SoS: November 21-27 2011

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  1. rodd

    rodd Knotty Boy

    Let's see those shaves for the week! As always, bonus points for pictures!

    Also, remember, this is Cream Week, so break out any creams you have been neglecting!

    Gillette Parat
    7 O'clock Sharp Edge
    Shavemac 585
    Gada Original *Thanks again Jeff!
    Crabtree and Evelyn Sienna ASB and Cologne
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  2. dinatali

    dinatali Well-Known Member

    Pre : Hot Shower​
    Razor : EJ DE89L​
    Blade : Gellette SharpEdge :happy088:
    Brush : Simpsons Duke 3​
    Soap/Cream : Tabac Mix Cream + Soap​
    ASL : Tabac​
    ASB : Nivea​
    Cologne : Tabac​
  3. Etoyoc

    Etoyoc Backwards

    Monday. November 21

    C.O. Bigelow cream
    Padauk wood handle black badger knot
    Ming Shi
    Lord Platinum (day 2)
    alum. witch hazel
    osage rub
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  4. vanm66

    vanm66 Well-Known Member

    SB FS Best badger
    SS DeVergulde stick
    SR Gillette red tip
    RB Gillette Bleue Extra (#3)
    ASL Bowling Green
    ASB Apivita
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  5. DLreno

    DLreno Well-Known Member

    Monday, November 21

    EJ DE86
    7 O’Clock Blue (d2)
    TSD Acqua Di Gio Type S/S
    Vulfix 404 Grosvenor
    Proraso A/S

    It's all good.
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  6. stingraysrock

    stingraysrock PIF'd away his custom title

    Happy Monday From Florida!

    Hot Shower
    Chubbz I
    Prep SC
    Feather (1)
    Cold Water Rag
    Prep Pre/Post Cream
    Polo Knock Off Cologne

    2 Passes = DFS+!

    One more wake up to go and it is Vegas Time!

    Have a great week Ya'll!

    Mon (Medium).jpg
  7. GDCarrington

    GDCarrington Burma Shave

  8. Nick Freeh

    Nick Freeh Well-Known Member

    Monday, November 21, 2011

    Pre-shave soap: Musgo Real Glyce Lime
    Razor: 1956 Gillete Red Tip Superspeed*
    Blade: Super Iridium*
    Brush: Simfix Grosvenor LE Two Band Super*
    Soap or Cream: Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet Soap (old tallow version)*
    A/S: Dickinson's Witch Hazel, Trumper Marlborough A/S Splash*

    A great shave from start to finish, using some fine products no longer in production (discontinued products are indicated by asterisks).
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  9. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    thumb_ingram_shave_004.jpg diana_balsam.jpg Menthol Monday:

    Omega Wooden Handle
    Super Speed/new Rapira
    Ingram SC :love029: :love029: [​IMG] [​IMG] (Egyptian version)
    Diana Sport Menthol Balsam :love029: :love029: [​IMG] [​IMG]
    JHL Cologne

    This is a perfect Menthol Monday Shave - the Egyptian version of Ingram is a very chilly cream - perhaps even a bit chillier than the UK version. The Diana Sport balsam is just right for me, but there may be some guys who would find it uncomfortable because the menthol effect is so powerful. ;) :biggrin:
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  10. moz68

    moz68 Well-Known Member

    Rotbart No.15
    M&F Emillion
    GTP - G5
    Fitjar Bee my Honey Barberkremen
    Barbasol Pacific Rush A/S
    Prairie Creations A/S Balm Unscented

    Gurlain - Dandy
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  11. Shawna

    Shawna 1000 Music Tag Bonus Points Awarded!


    Hot Shower
    Green Marvy Mug
    Omega Pro Boar
    TSD ISZ Wheat SC +1/2 Pump KMF
    Lord L6
    Gillette 7 OC Black (3)
    Cool Water Rinse
    Anherb AS Gel

    Nice and chilly!

    Woke up with carpet burns on my elbows and my clothes were downstairs, I'm thinking Vegas ain't got nothing on us! One more wake-up!
  12. Patcheon

    Patcheon Active Member

    Monday 21st Nov 2011
    Kent Blk4
    Omega Shaving Cream
    Muhle R89
    Astra Superior Stainless
    Proraso Aloe & Green Tea Pre/Post Shave Cream

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  13. lradke

    lradke and doggone it, people like me


    Schick Injector
    Schick Blade
    TGN Silvertip
    Lavendor SC
    Proraso White ASB


    Huzzah for cream week! I went with the Lavendor today to take part in Menthol Monday too. The Injector is the perfect razor for creams, in my rotation at least, so it may be aout all week. The shave wasn't as smooth as I would have liked, I had some pretty rough spots for some reason :signs002:. So I may need to take a day off. But all in all it was a decent shave.
  14. otherstar

    otherstar Rodney Dangerfield of TSD


    Razor: JM Schmid & Son 6/8
    Brush: Altesse Badger
    Soap: Omega
    A/S: Aqua Velva Ice Sport

    Very nice shave with the JM Schmid! No DE touch ups required. Nice splash of the AV Ice Sport to start my Monday!
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  15. Johnny

    Johnny Little Boy Blue

    Monday, November 21. Good Morning!

    I love cream but the wife only buys 2%.

    Morning Coffee: Hills Brothers Original Blend
    Prep: Wash face with Musgo Real Glyce Lime
    Razor: Schick G1
    Blade: Schick
    Cream: Proraso
    Brush: D.R. Harris H1
    Scuttle: Dirty Bird 1.5
    Post: Cold water rinse followed by some Floid Blue

    Proraso Tube | Floid Blue.jpg

    Have a GREAT day.
  16. Williams Warrior

    Williams Warrior Well-Known Member


    Red Man 6/8
    Thater 4125/2
    Palmolive Classic Shave Cream
    Alum Block
    Witch Hazel
    Afta Fresh Balm
    Brut After Shave Splash
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  17. fishcrow

    fishcrow Birdman of TSD


    Monday's Shower and Shave
    A long hot shower.
    Brush;Omeaga 48
    Soap;Lider shave Cream (Thanks Dean aka Alpha)
    Razor;Gillette SS
    Blade;Super Max
    Post; Warm water rinse, cold water splash, Geo Trumper Coral Skin Food.
    Results; Three passes, touch-up, brought a very excellent DFS.
  18. BullGoose

    BullGoose Well-Known Member

    Monday, November 21st

    Razor: Wilkinson Sticky
    Blade: Schick Plus Platinum
    Brush: Simpson Ehsan
    Pre-Shave: Musgo Real Glyce Lime
    Soap: Yardley
    A/S: Avon Tai Winds

    A shave with all discontinued products (with the exception of MR. Glo). I had an excellent shave and wish all of these products were still in production.
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  19. Dslazar9

    Dslazar9 Took the Menthol-cratic Oath

    Forgot about cream week-oops.

    Omega Boar
    Gillette Sheraton
    Astra Keramik Blade
    Tet-e-Tet AS Balm
    Music-Sweet (anybody remember them?)
  20. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    Fox on the Run
    Ballroom Blitz

    Fun stuff. Fun times.

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