SoS: October 31-November 6 2011

Discussion in 'Shower or Shave of the Day' started by rodd, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. rodd

    rodd Knotty Boy

    Let's see those shaves for the week! As always, bonus points for pictures!

    I will get things started with my gear for tomorrow:
    Astra 501
    Butterscotch Finest reknot
    Taylor of Old Bond Street Lemon and Lime cream
    The Shave Den Commando Cocktail Aftershave Milk, and Cologne
  2. dinatali

    dinatali Well-Known Member

    Pre : Hot Shower
    Razor : Muhle R41
    Blade : Lord
    Brush : Semouge 1305 (loss it hair , i think because the hot water in the scuttle ? :angry017:)
    Scuttle : Schwarzweisskeramik XL
    Soap : TOBS Lavender
    ASL : St.James
  3. Johnny

    Johnny Little Boy Blue

    Monday, October 31. Good Morning!

    Happy Halloween.

    Morning Coffee: Hills Brothers Original Blend
    Prep: Wash face with Musgo Real Glyce Lime
    Razor: Edwin Jagger DE87
    Blade: Gillette 7 O'Clock Blue
    Cream: MWF
    Brush: D.R. Harris H1
    Post: Cold water rinse followed by some Musgo Real After Shave Splash

    MWF | Musgo | Bowl | DE87.jpg

    Have a GREAT day.
  4. Leon

    Leon Active Member

    With the exception of the 444 balm, none of this stuff is made nowadays.

    Colgate Cup soap (probably from the 50's)
    Semogue 1550 (late 90's)
    Joseph Rodgers straight razor (ca. 1820-1830)
    444 balm
    Old Spice Musk by Shulton (late 80s)

  5. Mechguy

    Mechguy Well-Known Member

    Monday 31 October
    Happy Halloween-Menthol Monday

    Hot Shower, no coffee, yes I said it
    Proraso preshave balm
    Mama Bear's Awakenings stick
    Omega boar travel brush
    Gillette Milord, w/ Big Ben Blue blade (D1)
    Alcolado Glacial and Nivea Sensitive Balm

    This was a fantastic shave, close and very cool. The awakenings stick really gets me going and gives me a great shave and my skin feels great for the rest of the day. This was my last Big Ben Blue. I purchased two packs along time ago as part of sampler, and I have not used them in a while. Very good shave, almost BBS, I would give it a DFS+.

    I don't know why there is a rubber duck in my hotel room, but since he was done up like Frankenstein, I figured he should go in the Halloween picture.
    I hope everyone has shave this good today.

    SOD 31Oct11 002.jpg
  6. GDCarrington

    GDCarrington Burma Shave

  7. PanChango

    PanChango Not Cute

    Gillette Old Type BRW Improved handle
    Voskhod (1)
    RV Finest
    Klar Kabinett
    Superior 70 (Boosted)

    Today is two years since I have had a cigarette.

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  8. Johnny

    Johnny Little Boy Blue

    :happy096: I was two years free on July 7.
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  9. Nick Freeh

    Nick Freeh Well-Known Member

    Monday, October 31, 2011

    Pre-shave soap: Musgo Real Glyce Lime
    Razor: 1948-50 Gillette Super Speed
    Blade: Super Iridium
    Brush: Vulfix VS/5 Boar
    Soap/Cream: P.160 Tipo Duro Soap
    A/S: Dickinson's Witch Hazel, Wesley & Scott Lavender Balm

    Many of the products above are no longer in production and rose from the dead, so to speak, to participate in this morning's Halloween shave.
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  10. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    Menthol Monday:

    Omega Wooden Handle
    Super Speed/Rapira day 5
    Godrej Menthol Mist SC :love029: :love029: :Animatedfrozensmily: :Animatedfrozensmily:
    Keri unscented moisturizer
    Osage Rub AS :love029: :love029: :Animatedfrozensmily: :Animatedfrozensmily:
    Polo Original EDT

    One of the best shaves I've had in a while - everything worked out perfectly. The Godrej Menthol Mist and Osage Rub both froze my face the way they're supposed to, and I'd like to add that these 2 items are not for anyone who cannot handle menthol! ;) :biggrin:

    $(KGrHqEOKi0E0k(,Iql1BN,pWjbB!w~~_3.jpg Barber_Aftershave_Osage-Rub_LRG.jpg
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  11. moz68

    moz68 Well-Known Member

    iKon Modern
    Rooney 3/3
    Morris & Forndran's Hand Made Sandalwood & Shea SS
    Aqua Velva
    Trumper's Sandalwood Skinfood

    Le Labo - Santal 33
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  12. otherstar

    otherstar Rodney Dangerfield of TSD


    Razors: '62 Gillette Slim Adjustable; JM Schmid & Son 6/8
    Blade: Astra (1)
    Brush: Altesse Badger
    Soap: Omega
    A/S: Aqua Velva

    Tried something different this morning and did my first pass with the Gillette (the only vintage Gillette I own that I really like) and did the last two passes with the straight so I could focus on refining my technique while shaving my neck. I usually spend too much time focusing on the first pass with the straight and not enough on the last two passes and as a result I usually need some touch up with a DE. I'm happy to report that the experiment was a to see if I put to use what I learned when I shave with a straight only (aiming for BBS shave with a far I've only been able to get DFS shaves).
  13. DLreno

    DLreno Well-Known Member

    Monday, October 31

    EJ DE86
    Voskhod (d2)
    Boosted Col. Conk Amber SS
    Ever Ready Boar
    Master Blue
    Herbissimo Mountain Juniper Edt

    Took my time and did a five pass BBS. Was close after 3 passes, but kept going. The EJ+Voskhod together are so forgiving a BBS was eventually guaranteed.
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  14. wknicholas

    wknicholas Well-Known Member

    Monday morning,

    Schick Injector Razor I1 w/ Personna blade (2)
    Rooney 1/1 Best Badger Brush,
    Arko shave soap w/ hot water lather,
    finish w/ cold water rinse for a DFS!

    I1 Arko.JPG
  15. ocharlas

    ocharlas Well-Known Member

    Truck Stop Straight Shave:

    The Cranford 5/8
    EJ Best
    Palmolive Stick
    Brut AS Balm

    Didn't have much time so I did a real quick 2-passer, probably under ten mins. altogether. Not my closest by a longshot, bit it looks like I shaved today which I guess is the point...I guess.
  16. wknicholas

    wknicholas Well-Known Member

    Congratulations, Dale! Quitting smoking is tough. I quit 25 years ago after smoking about 35 years.
  17. BullGoose

    BullGoose Well-Known Member

    Monday, October 31

    Razor: Weck Open Comb*
    Blade: Super Iridium*
    Brush: Simfix Grosvenor Two Band*
    Pre-Shave: Musgo Real Glyce Lime
    Soap: Old Spice*
    A/S: Trumper Marlborough*

    I visited the Shaving Graveyard for the Mournful Monday Halloween Shave. All items listed with an * are no longer being produced. I enjoyed an excellent shave. [​IMG]
  18. Williams Warrior

    Williams Warrior Well-Known Member


    Red Man 6/8
    Thater Stout 2
    C.O.Bigelow SC
    Witch Hazel
    Nivea Sensitive Balm
    Old Spice Splash
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  19. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    Thanks. That made me chuckle. :biggrin:
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  20. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    :signs107: Been there. I know it's not the easiest thing to do. Congrats to ya!
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