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    ***This page in NO WAY constitutes an official Shave Den endorsement of any of these sites.***

    We mention a lot of vendors and products here, and then we sometimes forget to add a link. This will be an ongoing project, but we have a good start. We will be adding to this page as needed. Please understand that these are not sponsored links, and no moderators received consideration for their inclusion. We make NO GUARANTEES, implied or otherwise. The purpose here is to make a convenient set of links to shaving vendors.


    AE Hobbs ..... Tunbridge Wells, UK


    Appleton Barber Supply ..... Appleton, Wisconsin, USA

    Art of Shaving ..... stores throughout the USA ..... London, England


    Barclay-Crocker ..... Silver Lake, New Hampshire, USA

    Bayside Brush Company ..... Miami, FL, USA

    Best Grooming & Shaving Tools ..... Peoria, Arizona, USA

    Best Shave ..... Turkey

    Billy's Blades ..... Sanger, California, USA

    Blankity-Blanks ..... Austin, Texas, USA

    Bock Pinsel Und Bürsten..... Bechhofen, Germany

    Bullgoose Shaving Supplies ..... Redondo Beach, California, USA

    Chicago Shaving ..... Evanston, Illinois, USA

    Classic Edge Shaving ..... Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada

    Classic Shaving..... North Palm Springs, California, USA

    Connaught Shaving ..... Frinton-on-Sea, England

    Cool Shaving..... Lexington, South Carolina, USA

    Cotton Blossom Crafts ..... Warner Robins, Georgia USA

    Crabtree & Evelyn..... London, England


    D.R. Harris.... London, England

    Details for Men..... Manorville, New York, USA

    Dirty Bird Pottery ..... King George, Virginia, USA

    Edwin Jagger..... Sheffield, England

    Em's Place..... Lincoln City, Oregon, USA

    Enchante Online ..... Austin, Texas, USA

    eShave ..... Long Island City, New York, USA

    Fendrihan ..... Brampton, Ontario, Canada

    Fields of Ambrosia.....North Conway, New Hampshire, USA

    Fitjar .....Norway

    Floris..... London, England


    Geo. F. Trumper.....London, England

    Ginger's Garden..... Rancho Mirage, California, USA

    Honeybee Spa Soaps..... Stoughton, Massachusetts, USA

    Imperial Barber Products..... Los Angeles, California, USA

    Italian Barber ..... Ontario, Canada


    Kent Brushes..... Apsley, England

    Lee's Razors ..... Jericho, New York, USA

    London's Bathecary..... Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

    Luxury Barber..... Hallandale Beach, Florida, USA

    Mama Bear's Homemade Soaps..... Lake Villa, Illinois, USA

    Mühle Pinsel ..... Germany


    Nancy Boy...... San Fransisco, California, USA

    Nashville Knife Shop.....Nashville, Indiana, USA

    New Forest Brushes.....New Forest, England

    Olivia's Handmade Soaps.....Germany

    Penhaligon's.....London, England

    Pyrate's Cove Soapworks.....Texas, USA

    QEDUSA.....Riverside, Rhode Island, USA



    Saint Charles Shave.....St. Charles, Missouri, USA

    Sara Bonnyman Pottery.....Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, Canada

    Schwarzweisskeramik (in German) (in English).....Germany


    Shave Nation Shaving Supplies..... Glenview, Illinois, USA

    Shavetools. com..... St. Peters, Missouri, USA

    Shaving Shop.....Fort Worth, Texas, USA, Ireland

    ShoeBox ShaveShop..... Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

    Smallflower .....Chicago, Illinois, USA

    Stirling Soap Co. ..... Killeen, Texas, USA

    Straight Razor Designs.....Medina, Ohio, USA, Tennessee, USA

    Super Safety Razors.....Yorktown Heights, New York, USA


    Taylor of Old Bond Street.....London, England

    The English Shaving Company..... London, England

    The Executive Shaving Company.....Glasgow, Scotland

    The Gentleman's Shop..... Hungerford, England

    The Shave Den Shop.....Bedford, Virginia, USA

    The Shaving Shack.....Lee Mill, UK

    The Superior Shave.....Jacksonville, Florida, USA

    The Vintage Scent Co......Portugal

    The Well Shaved Gentleman.....Nottingham, Maryland, USA

    Timothy Edwards .....London, England

    Truefitt & Hill.....London, England

    Vintage Blades.....Monkton, Maryland, USA

    Vulfix Old Original.....Isle of Man

    Weber Razor ..... O'Fallon, Missouri, USA

    West Coast Shaving.....California, USA

    Whipped Dog ..... Arlington, Texas, USA

    1000 & 1 Seife.....Berlin, Germany
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    I am in the process of updating the list. If you see anything missing from the list or not mentioned yet, just post in this thread.

    I am deleting posts after suggestions are either added or rejected. I'd like to keep this as an Online Shopping guide. So keep those 2 things in mind when making suggestions.
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    Waay cool Thanks for the effort you have gone to.
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    Hi Joanna!

    Shavetools. com in St. Peters, Missouri USA
    isn't listed yet.

    Also, I don't see ShoeBox ShaveShop
    in Alpharetta, Georgia USA

    Then there's Imperial Barber Products in Los Angeles, California USA

    Also, there is Specialty Bottle (all those neat soap containers)
    in Seattle, Washington USA

    And the last one I've noticed missing is
    Shave Nation Shaving Supplies in Glenview, Illinois USA

    I'll post again if I find something else.
    Great list!
    Thanks for taking the time!

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    Very helpful post
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    Barrister and Mann
    Cooperstown, New York

    The Los Angeles Shaving Soap Company
    West Los Angeles, California

    Dapper Dragon Soaps (Although buying is through an store)

    Mickey Lee Soapworks (If you haven't tried them, I hear they are fantastic!)
    Fort George Mead Junction, Maryland


    Knockout Shave
    Germantown, TN

    Wax Pass Lather Co.
    Nashville, TN

    That's a ton of the artisan soaps I know off the top of my head. Whollykaw is the only one I don't have a solid review to go on though, so I can't say I recommend it, or that I've tried it.
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    Suggestion to add Men Essentials:

    Recently ordered DRH soap and A/S and TOBS cream and A/S and some miscellaneous stuff. Very good deal, selection and customer service.
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    Wow! Thanks for doing this

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    very great, thank you
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