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    Can i suggest a tidy up of the smileys?

    • A rearrangement of the smileys in the smiley tab such that the common ones are 1st
    • A harmonisation of the basic smileys using the same type. I am a big fan of this style: :confused:. Clean and well executed.
    • A set of basic smileys using std parlance, by example.
      • :happy:
      • :sad:
      • :smile:
      • :frown:
      • :angry:
      • :?:
      • :thumbup:
      • :thumbdown:
    • A removal of those smileys never used by anyone.

    Smileys are an important forumming tool to express emotions which are difficult to communicate by words. That said, too many smileys is not good either as one uses them lazily. It is important to have balance.


    *yes i know i am barely here a wet week and whom am i to suggest change, but fresh eyes see old things etc...*
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