SoS: October 14, 2013 - October 20, 2013

Discussion in 'Shower or Shave of the Day' started by crackstar, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

    My set-up for a beautiful

    Menthol Monday:

    L'Oreal Men Expert Facial Wash :love055: :love055: :smiley freezing: :smiley freezing:
    #6 Horsehair
    Super Speed with new Rapira
    Tryphon Mentolo SS :love055: :love055: :Animatedfrozensmily: :Animatedfrozensmily:
    Visal AS Gel :love055: :love055: :Animatedfrozensmily: :Animatedfrozensmily:
    Osage Rub AS :love055: :love055: :Animatedfrozensmily: :Animatedfrozensmily:
    Grey Flannel EdT

    Ain't too many set-ups that can beat this one for iciness - the L'Oreal Men Expert is pretty cold to start with, and the Mentolo soap is easily as cold as or perhaps even a little colder than Proraso Green. The Visal gel is enough to make a man shiver, and the Rubby Dubby Doo can almost give you pneumonia! ;) :D
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  2. Erik Redd

    Erik Redd Lizabeth, baby, I'm comin' to join ya.

    Since it's Columbus day in the US, I guess I'll have to use a mix of Italian and US products. Decisions, decisions, decisions.....
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  3. dcc

    dcc Well-Known Member

    Monday 14-10-2013

    Razor: Gillette Slim '64 @ 9
    Blade: Polsilver SI (1)
    Brush: Balea Pure Badger
    Soap: Mama Bear Lemon Ice
    AS: STR8
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  4. Erik Redd

    Erik Redd Lizabeth, baby, I'm comin' to join ya.

    Columbus Day

    Proraso green soap (Italy) face lathered with Vie Long 12603 (Spain)
    MM OC with Gem stainless blade (US)
    3 passes, alum and finish with Masters Bay Rum (US)

    Italy - Columbus was italian
    Spain - the sponsored the expedition
    US - well, he discovered North America, and it is a US holiday
    Bay Rum - made in US, but also relevant because I think his discoveries were in the caribbean
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  5. Jasman

    Jasman Well-Known Member

    Menthol Monday:

    Prep: Hot shower, Crown Co. Supreme Glide Pre-shave Lotion
    Brush: Beeline Boar
    Soap: Ginger's Garden Grapefruit Mint Glycerin-in-a-jar
    Razor: Merkur 41c 1904 OC
    Blade: Bic Hi-Chrome Platinum (3)
    Passes: WTG, XTG, ATG
    Post: Cold water splash, Dickinson's WH, Lucky Tiger Vanishing Menthol ASB
    Cologne: Xeryus by Givenchy

    After a 1-pass day, followed by a NSD, my face and neck were ready for the shave this morning. The combination of gear was again close to ideal for me, other than trouble keeping the lather at the right hydration level. Nearly BBS, with my face delightfully frozen from the Lucky Tiger.
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  6. stingraysrock

    stingraysrock PIF'd away his custom title


    Hot shower
    Semogue 1305
    Palmolive SS
    Schick Platchrome (5)
    Cold water rag
    A.V. Musk

    2-pass DFS+++!

    Usually I toss a blade after three shaves regardless of brand or known longevity. This Schick however deserves to be taken to the edge of glory!

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  7. Bobcat

    Bobcat Well-Known Member


    Prep: Hot Shower
    Soap: Old Spice Cream
    Razor: ’66 Gillette Slim
    Blade: Viking Sword (1)
    Brush: Omega 6192 Badger

    Aftershave: Old Spice

    WTG-XTG-ATG (adjusted angle for my beard a bit)

    My first shave using a Viking Sword blade. I paired it with the Old Spice cream today. The Viking lived up to its reputation on this first shave: close, smooth, nick & burn free. Of course, I finished off with Old Spice.


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  8. oscar11

    oscar11 Well-Known Member

    6/8 Torrey
    Edwin Jagger Cooling Menthol SS
    25mm Omega knot

    Excellent shave this morning, smooth and close. This Edwin Jagger soap seems to be made for my face. It is a top performer for me, I don't know why but it is. Have a good one.
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  9. Llyr

    Llyr Stay frosty, my friends!

    Menthol Monday
    hot shower
    Omega Mixed Midget
    Proraso PSC :love055::love055::smiley freezing::smiley freezing:
    TSD 2X Iced Vanilla Wheat Cream :love055::love055::Animatedfrozensmily::Animatedfrozensmily:
    Mergress XL/Perma-Sharp Super (4)
    warm water rinse
    Monster Block alum
    cold water rinse
    TSD 2X Iced Pink Grapefruit WH :love055::love055::Animatedfrozensmily::Animatedfrozensmily:
    TSD 2X Iced Vanilla ASL :love055::love055::Animatedfrozensmily::Animatedfrozensmily::Animatedfrozensmily::Animatedfrozensmily:

    Very frosty shave :cool:
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  10. PanChango

    PanChango Not Cute

    Gillette NEW Deluxe
    Chubbz 3 (Omega Boar 23 x 50)
    Klar Kabinett
    Superior 70

    A nice comfy shave to start the week.
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  11. DLreno

    DLreno Well-Known Member

    Rapira Lux (d3)
    Dickenson WH
    Stephans Spicy A/S

    Did a face lather with a dinky Cella sample I had laying around. Very nice. Very slick.
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  12. Azarius

    Azarius Must have had his WHEATies

    Shave of the Day, Monday October 14, 2013
    Prep: Brush soaked in cold water, tepid shower
    Razor: iKon Slant
    Blade: Croma Diamant Stainless Steel
    Brush: Vintage Stanley Home Products restored with TGN 22mm Fan High Density Finest Two-Band Badger Knot
    Soap: Martin de Candre
    Splash: Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve
    Post: Cold Water Rinse, double splash of aftershave
    Everything performed great this morning. I still had to fiddle with blade alignment for a few minutes, but it was worth it as the shave was smooth and outstanding.

    Enjoy your Monday everyone.
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  13. TSimons

    TSimons not allowed near railroad tracks

    SOTD Oct 14

    Prep: hot towel
    Razor: Weishi 9306
    Blade: Derby Extra Stainless Steel (2)
    Brush: Wilkinson Sword
    Cream: Musgo Real Classic
    Passes: 2 (WTG, XTG)
    Post: cold water

    Day two of this blade and I seem to gotten a better shave, technique issues this time i think. I normally go WTG twice, then XTG, but decided to try WTG, XTG then WTG today but after the second pass was noticing some irritation so I didn't attempt the third pass. During my second pass on my jawline/neck I caught myself using pressure :rolleyes005:. Go figure this is where the irritation is. Still a pretty good shave for two passes I think. I'm starting to think my face would benefit from upgrading my pre and post shave...
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  14. wknicholas

    wknicholas Well-Known Member

    Monday morning, October 14, 2013

    Schick E2 Injector with Schick blade (10)
    Semogue 1305 boar bristle brush,
    Arko shaving soap with hot water lather,
    finish with cold water rinse for a DFS!

    B B 34.JPG
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  15. vwp528

    vwp528 Well-Known Member

    Prep: Hot towel and Home made PSO (1/2 Grape seed oil and 1/2 Castor Oil with just a few drops of Vanilla EO)
    Razor: 1920s Gillette open comb, early 1900s French faux frame back straight razor
    Blade: Viking Sword (3)
    Brush: HJM synthetic
    Soap: C.O. Bigelow menthol
    After: Home made ASB (1/2 Witch hazel and 1/2Aloe with vitamin E)

    As usual a Darn Fine Shave. My son, who is 10, came down to watch and when I was done he wanted to "shave" also. I pulled a silver Super Speed out of the cabinet and walked him through the steps. Naturally he ended up with a BBS shave on his first try. ;) I hope to have more fun/instructional times with him like that in the future.
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  16. Stroker

    Stroker Well-Known Member

    SOTD Monday 10-14-2013

    5/8 Frederick Reynolds Shoulderless Faux Frameback, Hollow Point
    Proraso PSC
    Erasmic SC
    GT G4 scuttle
    Semogue 820 Boar
    Dickinson's witch Hazel
    Nivea replenishing ASB
    Florida water Cologne

    The Frederick Reynolds has delivered another outstanding shave. This vintage warrior has seen many years of service and is still a pleasure to use. The Erasmic SC provided a slippery slope and the Florida Water finished with thoughts of the citrus groves down south. (It's near freezing in the morning now of days!) Great start to another busy week. Enjoy your shaves Gentlemen! :happy005:

    Shave Photo 501SM.jpg
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  17. HolyRollah

    HolyRollah BaconLord Staff Member

    In honor of Columbus Day, I am taking a Shave-cation today, and plan on returning to the routine tomorrow in earnest with my Futur.
    At least I can enjoy all your SOTD images and details!

    Once again, beautiful razor, Bruce! Someday, a straight will be in my den.......

    Arley, I saw another Ikon slant on the used market (actually 2; the whole razor and just the head), and although tempted, I still have this feeling that a newer version is in the works, and the existing blade reg issue will eventually be corrected. At least that's what I'm telling myself in order to help curb my RAD. ;)
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  18. MoAllen

    MoAllen King of Unscented


    CeraVe facial cleanser
    Mike's natural shaving soap, unscented
    Oscar11 custom brush with HIS knot
    EJ DE89
    Gillette 7 O'clock blue
    CeraVe lotion

    Three passes plus touch up for a very smooth, close shave. My face feels great! :)
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  19. ram57

    ram57 Don't Open til Christmas

    Razor: Merkur Slant 37c
    Blade: Personna Medical (D5)
    Brush: Amber 28mm TGN finest 2 band
    Pre: Musgo Real Lime Basil Oil Soap
    Soap: Mitchell's Wool Fat
    Post: Monster Alum Block
    Aftershave: Floid Blue
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  20. Leo K.

    Leo K. Well-Known Member

    Monday morning, October 14, 2013

    Gillette Fusion Proglide Power with Proglide cartridge (3)
    Semogue 1305 boar bristle brush,
    Arko soap, lather with hot water & shave—
    apply Captain's Lime for a damn fine shave!

    Another great shave with the Proglide. One and a half passes and I'm near BBS. The Arko is so wonderful, so slick, and provides amazing comfort. Aces!


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