*SOLD* Pair of SE Razors (Gem 1924, Star 1912) & Semogue / Matador Razor, Strop Shoppe Barbershop

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  1. JR Reyes

    JR Reyes I scream for....chicken wings??


    I would like to pass along some items at a low price in hopes of them finding a better home. So up for adoption are the following items...

    1. Star 1912 model SE razor = $12 SOLD
    2. GEM 1924 SE razor = $12 SOLD
    3. Semogue LE 2012 boar brush from Italian Barber = $15 SOLD
    4. Matador Toro Mastiff Corto = $25 SOLD
    5. Strop Shoppe SE Barbershoppe (Tallow) = $16 *SOLDe*

    Take the SE & Brush for only $35 *sold *shipped. Please PM if you have any questions. Will ship to US addresses only and prompt Paypal payment preferred. Thanks.


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