Shave cream for bikini area?

Discussion in 'Women's Shaving' started by BeShaved, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Queen of Blades

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    Any shaving cream will work, as long as she likes the scent. There is no magical ingredient that makes shaving cream gender specific.

    And menthol is not a problem in the bikini area.
  2. Paul Turner

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    This comment isn't about bikinis, but that's interesting about the "gender specific" thing. My Rise Super Foam is made for both genders, but I figure I am a man, which is one of the genders.
  3. macaronus

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    I'd say any shaving cream will do just fine. The TSD shaving creams fo rinstance are great and come in a large variety of scents. Just pick the scent your beloved likes. :)
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  4. Macros42

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    I'd use whatever cream I use on my face - except proraso green!!!! Used Speick, Tobs sandalwood, Tobs natural, GFT Coconut. Probably wouldn't use the grapefruit one either now that I think of it. Admittedly it may be more sensitive for women down there ...
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  5. ejones037

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    The misses uses this and likes it. [​IMG] barrister and Mann product
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  6. DDuckyMark

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    My fiancee uses every soap I have. She has even used Sterling Margaritas in the Arctic. There was some yelping during that one but otherwise she has had zero problems from Kiss my Face, Creamo, Arko, Proraso in a tub all 3 colors, Mystic water, MWF, Cella, Williams, Mama Bear, Chiseled Face, and a variety of others. I would skip the menthol at first but some women like the mild tingle of light menthol like in Proraso White.
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  7. youngunn

    youngunn Where's my TSD aftershave balm???

    My wife uses Ginger's Garden tallow soap. The Flower Grenade scent.
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  8. BeShaved

    BeShaved Well-Known Member

    There are so many to choose for my wife. I think I will let her try my Body Shop shave cream first. See if she likes it or not.
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  9. RyX

    RyX DoH!

    My Lady Friend likes Gingers Garden tallow - Acqua di Florida. It's a very good match to Murry & Lanman's Florida Water.
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  10. Robyflexx

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    Kiss My Face
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  11. markjnewcomb

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    A friend of mine swears by MDC since I let her borrow some.

    I think any quality soap/croap/cream will work..
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  12. MarshalArtist

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    Um, no thanks…
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  13. Sara-s

    Sara-s This Pun for Hire

    I'm in agreement with most folks here; whatever works for the rest of her legs will work just as well for the bikini area.
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  14. PickledNorthern

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    Since getting my wife to wet shave; meaning treat herself in the tub a bit, as opposed to just using a DE which she has done for a few years; She has used the following soaps. A very rough grading approximation based off of my memory of her comments, or what she chooses after the fact:

    Stirling - Very strong A. Any tried scent, any formulation, be it Sheep Soap whatever. Does not like Iced, so never offered Glacial.

    Catie's Bubbles - Call it a B+. Says it isn't as "slippery".

    Soap Commander - Solid A. I don't have a lot of scent choices, but she has used the Vision a couple/few times, which is fairly gender neutral, a little minty and fresh; says it is super smooth.

    Cella - B/B+. Says it is fine, but "not as good as some of the others I have offered." Likes the smell but says it is a little over the top.

    TOBS Grapefruit - C+/B- said that it smelled great, but if that was all there was, in terms of the shave, she would go back to using her glycerine soap bars.

    RazoRock - C+/B- Said it was rougher than other ones I offered. This is also feedback given after I gave her a tub of Carribean Holiday, so I almost felt she was being nice, and she hasn't touched it since.

    Tabac - B. Has only used it once, says the smell isn't bad, smells old like Grandma and Grandpa's, but not in a creepy powdery way. Said it was awesome smooth, wouldn't want her own jar, but would be willing to use it because it pretty much rinses away.

    Colonel Conk Lime - A+. This one kind of blows me away, because it is one of my least favorite shave soaps. But apparently women do the quick shower thing a bit differently than men do, and for men to claim any kind of innovation on a shave stick is probably fraud. I don't think she or I have ever lathered it for her, she just used up a couple of pucks for me, like a stick, in the shower. Says it is SUPER slippery.

    There might be a couple of more, but that is most of what jumps into my head.

    I will say, as an aside, I have given her the opportunity to try a dozen plus different razors, from Razorock's Baby Smooth to ATT, EJ's and Super Speed's. Her first choice? My daughter has one too.... Feather Popular. It's cheap, gives a great mild shave, you can leave it laying on top of a wet bar of soap in the shower, and your shave freak husband could care less, and if you spazz, drop it in the shower and it breaks, you are out ten bucks. If your lady of cohabitation just wants to shave her nether parts, without feeling like she has some important artifact rusting in the shower, I can't recommend it highly enough.

    Edit: Based off of a lot of comments here, I have some Kiss my Face in the cart. She is a locked in, rock solid proponent of DE, but ultimately, unless I know she is going to take a bath and offer to mix up lather, (which she always jumps on the offer), will just take a bar of glycerine soap to shave. Even with some of her own soaps, a Plissoft brush, and a Captain's Choice bowl, in her own master bath, making lather seems to be that imaginary line.
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  15. n8wwd

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    Next thing you'd want to wear...a Tube
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  16. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    My wife waxes - she won't shave. She still has awesome skin.
  17. Amy Warner

    Amy Warner The Warner

    I use coochy cream and it's awesome!
  18. cmorris357

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  19. brit

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    uhh umm ...

  20. MntnMan62

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    I don't have the slightest idea. The last time I put on a bikini, several people screamed "Bear!!!" and ran from the room.
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