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    20151002_125847_resized.jpg 20151002_092526_resized.jpg 1) Meibner Tremonia Black Beer # 1 - with German Black Beer, essential oils from Rosemary & lemongrass
    used this one once
    2) Meibner Tremonia Indian Flavour - essential oils from coriander, mint & lemongrass
    Brand new never lathered
    3) Meibner Tremonia Strong N Scottish, made with scotch whiskey and sheeps wool fat
    used once
    These are $24.99 at SRD
    Sell all 3 for $60 shipped
    Sell individually for $23 shipped
    They are jarred in glass ( very heavy like MDC) and are big 200 ml containers. The jars say Handmade Shaving Paste All The Meibners have been sold

    Le Pere Lucien Lavendar and Vetiver used once 100% Veteal $30 shipped
    Le Pere Cedre Patchouli used once 100% vegetal $25 shipped
    Le Pere Lucien Fourgere scent brand new unused $ 30 shipped
    Buy all 3 for $75 shipped
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