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Discussion in 'Shower or Shave of the Day' started by msandoval858, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. Baloosh

    Baloosh Duder

    Heya bro! I've only used the Pro Guard blades so far, and I'm on my first blade of the pack. I only use the ACD-N on the weekends, since I have to take so much more time while I'm just learning exactly how to not cut myself to ribbons. I've used it 3 or 4 times now, and the blades are supposed to last 7 - 10 shaves. I do know that this first Pro Guard blade seems as sharp as the day I put it in.

    I also have pack of the Pro and a pack of the Pro Super blades, but I've not even opened those yet.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help, but I'm greener than the grass outside when it comes to this razor. :o :D

    So far, I love it -- it's awesome. Just takes me a LOOOOONG time to shave with it (which isn't a bad thing at all).;)
  2. Spirit_of_76

    Spirit_of_76 Yardley Ninja

    Hi Neale,
    Thanks for the reply. It's good to know that the newly ground Henckels are great performers, there's a couple I have my eye on at the moment.
    I'm familiar with Robert's work too. I have a 6/8 Case from him, you can see it in the SER gallery it's the one with a pearl inlay in a brass escutcheon plate on horn scales. Shaves even better than it looks, like you say he does great work:D
  3. Smedley

    Smedley New Member


    No shave!

    Tomorrow: Slant & Feather day!
  4. moviemaniac

    moviemaniac Tool Time

    (posting also @Jeff) Well, as it has been brought to my attention, there has been a reformuliation of this soap somewhere in the past. Before that the soap lathered really well and it was a delight to shave with (I know some guys owning the old-formula soaps).
    But now, after the reformulation, the soap's basically crap :rolleyes: :(

    The bad thing is, I was the one to discover this reformulation as I had bought this soap having heard only good things about it :o
  5. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    gee, if the soap hadn't been so hard on my skin, the old formulation would have been great. I love the Aramis scent, I use the edt, and deo stick, and I have absolutely no problems with those. My skin just couldn't handle the shaving soap, or even the shower soap. :( :(
  6. moviemaniac

    moviemaniac Tool Time

    Maybe you would've been able to use the old-formula SS as the new one has been pumped up with chemicals to the max. The old one (I've received the ingredients list of it and it's only half as long as the new one) was a rather "normal" shaving soap that would've been quite okay for sensitive skin.
  7. Padron

    Padron Active Member

    Thanks Jason,

    You were very helpful, it's good to hear that the blades seem to retain the keenness so well. I am going to have to order some soon, so I can try mine.

    I am going to have to read up on them at classicshaving, I may shoot Rustyblade a PM as well. I know he's had his a while and may be able to help with a blade recommendation for me.

    Thanks again, glad to hear it's going well so far. :D

  8. Padron

    Padron Active Member

    Rooney 1,1 Super
    Erasmic Soap
    Handamerican strop
    6/8 Henckels Friodur
    Thayers Lavender WH
    Clubman aftershave

    Nice shave ;)
  9. Will

    Will Nevermind

    Merkur HD/IP
    Crabtree and Evelyn Best
    Balea Shave Cream
    Speick ASL
    Mama Bear Sandalwood Summer Milk

    Danke für die Rasurcreme Thomas
  10. madmedic

    madmedic Resistance Is Futile


    Merkur 1904 Razor
    Lord Blade
    Vulfix 2233 Brush in Super Badger
    Crabtree & Evelyn Nomad Shaving Soap
    men-U Facial Wash
    men-U Facial Moisturiser/Lift
    Floid Blue Aftershave Splash

    Pecksniff's Fern Cologne

    An interesting shave today. I haven't used the men-U products for a long time, and had forgotten how they perform. recommend use of the wash after shaving. It seems to highlight the bits which are not quite BBS, and is so slick that these can be removed without further soap or cream. The moisturiser dries down very quickly, and really has a menthol kick to be reckoned with. Finished of with some Floid Blue.....a great shave to start the day:D
  11. DragonBoy

    DragonBoy Team Player

    Sunday 24th

    Merkur 34C HD
    Gillette Silver Blue
    Muehle Super
    Boots Shaving Stick :drool

    Aco AS
    MamaBear Spellbound Woods Cologne

    The Boots stick is awesome.. Reminds me very much of Erasmic... Scent is differnt though.. Leaves the skin kinda tingling.. Very Nice!!
  12. moviemaniac

    moviemaniac Tool Time


    Merkur HD
    Kent BK4
    Trumper CSF/PRE
    Valobra menthol SS
    Caldey Abbey AS
    Terre d'Hermes ASB
  13. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD


    Omega brush
    Dovo Bismarck
    Will G #37 shaving soap :drool
    Lubriderm unscented moisturizer
    Will G #37 a/shave balm :drool

    this Will G stuff has a delicious scent, the soap lathers so rich and slick, and the balm leaves your face feeling super BBS. :D
  14. Baloosh

    Baloosh Duder

    Sunday AM

    Hot shower
    Proraso Pre-Post at end of shower
    SMF 1 brush
    Feather ACD-N (Japanese) straight w/ Pro Guard blade (Day 4)
    Nancy Boy Signature cream + Mama Bear's Clear Skies soap = SupahLavendah/Peppermintah/Rosemaryah
    Touch up w/ '63 Fatboy w/ Derby Extra blade (Day 3)
    Warm water rinse
    Cold water rinse
    Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve A/S splash
    Cold water rinse
    Proraso Liquid A/S balm + Mama Bear's Menthol A/S Milk + Trumper's Limes Skin Food
    Penhaligon's Douro EdT
  15. johnniegold

    johnniegold New Member

    after shower at the sink:

    Simpson Duke 2
    Trumper CSF
    Tabac s/s
    warm water rinse
    touch up with disposable Gillette
    cold water splash
    Thayers Lavender w/h
    Tabac a/s
    Tabac edt (spray)
    Tabac deo
  16. Smedley

    Smedley New Member


    Proraso Pre/Post
    MB Mystery Soap
    B&B Horn Super Finest
    Witch hazel
    Makler AS

    Another mole falls to the mighty Feather. :rofl
  17. TomH

    TomH Welcome Wagon


    23c / Croma Stabil
    Trisa silvertip
    Truefitt & Hill Almond sc
    Mennen Skin Bracer Original A/S
    Proraso Crema Liquida Dopo Barba
    Mexx Waterlove EdT
  18. PalmettoB

    PalmettoB The Old Guard

  19. Jim

    Jim The Goose Is Loose

  20. Limey

    Limey New Member

    Jim - I don't believe Jim took that picture. Someone must have hijacked his account...

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