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Discussion in 'Shave Soaps' started by Rio Bravo, Feb 10, 2015.

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    I have another post which is in search of an authentic traditional american brand of shaving soap. A soap that has adhereds to its original recipie or has been around since the days of billy the kid and Pat Garrett... This has now led me to wonder if people could post a list of soaps that have a packaging or design that gives the soap an ambiance of the past, but has really only recently come onto the market. What I am looking for is shaving soap packaging that looks as though it could have been designed in 1860... I think what I really mean is a Retro look and feel :)
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    I like this photo of the Portland General Store's products.
    Not sure if they still look like this though or if their labeling has changed.
    They can be reached at

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    Looks like cool packaging.
  4. Rio Bravo

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    that's scarily amazing.
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    what kind of razor is that its beautiful
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    It's some sort of Kamisori razor.
    It could be an Iwsaki but can't really see the markings.
    It's a beaut though.
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    Thanks to @RaZorBurn123 I found out about these products and they look great from a packaging perspective!
    And, as a bonus, apparently the Guinness one is a great product.
    Bonus for you - they are alcohol free so should be able to be sent across the pond ;)

    Nevermore site
    Nevermore on Etsy

    Sample products:


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