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Discussion in 'Shower or Shave of the Day' started by brit, Dec 31, 2020.

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  1. palmolive fox

    palmolive fox The British Birdman

    Thank you, Gary. :cool:
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  2. wristwatchb

    wristwatchb wristwatch "danger" b

    Thanks Gary. Have a great day, my friend!
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  3. brit

    brit in a box

    thank you Jim..:)
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  4. BBS

    BBS Well-Known Member

    Schick Canadian Type E3 injector, vintage schick platinum plus blade, shave 1

    Blade is a 1990 NOS from a 7 blade key in an unopened box. Blade is sharp but smooth unlike the modern Schick blades which are sharp and harsh initially. This Type E3 post war injector has been somewhat of a mystery if it is an E or G and how it shaves. Well I can say for sure this is not a G, this might be the most efficient and best of the Type E razors ever made. The Canadian Type E3 razors made prior to 46 should be indentical shave wise. I have to try it against an Anerican Type E3 next to see if they differ or not. Glass like BBS finish achieved.
  5. ilts

    ilts Well-Known Member

    Thanks Gary!
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  6. gwsmallwood

    gwsmallwood Well-Known Member

    Nice Barbershop Shave today with my Gillette Super Adjustable.

  7. Tim Spencer

    Tim Spencer Well-Known Member



    Perfumed by:
    Douglas Smythe

    Shampoo - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - Kiritimati
    Bath Soap - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - Kiritimati
    Razor - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - Starling V2 SE Aluminum
    Blade - Personna GEM Stainless Steel Coated *2nd Shave
    Brush - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements "The Green Ray" *Faux Horse Hair
    Shave Soap - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - Kiritimati
    Post-Shave Balm - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - Kiritimati
    Deodorant - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - Kiritimati
    Fragrance/Aftershave - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - Kiritimati
    Fragrance - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - Kiritimati
    Scuttle - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Moonscape Scuttle

    This time around I'm using the newly acquired Starling V2. If it still tugs this time around I might swap in a new blade until I get the pressure and angle down. My choice of angle may be causing the blade to lose sharpness prematurely? I don't know. Also, perhaps the light-weight aluminum could be part of it. I may just need more pressure. Usually I let the razor's weight do the work, but in the case of this razor, a great deal more fine-control and pressure seems to be necessary.

    ***EDIT - 2 pass + clean up. Solid shave, but I noticed that the material that the razor is coated with doesn't have much 'slide/glide' when it touches the skin. Keeping the angle tight was tough. The shave didn't seem comfortable. It was pulling, but still seemed less efficient on the cutting of the stubble than I would like. I gave the impression of more friction on the shave. And this was most obviously in my mind because the shave came out very good.

    I think I will try a blade swap to a fresh edge next time and keep trying to figure out the best angle and pressure. I don't think this razor shaves as effortlessly as my other razors. A lot more mental focus is required for this one.
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  8. BBS

    BBS Well-Known Member

    If you aren't doing so keep the razor cap flat to the face and adjust inward slightly if the blade isn't making contact, also if needed skin stretch against the direction you are shaving. I don't know your familarity with SE razors but if you aren't overly familar they are designed to work more like straight razors than DE razors so the optimal angle is shallow not steep.
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  9. PanChango

    PanChango Not Cute

    Gillette New Deluxe on a Weber Bulldog
    Vintage UK Wilkinson Sword
    Semogue 26mm BC Mistura

    Was going through my stuff and found a couple vintage WS blades and decided to use one. It was still nice and sharp after 50+ years and provided a close and comfortable 2 pass shave.
  10. Tim Spencer

    Tim Spencer Well-Known Member

    I'll keep at it. I don't have any trouble with my GEM 1912 travel razor. I was able to figure that one out within 3 shaves, but that razor even has more weight than the Starling. I have no doubt you're right that I wasn't conservative enough with the angle.
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  11. Smooth Steve

    Smooth Steve Well-Known Member

    Cool picture Celestino. Very nice.
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  12. celestino

    celestino Friendly Neighborhood Wetshaver

    Thank you for your kind words, Steve. :)
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  13. celestino

    celestino Friendly Neighborhood Wetshaver

    11 January 2021

    Yates 921 H + Stork Ex Brass
    Wizamet Iridium Super
    Epsilon 2-Band + DK Faux Briarwood C7
    Stirling Naked & Smooth
    Unrefined Shea Butter
    Bergamot/Vetiver EO

  14. brit

    brit in a box

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  15. novicz

    novicz Well-Known Member

    Wolf whiskers shaving brush
    Charcoal goods razor
    Gillette 7 o'clock blade
    Declaration grooming shaving soap
    Denim aftershave
  16. James Kleinkauf

    James Kleinkauf Well-Known Member

  17. BigD

    BigD Well-Known Member

    Musky Monday.

    Blackland Blackbird Brass and Modern Williams with Aqua Velva Musk

    Prep: Hot Shower and Bloom/Lather Building Water
    Soap: Williams Mug Soap
    Razor: Blackland Blackbird Brass (OC and SB)/Merkur Mustache and Eyebrow Razor
    Blade: Personna Lab Blue (4)/Merkur Mustache and Eyebrow Blade (09)
    Brush: Omega 48 Pro
    AS/EdC: Aqua Velva Musk

    Just a great shave.
  18. ilts

    ilts Well-Known Member

    Good Morning Everyone SOTD 01/11/21

    Pal Adjustable (set on 3/4)
    Schick (5)
    C.O. Bigelow
    Cold Water Rinse, Alum Block
    Aqua Velva A/S

    Have A Great Day! DSCF5288.JPG
  19. AlfredoT

    AlfredoT Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Gary! ;)
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  20. AlfredoT

    AlfredoT Well-Known Member

    Glad you've been kicked out of home, Gary! :D
    I prefer your outdoors shots...
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