 4th or 5th irritation free shave in a row thanks to that advice and I'm approaching the closeness I was getting from my Fusion ProGlide with 2 passes now...
  6. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    Wonderful photo Perry. Wilson looks like he is have a great time with Dad.
  7. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

    Article Team
    September Focus
    The issue I have with the focus this month is my lack of SE's and
    minimal Stirling stock. (Clubman and Glacial Wintergreen)
    I have one SE, a VC4 Autostrop, but that's not going to see any usage this month.

    Therefore, today's first of the month shave is completely a random choice.
    Barrister & Mann soaps are among my current favorites lately.
    I traded a Lavanille for this Cologne Russe. I enjoyed the Lavanille scent greatly,
    but I will not tolerate brown lather, nor will I tolerate staining of my brushes.
    Cologne Russe reminds me of Clubman Special Reserve.
    Smokey, organic, masculine...very nice.
    The Paladin loaded fully and delivered effortlessly. Excellent, slick lather.
    1941 Ranger Tech loaded with a Lord's Big Ben blade.
    Shaving nirvana achieved.
    3 passes and the baby is back in the playpen.
  8. jluc

    jluc smelling pretty

    Good times, Perry!

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  9. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    September 1, 2018
    Gem Damaskeene
    Gem PTFE
    Simpson CH2 Synthetic
    AOS Ocean Kelp Shave Cream
    Dominica Grand Bay Bay Rum


    SEptember is a favorite theme for me, so I thought I would kick it off with my near Gem Damaskeene SB razor. I will save the OC Damaskeene for next month. The CH2 Synthetic whipped up a wonderful lather. Three passes and touch ups ended in a near perfect shave. I didn't quite get the trouble spot on my lower right neck. Now for the star of the cast. The Dominica Bay Rum. @Primotenore thanks for the enabling. This stuff is fantastic. I hope everyone has a great Saturday.
  10. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    Another first class lineup. You have a wonderful collection of vintage razor. :happy096:
  11. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    Great shot of you two, Perry! Wow..a 9:00 AM football game??? Postponing is one thing, but 9:00 AM??? Yeow. Your tie color matches that of a sample B&M puck I was PIFed.
  12. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    He's in SEC football territory. Any later on Saturday morning would get parents bent out shape. College Football on Saturday is almost a religion here in the south.
  13. BaylorGator

    BaylorGator MISTER Fancypants

    Too bad you already have a CT, Paul, because “Cheeks First” has an interesting ring to it!
  14. jluc

    jluc smelling pretty

    Great photos and shaves, gentlemen!
    Looks like another bay rum on the radar.

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  15. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    Thank you Jim. The dry down on this one feels great. I am looking forward to seeing how long the scent lasts.
  16. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    A CT??? But y'know, I just realized that by shaving my chin area first, it makes me look like Moe flipped a pie into my face!!(but missed my chin, lol). And yes, I do agree with the interesting ring.
  17. Drygulch

    Drygulch Snowballs

    Supporting Vendor
    For September, my focus will be to check the thread more than the four times I did in August. Going to continue working on soap collection reduction. Somehow I am up to over 30 soaps in rotation now. At least three of those are Stirling, so I will try and kill off one of those. Razors will be pretty open, as will brushes.
  18. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    If I had 30 soaps, I'd have to negotiate my way into my bathroom(course I could stack 'em in my bedroom somewhere and just bring the next one in when I need one).
  19. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    "Sorry to do this to you, team parents, but the kickoff is set for 9:05 A.M. We apologize(actually, I just DID, lol) for any inconvenience this may cause"
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  20. Paul Turner

    Paul Turner outside the quote(s) now

    With 5 "baby"'s in this Survey, my work is cut out for me with regards to commentating on it. But....I'll try.
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