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    This is a fairly new website set up to provide customers with interesting and non run of the mill products that are inexpensive. A few of the things Joe sells, I've never seen anywhere else. He carries the majority of the Arko line, including great prices on the shave stick and creams and also carries Solo creams and Dr. Sheffield's Brushless cream. He sells modern DE razors, some bath soaps and some shavette razors, and has free shipping on orders over $25. I have been very pleased with the orders I've placed so far. The website is also very easy to manage and use. I wish him the best of luck and will continue to buy my favorite Arko products here.
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    Great prices and customer service.

    Need some shaving basics at a really good price and don't want to spend a lot on shipping? Shavesbuck is a great place to shop. Joe has a good selection on your basic shave gear, he carries a lot of the high value per dollar creams like Arko, and has recently added the Lea and Bea line.

    Besides the creams he also carries a good selection of blades, and some haircare products. Seems like he is always bringing in something new, trying to help customers get maximum value. He provides a showcase for Rudy Vey's hand made brushes too.

    Shipping was quick and when he didn't have an item I ordered in stock, he cheerfully refunded some of my money and tossed in a free item to boot, and sent me a personal email to let me know what had happened.

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