*SOLD*: Kent BK12 silvertip badger brush

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    Last price drop: Price is now $125 shipped. That's less than half price!

    Kent BK12 brush -- silvertip badger, 30mm knot, 62mm loft, nearly new, with case:


    In December 2017, I bought myself a brand-new brush -- this whopping big silvertip badger, the Kent BK12 -- 30mm knot with 62mm loft. I have now decided to sell it again.

    Why? In the 8 months I have owned it, I have used it only 6 times. I have several brushes that were made or modified for me by one of the skilled craftsmen here on TSD, and I find those brushes just mean more to me so I enjoy using them more.

    Price: New cost was US $250 plus taxes and shipping. Sell now for $175 shipped anywhere. Or Best Offer. PM me.
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