Some good cigar brands?

Discussion in 'The Good Life' started by Ry1123, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Ry1123

    Ry1123 New Member

    Personally, I'm a fan of Dutch Masters, and I was hoping to get some recommendations as to other good brands...I'm looking for flavored cigars.
  2. southernscribbler

    southernscribbler Well-Known Member

    I've always been partial to the Swisher sweet brand. I prefer the ones that are tipped. But in the past, I have enjoyed the Dutch Masters and the White owl brand. Not too crazy about flavored smokes other than the natural taste of tobacco.
  3. Dexterous

    Dexterous Member

    I'm not fond of flavored cigars, myself, but I have smoked Miami Suites and enjoyed them. They are a small cigars that come in a package of five or six. The come in Amaretto, Irish Cream, Rum, and Honey Berry flavors. I sometimes can find them at my local gas station. JR Cigars carries them also.
  4. aberneth

    aberneth Member

    Macanudo Crystals (approx $8.50) are a really good smoke. If you want a more luxurious cigar, a Macanudo Vintage 2000 ($13) or Vintage 1993 ($15). Both are really, really good, light smokes. Good for the afternoon. They're on the fruity/spicy side.
  5. Billr

    Billr Mix Master Mighty White!

    I don't smoke um as much as I used to but I really enjoy a Cohiba red dot or Cohiba cubans (yellow band) when I can get them. When I don't have time for a 40 min smoke I like the Cohiba Pequenos which are small cigarette size sticks. Similar to the red dot and come it tins of 6.
  6. DLreno

    DLreno Well-Known Member

    My budget premium favorite is Gispert in a robusto size. My full premium favorites (excluding Cubans) are Gurkas.
  7. helowrench

    helowrench Member

  8. aberneth

    aberneth Member

    Lately I've been working my way through a box of Partagas Cifuentes, which are a glorious medium body smoke. It's like butter going down, kind of a soft, leather and spice kind of cigar. Great value, too, at about $4 a stick.

    Another notable as of late in my humidor is a Victor Sinclair Primero. A milder smoke, smooth and woody. Great for the cooler weather.
  9. moviemaniac

    moviemaniac Tool Time

    Cohiba, Romeo y Julietta, H. Upmann, Punch and Partagas are amongst my fafourites :)
  10. helowrench

    helowrench Member

    H Upmann 1844 series, yummy stuff.
  11. Kyhunter

    Kyhunter Active Member

    don tomas get an A+ from me.
  12. Lavachild

    Lavachild Active Member

    6 years ago at a bachlor party in Tahoe I was at a casino and walked in to a cigar shop. There was a brand that for the life of my I can't remeber. They were Honey imbued and had a Bee like the insect on the band. The guy at the register had a sprayer filled with cognac. He sprayed our cigars and snapped up a light as if it was a magic trick. They were the best cigar experiance I have had before or since.

    I have never been able to find them again. I have been to many a store to no fruit. Any of you ever seen that one? I have tried the honey berry ones you see at the gas station, however, they are close but no cigar. :D
  13. ffhower

    ffhower New Member

    I just recently got turned on to ACID brand by a good friend of mine. I've tried a few of their different cigars but found that I really enjoy the ACID 1400CC, it is an amazing cigar, very good flavor, mild to medeium body, very smooth smoke. Give one a try you wont be dissappointed.
  14. aberneth

    aberneth Member

    Smoked a Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 today. Highly recommend! Great medium smoke, went great with the first real day of spring and a snifter of pyrat XO.
  15. Crankymoose

    Crankymoose Member

    In a medium cigar I like Montecristo white's in Churchill size a good relaxing about an hour smoke that has been my usual use to be a Macanudo. Occasionally I'll smoke something stronger like a Padron, Rocky Patel, La Flor Dominicana or a Fuente and once a year for my birthday usually an Opus X.

    As others suggested JR Cigar is a decent place to buy from, Thompson cigar has some decent prices occasionally but they want to hound you to death to join there frequent buyer club to the point where I don't want to buy from them. If you can find a cigar shop in your area you can often do much better there.
  16. aberneth

    aberneth Member

    A Romeo y Julieta Rothschild en tubo last night. Damn :eek: Smooth as it gets! It was a 2 and a half hour smoke. Sweet cedar all throughout, a little bit of a chocolate finish.
  17. Tforc

    Tforc Member

    mmm cigar

    Rocky Patel old world reserve after a fine steak seard on real wood charcoal, two fingers of whiskey in a lawn chair. A good way to burn finger tips. :D
  18. aberneth

    aberneth Member

    The weather is looking up these days, so I indulged in a Macanudo 1968 churchill. Spendy, but it brought a good 3 hours of enjoyment. As always with macanudo, immaculate build quality and consistency throughout. Soft leather and something like chocolate and espresso held firm for the first 3 inches, and the second half was dominated by a cedar and spicy finish. Great cigar, well worth the $10.
  19. Shawna

    Shawna 1000 Music Tag Bonus Points Awarded!

    Couldn't tell you the brand name as there are many cigar shops in Ybor City. When we go to Ybor, on occasion we will stop in a small shop where they hand roll the cigars and enjoy one or two.

    It's a nice experience and the cigars are fine. ;)
  20. secretsquirrel

    secretsquirrel New Member

    If your looking for hand rolled. try acid brand also drew estate has some coffee infused. CAO has there flavors line. As far a the best I dont know. I smoke only hand rolled non-infused(flavored).

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