Shapton Sharpening Stone Holder and Mod

Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by Steve56, Mar 18, 2021.

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    I’ve been looking for a sturdy and stable holder for the Shapton Glass Stones that will give me a little more clearance than a standard stone holder. I hone in a school lunch tray, and with a standard holder and Glass Stone every once in a while I would tap the wedge end of a razor scale on the upturned tray lip. That’s a sign that disaster is coming, and disaster will arrive with the most desirable razor that you have! I saw Glen Mercurio - @gssixgun - using the 4.5 pound Shapton holder, and asked how he liked it. He recommended it very highly so I bought one.

    The drawback, aside from being expensive like all things Shapton, is that the deck is not adjustable so you’re limited to 8” stones. Well, maybe not. I had a spare piece of glass for turning Naniwas and Shapton Pros into ‘glass stones’, so I sprayed it with adhesive and laid it on soft plastic shelf liner, then trimmed around it. Et voilá, I can use a lot more stones that just 8” synthetics! Anything the right size would work though, I just had the piece of glass handy and it’s the right size so I didn’t have to cut anything.

    02BD2A5F-FFCA-487E-AD9A-5B2E97FD5672.jpeg 8BF3CC85-858A-4202-9B9D-C70447DFC490.jpeg 7A0A7E9C-B26F-4B82-8801-B8966F22DD19.jpeg
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    Ingenious. Me like.
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    So stealing it hehehe

    Great idea
    I had to do similar to the CKTG Lapping plate, but it never occurred to me for the Shapton holder :p
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    Thank you for the suggestion to get it Glen!

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