*SOLD* 2 Boar Brushes - Oscar11 Tulip & JR #108

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    Greeting Shave Den Family,

    I have 2 Boar brushes up for grabs today. They were produced by some well known shave den members, and I would love to pass them along to fellow shave den members. I'm selling because I just don't reach for boar as much as I do badger and synthetics. Both of these brushes are great. Prices include shipping to US addresses, but will ship outside at cost. If you have any questions, please send a message. Thanks for looking. Have a blessed and wonderful day.
    The first is a tulip shape handle from Oscar11 fitted with an Omega Boar knot. The knot is 26mm. Asking $30 shipped

    The 2nd is a Jayaruh custom JR#108. This one is fitted with an Omega 24mm. Asking $20 shipped.
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