Shave Den Clearing!!!!!!!!!

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    Den Clearing

    All soaps are like new all less than 5 uses. I keep track of all my uses on my “Shave Den” app on my iphone

    1938 Rhodium plated Gillette Senator with Yaqi stand. $180

    Muhle Rocca Stainless brush with SilverTip & synthetic replacement knots. $100

    Shave Mac SilverTip $100

    chiseled face set $20

    Dead Sea set $14

    La Terre Verte set $15

    H.A.G.S resurrection $18

    Weekend in Malibu $11

    ice + woods $13

    L’Aquitaine $13

    Sellout $ $12

    mike’s barbershop $8

    The Hunt $9

    kramer by Zwilling 1k $20

    Dion Bouton 1903 scuttle $20

    Rolls Royce 10 1904 scuttle mug $12

    Gentlemens regiment shave mug $7

    Con US only Pay Pal. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

    Pricing is negotiable. Let me know when we can work out a deal

    0F408E4E-0C09-482E-A764-EE661305973F.jpeg B8823C34-134A-4A21-BE3E-F05E544AB38C.jpeg C795416C-017F-4556-9F9E-5435926C56E0.jpeg F09FF8D4-D9BF-4203-AAFA-F94113568FEA.jpeg 0C3B4728-7B39-4ED2-BB26-D9F589F09D6A.jpeg 0FA6F65F-9FAC-4F0B-B148-F2D9FC7092A3.jpeg B3B08A67-EFDA-40BE-9350-20F52E1D3D71.jpeg 45C15F09-7BC3-45DF-818F-B4C67ECF9565.jpeg F1C9D360-B1DF-4497-AD29-E2777C5C33EE.jpeg 50D9FCC6-22B0-4B42-8890-5C36BAD50F1A.jpeg AC33DE39-E937-487E-9916-E22B89EA0F33.jpeg 4A0C4720-31B4-405D-B682-BBE6CD679BE3.jpeg 758156E1-6B44-49A8-9878-B5B390B52189.jpeg 32FF6A34-2298-4499-89AC-363C042C2BE1.jpeg 125F5666-EDDC-46F1-83A4-CB284025E2DA.jpeg 65D0FAAB-A8F5-4119-AE1A-9649DE639B75.jpeg
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