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    I had a lovely surprise on returning to work on monday after two weeks annual leave, one of my work colleagues had been to an antiques market and had picked up a shell horsehide strop knowing my love of all things shaving, I was blown away by his generosity and consideration, having a few problems with my camera at the moment, pics to follow when I get it working,
    I can't find any manufacturer markings on it, just " no 800" on the top and "shell horsehide" on the bottom, I know its difficult to tell without pics, but would anybody have a clue who it may be made by??
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    The "no. 800" is pretty much meaningless. Most of the old strop makers put numbers on the strops, they functioned like UPC codes do today. There is or was probably more information embossed on the strop somewhere, though it may have faded or been worn away.
  3. emmijack

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    Thanks, I did think the no 800 might be a generic thing!!

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