Shavettes: The Truth About Disposable Straight Razors

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    I’d go with the CJB KAMASORI, because Shavettes like the classic samurai can really get you good if your not Concentrating
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    I would just like to point out a few things from my personal low end experience. That is my first shavette was$2 at a beauty supply store,my second was a $15 and my third was a $10 shavette.
    The first one was a cheap black handle slide lock type with a pack of no name china blades that pulled hair, I swapped to decent DE blades and got good shaves after a few weeks of learning curve. The second was a wooden handle flip lock that gave the worst shaves that I had had in a long time. The third shavette was a american flag handle slide lock that gave good shaves. I still use that one on occasion.
    The slide lock shavettes gave me the best shaves. Due to this fact- the slide locks when viewed from the front have a wedge shape. You can use the angle of the wedge as a guide and slide the shavette along the skin .This will cut down on the nicks etc and give you good shaves. The swing lock shavettes don't have this and you will have to experiment with the angle of attack, and probably have a series of nicks as feedback.
    One other thing if you get into shavettes there is a dearth of cool shavette "scales". at least in the slide lock types.There are a lot of monotone handle shavettes. I have considered getting a trashed straight with good scales and frankensteining a shavette with them.
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