SoS: November 20, 2017 - November 26, 2017

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  1. Vlasta

    Vlasta Well-Known Member

    Supporting Vendor
    The Big Shave 26th November 2017

    A real scalping with a beast of a razor paired with a super soap.

    If you want to see a video of this shave please subscribe to my YouTube Channel!!


    Proraso Pre Shave Cream
    Portugal 45711 After Shave
    Truefitt & Hill West Indian Limes Balm
    Martin De Candre Fougère


    Traditional Shaving Company Silver Tip Badger
    RigaRazor 17/16” Near Wedge Barbers Point
  2. Norcalnewb

    Norcalnewb Magnanimous Moos

    Excellent picture, Roby!
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  3. Norcalnewb

    Norcalnewb Magnanimous Moos


    November 26 SOTD:

    PAA Atomic Rocket Brush
    Stirling Baker Street
    Merkur Futur
    Stirling Unscented PSB
    Stirling Baker Street AS
  4. mrchick

    mrchick Odd, Terrible Avatar

    Mystery Soap I
    B-400 Brush by Tom
    Portland Razor Company Siren
    Lucky Tiger
    Fine Santal Absolut After Shave
    Have a blessed Sunday![​IMG]
  5. Bobcat

    Bobcat Well-Known Member


    Prep: Warm Shower-Stirling Bath Soap-Arkadia
    Soap: TOBS Avocado Cream
    Razor: Gillette Red Tip Super Speed
    Blade: Vintage 70’s Wilkinson Sword “Light Brigade” NEW Chromium (Shave #10)
    Brush: Knots in Your Head/Whipped Dog Silvertip-22mmx48mm
    Aftershave: Country Club Frozen Vetiver

    WTG-XTG-ATG (adjusted angles for my beard)

    TOBS Avocado Cream today. 10 seconds to load the Knots in Your Head/Whipped Dog Silvertip brush. Easy, thick, slick, lather. Vintage Wilkinson Sword “Light Brigade” NEW Chromium still in the Gillette Red Tip SS. Excellent smooth, close shave. I finished with Country Club Frozen Vetiver aftershave.


  6. Dansco

    Dansco Well-Known Member

    Thanks! It's actually 2 different ones applied on top of each other haha! :cool:
  7. Hodge

    Hodge Well-Known Member

    Sunday SOTD

    Schick type D razor
    Vintage brush (restored)
    T+S Shag shaving soap
    T+S Shag aftershave splash
  8. celestino

    celestino Friendly Neighborhood Wetshaver

    26 November 2017

    * Blackbird Polished SB 101
    * Iridium Super
    * WSP Original 2-Band + Oscar11 Rootbeer Translucent C7
    * Wholly Kaw Washington's Blend Tallow
    * Unrefined Shea Butter
    * Bergamot/Vetiver EO

  9. billdog2

    billdog2 Well-Known Member

    Nov. 26,2017 Sunday

    Razor: Gillette Tech
    Blade:personna Israeli Red (1)
    Pre Shave: Homemade
    Brush: VDH Badger
    Lather:The Superior Shave Co. (cake)
    AS: Brut Splash On

    What is a " Perfect" shave? We all know there is nothing " Perfect". So we put "Perfect" in a category that isn`t quite " Perfect" for the things we really find outstanding. That`s what I got this morning. A 2 pass, "Perfect" shave, WTG/ATG with a light slurry for a clean up. That was so smooth, it was like no blade at all. As close as I have ever had. Wishing for the same to all members, God Bless.


  10. ram57

    ram57 Don't Open til Christmas

    Thank you Doug
  11. ram57

    ram57 Don't Open til Christmas

    Excellent pic Robert!
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  12. Str8on2

    Str8on2 Well-Known Member

    Fantastic looking handle!!! :happy096:
  13. LuvWetShavin

    LuvWetShavin Well-Known Member

    I would love to see your collection :)
  14. Yehuda D

    Yehuda D Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    Bill, God bless you. I learn so much from your comments!
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  15. jimjo1031

    jimjo1031 never bloomed myself

    Rockwell 6C Razor
    Blue Bird Blade
    RazoRock 26mm Blondie Boar Knot/Aluminum Handle (restored)
    Dirty Deeds Bay Rum & Lime Soap
    Dickinson's Witch Hazel
    Pinaud Clubman After Shave

    Decided to take a break with @Vlasta's shave cream survey so I could do an evaluation on RazoRock's Blondie boar knot, which I removed from it's original handle and used for an aluminum handle restore ( ). It's supposed to be treated to be softer and have less time breaking in. I can say this, they are right. I did one lather a couple of days ago using Derby soap, and after it was dry, I noticed that it was very soft and felt as though it was used for a couple of weeks straight. Today's shave with the brush felt fantastic for a first shave with a new boar brush. Can't wait to see how much better it can get. Two passes with minor touch up for a very nice and smooth BBS shave. Also, this blade was on it's third use and felt great.

  16. billdog2

    billdog2 Well-Known Member

    Thank you, God Bless

  17. EnglishChannel

    EnglishChannel Well-Known Member

    SOTD WEDNESDAY 11/22/2017 thru SATURDAY 11/25/2017
    all shaves were with the same tools, products, and produced the same result.
    6+ Cartridge Razor DISTRACTION

    RAZOR: TopCare (Dorco Pace 6 Blade Handle - SXA1000)
    BLADE: TopCare 6 blade (Pace 6 Cartridges)- this blade had been used maybe 6-7 years ago then put away.
    PREP: Hot water shower followed by hot water rinse
    BRUSH: NO - applied by hand
    SHAVE CREAM: Gillette Fusion Proglide Sensitive - Ocean Breeze
    POST SHAVE: Hot water rinse
    AFTER SHAVE: Flag & Sail Original Brisk
    Took this razor & shave cream combo on my Thanksgiving road trip. Have now used it 8+ times since getting it out and cleaning it up.
    It is still producing quick, efficient results. Just what I needed on this trip - minimize me time to spend more time with kids & grand kids.
    1-pass gets you to DFS; 2-passes gets you BBS - sometimes needing a few touchups.
    Had a great Holiday weekend visiting with 3 of my 4 children and their families.
    Hope you all had a safe and happy weekend.
  18. sdguero

    sdguero Well-Known Member

    SOTD 11.26.2017
    Head Shave Only:
    Razor: Merkur 1904
    Blade: Crystal (3)
    Brush: RazoRock Synthetic
    Soap: Col Conk Southwestern Sun Shave Cream
    Post-shave: Assured WH (Dollar Tree), Nivea MEN Crème, Adidas Dynamic Pulse AS

    DFS after two days off. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend. We're off to a huge Lutefisk feed for dinner this evening. Yummy! :eatdrink020::eatdrink047:
    SOTD 11.26.17.jpg
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  19. Robyflexx

    Robyflexx Broke the Like button

    Thanks Guy. Have a great day buddy ☺️
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  20. Robyflexx

    Robyflexx Broke the Like button

    Beautiful photo Jim ☺️
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