SoS: June 2021

Discussion in 'Shower or Shave of the Day' started by celestino, May 31, 2021.

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  1. celestino

    celestino Friendly Neighborhood Wetshaver

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  2. celestino

    celestino Friendly Neighborhood Wetshaver

    27 June 2021

    Yates EH Bead Blasted
    Wizamet Iridium Super
    Zenith Boar + Oscar11 Amber C7
    Mystic Water Poggio dei Pini
    Unrefined Shea Butter
    Bergamot/Vetiver EO

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  3. Jorvaljr

    Jorvaljr Operation Daytona 8000

    Razors: Heritage Gibbs / Original Gibbs
    Blades: Gillette 7oclock Blues / ming shi
    Brush: ever ready reknotted
    Soap: Fine American Blend
    Post: Medicated witch hazel
    A/S : Brut clone from Dollar General

    So my first shave with the Heritage Gibbs that @gwsmallwood let me borrow and it didnt disappoint. I did a side by side shave with OG and its close. In my head, i can tell which is which. To me there is something different about the the heritage. More shaves are required and im more than happy to do so!

    The soap is really good and Im diggin it. The aftershave is pretty close to the original brut and it does last a couple of hours with a powdery scent at the end which is really nice.

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  4. novicz

    novicz Well-Known Member

    Declaration grooming shaving soap
    Frank shaving (FS) brush
    Phoenix shaving razor DOC
    Gillette 7 o'clock blade
    Brut original aftershave lotion
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  5. palmolive fox

    palmolive fox The British Birdman

    SOTD : 27th June 2021.


    Shaving Recipe For today.

    Prep: Warm shower:/Asda Tingly Mint & Tea Tree Shower Gel.

    Cold wet flannel to my face.
    Pears Transparent Bar Soap. + Nuage Menthol shaving Oil.
    Brush: Omega 49.
    Face Lather.
    Lather : Phoenix & Beau ~ Citra Royale Shaving Soap.
    Blade: Chinese Gillette Wilkinson Sword. (D1)
    Razor: 1940's Thin Handle Gillette flat bottom tech. (ENG)

    Cold water face wash with brush squeezings, Cold Water Face Rinse. /Homemade (~Spring/Summer mix~) Lemon, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Essential Oils. + 3 Menthol Crystals, Mixed Together With 200ml of Care+Witch Hazel./Selin Turkish Lemon Eau De Cologne./Nivea Men Sensitive Cooling PSB.


    A relaxing Sunday morning shave..

    I love the simple Gillette tech design they are such mild smooth efficient shavers especially the earlier models it would be hard for me to choose a favourite because each one that i own is a joy to shave with...However, i find the 40's & 50's models are slightly more assertive with the right blade choice.

    An enjoyable 3 pass + pick ups comfortable silky smooth shave with no errors to report...Finishing to the shave off with a small dollop of Nivea Men Sensitive Cooling PSB.

    My face is feeling super smooth & smelling divine.;)

    Stay safe, and enjoy your Sunday ladies & gentlemen.:cool:
  6. James Kleinkauf

    James Kleinkauf Well-Known Member

  7. AlfredoT

    AlfredoT Well-Known Member

    Just busy Gary, just busy!
    But I keep an eye on you!:cool:
  8. ChiefShaver

    ChiefShaver Well-Known Member

    Hi Friends,

    here my Shave of the Day (27.06.2021)

    Preshave: Menthol Cube // Razor: PILS 104 NE // Blade: Rotbart Extra Dünn // Soap: Tabac // Brush: RazoRock Barber // Aftershave: Tabac Man

    More than this is not needed to describe today‘s shave.

    Enjoy your shaves, take your time and stay safe and healthy.

  9. Tedolph

    Tedolph Well-Known Member

    That set up is unbelievable!
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  10. Str8on2

    Str8on2 Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Brother…. :eatdrink047:

    Back at you G…. :happy036:
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  11. Str8on2

    Str8on2 Well-Known Member

    WSC/YPM Winning Razor & Gillette & O’Clock Green
    Graydog 26mm Two Band Chechen
    Alvarez Gomez Agua de Colonia Concentrada Crema
    LEA Classic a/s Locion
    Acqua Di Parma Colonia Intensa
    Nothing to say but, an excellent shave. Great day and shaves to all….
  12. Dave in KY

    Dave in KY On second thought, Buttercup

    Sunday June 27, 2021
    Razor: Blackbird Ti
    Blade: Wizamet (2)
    Brush: Rubberset 400/Oumo Badger
    Soap: Saponificio Varesino 70th
    AS 1: Humphrey's Alcoholado Maravilla 70
    AS 2: Saponificio Varesino 70th
    Fragrance: Acqua Di Gio Profumo
    Consecutive Daily Shaves - # 963

  13. Yehuda D

    Yehuda D Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    Sunday morning’s Grand Freeze:

    Stirling Mentholated Pre Shave Soap
    Yaqi 30mm Barber Pole
    Super Speed/Astra Green day 14
    Master Soap Creations Frosted Lavender SS
    Prep ASB
    Master Splash Creations Citrus Melody AS Splash
    Bleu de Chanel Deodorant Stick
    Bleu de Chanel EdP

    What a cracking good shave this was and what a monstrous menthol sensation I had from Fernando’s Frosted Lavender soap and his Citrus Melody aftershave. A special thanks to my beautiful Yaqi Barber Pole for whipping up such great lather and to my 1950s Super Speed with this faithful Astra Green blade for helping me to get so BBS and also to the Prep for its wonderful postshave care!

    Have a nice Sunday - be healthy and safe!

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  14. Jayaruh

    Jayaruh The Cackalacky House Pet

    Supporting Vendor
    Lather Catcher Sunday's Shave

    Cold Water Rinse
    Proraso Red Shave Soap
    Jayaruh #277
    1902 Kampfe Brothers/Star Lather Catcher
    Star Wedge
    Pinaud Citrus Musk EDC

    The Proraso Red Shave Soap lathered well with the Jayaruh #277 Badger Brush. Two passes and touch ups with the 1902 Kampfe Brothers/Star Lather Catcher with a Star Wedge Blade gave me a close, comfortable shave. After a cold water rinse I finished off with Pinaud Citrus Musk EDC. I am clean, smooth, and refreshed...
  15. jluc

    jluc smelling pretty

    June 27th
    Razor: Blackland Blackbird SB
    Blade: Astra SP (2)
    Brush: SOC Taj Mistura
    Pre-shave: PAA Cube
    Soap: B&M Seville
    Lucky Tiger Face Tonic
    B&M Unscented Balm
    AS: B&M Seville

    Good morning!


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  16. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

    Article Team
    Sunday, June 27
    AoS Peppermint~~Simpson PL8~~Barbasol Floating Head/Gillette Spoiler~~Arabian Oud Kashmir
    Have a great day!
  17. Thorsten69

    Thorsten69 Well-Known Member

    Vintage SotD

    Vintage Palmolive Shaving Stick
    Vintage Standart Shaving Brush
    Vintage Siemens SiRaMa (Siemens Rasier Maschine) 4,5 Volt, Vibration-Safety Razor.
    Vintage Rotbart Extra Dünn Rasierklinge.
    Vintage Palmolive After Shave.

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  18. Tim Spencer

    Tim Spencer Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Yes. I love this set. I trot it out a handful of times a year.
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  19. Dapper-in-a-can-man

    Dapper-in-a-can-man and Dad-on-hand

    Razor: Gillette Blue tip (B1)
    Blade: Gillette 7 O’Clock SharpEdge
    Brush: Made Rite Finest Badger made by GDCarrington
    Soap: Declaration Grooming After the Storm
    A/S: Declaration Grooming After the Storm
    Hair: Reuzel Matte
    Body: Mont Blanc Explorer

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  20. jmudrick

    jmudrick Type A Man

    49 Milord v 47 Aristo for the beard, H&SN075-Lupo head shave, BICs. Although I can tell the difference beween the Milord and Artisto in audible feedback and feel the difference in performance is not huge, the Aristo a bit smoother ATG on my chin perhaps. It will go back to Dave tomorrow. I like it a lot, one of the easiest razors with which to get an excellent shave I've used.

    The Lupo cap on the H&S increases exposure quite a bit but it's still a very easy shaver. A very few pickups with the much more aggressive (in my setting) Enders Speed.


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