Some Honing Gymnastics with a TI

Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by gssixgun, Jul 27, 2011.

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    I just sent this one back home (I will leave the Member's name out he can post if he wants) but before I did I took some snaps, as this is a classic Whoops !!! and I thought it would make for some good discussion..

    Background on the razor, it came from an Online vendor which I will leave nameless, in fact it was sent as a replacement for one that was unsatisfactory :mad:

    You have to look close at the bevel to see the damage that was done to the edge




    Now I used a variation of the classic "Bread-knifing" to take that out, starting at about a 60 degree angle of attack using some Japanese style honing on a DMT 325.. I dropped to 40 degrees, then 20, then 3 layers of tape on the spine..
    I kept that gentle TI smile and then moved to the Chosera 1k to reset a bevel with 1 layer of tape...

    IMHO It looked as though when it was honed originally, they dinged the bevel dragging it off the the edge of a hone and gave it a slight wrinkle there..
    Instead of correcting it, they just continued to hone it, and made it worse :(

    Anyway here is the corrected edge


    After 2.jpg

    I thought maybe we could discuss some bevel correction techniques here
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    Actually, I'm not familiar with the breadknife method. I have a razor that looks like a frown, and I was wondering about how to straighten out the bevel

    Looks like it was sharpened with one of those sharpening rods

    It's from WW1 so I can understand the odd bevel via being used in the field
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    If you go on Youtube and search "gssixgun" you will find my channel and hidden away there, with a ton of warnings is a Breadknifing vid. I have never linked it on the forums because too many Newbs try it on way to many razors that don't need that kind of work...
    Read the warnings :eek:
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    Ahhhhhhhhhh Glen, you knew that would draw me out! :cool: This was a razor my lovely wife purchased for me as a birthday gift.
    It arrived home this afternoon and I'm excited to give it a try tomorrow.That TI in the horn is a beauty and now it looks fantastic all the way around!
    Thank you for the save and Best regards,
  5. tristen

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    Cool, that was pretty much what i thought it was going to be, but it's nice to get it along with some advice to boot. I heard you rambling about warnings the whole video, hehe... i think my frowning razor prolly fits the bill though... it should at least be straight when i get done with it ^_^
    I'm thinking this is most likely the best method, unless you can think of something that will work better for sad-faced razors.

    I have a 400 grit waterstone that should just about work perfectly for this project.
  6. Bronco

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    Just so yawl know, Glen did a fantastic job with this razor. I shaves like a dream! I thank you sir!
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