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  1. emmijack

    emmijack Well-Known Member

    I have just watched the new bond film "skyfall", there is a scene where bond is seen lathering up with a very nice looking brush, and moneypenny shaves him with a straight razor, apparently the actress was sent to train with a barber for three weeks before shooting the scene HERE,
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  2. sol92258

    sol92258 I have no earthly idea

    Yeup, noticed that as well when I watched it, but had forgotten to mention it
  3. ElliotR

    ElliotR Member

    That's hilarious - while I was watching that scene I was wondering who trained her - and if anyone on this board would comment on it! - I did NOT believe that she was actually shaving him though - I figure they faked it somehow
  4. bittermormon

    bittermormon Active Member

    doesn't outing her as Monnypenny deserve a spoiler warning? Lather seemed awfully dry to this newbie.
  5. Bird Lives

    Bird Lives Future Root Beer King of Turkey

    I've heard that straight razor sales have significantly picked up since the movie opened.....
  6. emmijack

    emmijack Well-Known Member

    According to "the shaving shack", a UK vendor, since the film was released, sales of and enquiries about straights increased by 405%
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  7. JRod22

    JRod22 Well-Known Member

    This is really funny, because the other day I watched a video about TOBS and thought that the company and the video reminded me so much of James Bond. Then I started thinking why there was never a shaving scene in any James Bond movies. My dreams have come true. I bet they were using TOBS:rofl:. Not to mention that actress is stunning! :drool:
  8. emmijack

    emmijack Well-Known Member

  9. Neolithium

    Neolithium I am Canadian, eh

    Finally saw Skyfall, and did some research - Naomie Harris learned to shave with a straight from proper barbers before filming, so she was actually shaving Daniel Craig in the movie. I'm not sure how many however she did end up practicing on balloons like many barbers do currently in England before being hired. It also had me thinking about what cream he would use, and I ended up going with a few thoughts:
    1) Taylor of Old Bond Street is a classic British scent but would be a little too obvious with the "Bond" attachment
    2) He's very wealthy if you follow the actual books and series, as well as rather a snobbish fellow from Oxford and would most likely follow along those lines towards either Truefitt & Hill or D.R. Harris as they were Royal barbers for much longer than many other establishments.
    3) He's a Commander in the Royal Navy with particular emphasis on subsurface warfare, I'd consider him a T&H Trafalgar or W.I Lime (Due to the Navy connection) or Geo F. Trumpers Lime for the same reasons stated. Any other thoughts on the "Bond" type scent?.
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  10. Interesting analysis indeed
  11. FortWayneShaver

    FortWayneShaver There's a tear in my beer

    If you read the original movies, Bond used Floris No. 89 as his go-to scent. One would imagine then that he would also use their shave soaps. Expensive? Yes. Snob appeal? Yes. Perfect for Bond? You bet!
  12. JRod22

    JRod22 Well-Known Member

    Just looked it up. $90-100 dollars for the cologne. :angry017:
  13. Neolithium

    Neolithium I am Canadian, eh

    Shave soap pricing is on par with Acqua Di Parma too. I totally forgot Floris still makes soaps.
  14. Larry Stephenson

    Larry Stephenson Active Member

    I don't doubt it. I was talking with someone a couple of days ago about having recently started straight razor shaving and she asked, "Oh, you must have seen the new James Bond movie!" I felt a little robbed!
  15. Bird Lives

    Bird Lives Future Root Beer King of Turkey

    Ha,ha...thats alright...I remember in one of the books, Bond was shaving with a Straight that some Russian Agent had tried to kill him with....and later he dug shaving with it....made me want

    It doesn't matter what anyone thinks our motivation is...I guess people thinking we are motivated by Daniel Craig is just the Karma Wheel spinning around full circle for those of us who might have wanted a Hoffritz OC from one of the books or a Slim after seeing Goldfinger as a kid....:happy097:....That Karma Wheel can be tough....:kar:
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  16. Queen of Blades

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    Check places like TJMaxx, Ross or Marshallls. I've had the best luck around Christmas time, but they still might have some.
    I love my Floris Edwardian Bouquet.
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