SoS: September 15, 2014 - September 21, 2014

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  1. gwsmallwood

    gwsmallwood Well-Known Member

    September 17, 2014 SOTD

    Razor: Merkur 37c Slant
    Blade: Polisilver Super Iridium
    Pre Shave: Taconic PSO
    Soap: Col. Conk Amber
    Brush: Omega 10066 Boar
    Post Shave: Witch Hazel, Pinaud Clubman Original
    DFS in 3 passes WTG, XTG, GTX.

    My first time with the Polisilver SI. The blade felt very sharp and very smooth, but left me with some burn after only one pass. Reminded me of the way many describe Feathers. Sharp yet harsh. The blade seemed to work so well that I'm going to have to give it some more time to see if I can fix that.

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  2. wknicholas

    wknicholas Well-Known Member

    Wednesday morning, September 17, 2014

    Schick E2 Injector with Schick blade,
    Semogue 1305 boar bristle brush,
    Arko shaving soap with hot water lather,
    finish with cold water rinse for a CCS!
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  3. Jasman

    Jasman Well-Known Member

    Odin's Day:

    Prep: Hot shower, Healthy Accents Daily Renewal Cleanser, TSD Jasmine Sambac Preshave balm
    Brush: Simpson 56 Best Badger
    Soap: Ginger's Garden Oakmoss
    Razor: FaTip Piccolo OC
    Blade: Bolzano Superinox (3)
    Passes: WTG, XTG (5, 6)
    Post: Cold water splash, Bloc Osma Alum, Dickinson's WH, Pinaud Clubman
    Cologne: Jasmin et Cigarette by Etat Libre d' Orange

    I really like the scent of this Oakmoss shave soap; it's earthy without being 'dirty.' The fact that it generally lathers and protects as well as it does helps, too. Today I used a drier brush than usual, trying for more stability in the lather on the first pass. It was more stable, but not quite as slick as I'm used to, though the blade being on its 3rd day may be a contributing factor here. Two passes produced a DFS, with some razor burn on the neck.
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  4. Stroker

    Stroker Well-Known Member

    SOTD Wednesday 9-17-2014

    Maggard MR3 w/Personna Stainless - (Walgreens for the blades)
    Noxema Classic Clean Pre-Shave - (Walgreens)
    Arko SS grated in a tub
    Georgetown Scuttle
    VDH Deluxe Boar Brush - White Handle - (Bi-Mart)
    Dickinson's Witch Hazel - (Walgreens)
    Gold Bond Ultimate Lotion (Walgreens)
    Spice Scent ASL - Old Spice knockoff - (Walgreens)

    Thought I'd do a cheap an inexpensive shave this morning to check out a couple of new items. I was in the drug store (Bi-Mart in Medford) yesterday and saw the VDH Deluxe Brush. I have been thinking about purchasing the White handles VDH brush for awhile. (Most say the Green and Black VDH Brushes are not worth the effort or even the cheap price.) The White handled VDH however, had some good reviews so, for $8. bucks I figured I would give it a try. I bought a cheap Burma Shave Boar a long time ago and it was so bad I couldn't use it so, I gave it to my Son. He still hasn't forgiven me for that! :D
    I had also picked up the Old Spice knockoff ASL at the drug store for really cheap (I don't remember exactly what I paid for it but it was very cheap.)
    After the preliminary lathering last night to de-funk the VDH Deluxe brush, I noticed this morning that the piggy scent wasn't all that bad. I used the Arko this morning in keeping with the cheap theme and mostly if anything can cover up a new boar scent it's ARKO. (20 thousand Urinals can't be wrong.) :D

    I must say that I am impressed with the performance of the VDH Deluxe Boar! The scent this morning was no worst than a new Omega or Semogue boar and I did not see one hair lost in this mornings shave from the VDH Boar. The tips were as soft and possible softer than a clipped badger I have and it's backbone is just right for my lathering needs. It whipped the Arko into a creamy lather and after the preliminary lathering and this morning's lathering it's scent is hardly noticable. I have been kidding about the Arko Scent but, Arko is a great performing SS and once you have accepted the unique scent as being it's signature it's a great SS for a extremely reasonable price at about a buck a stick. The rest of the software package used this morning is also some off-the-grid products. The Noxema cream seems to work just a good as the Proraso (Althought there is not as much heat as the Proraso PSC as there isn't any camphor in the Noxema.) The Gold Bond lotion works just as good as the Nivea cream. (I really prefer the GB extra strength Body Lotion as it has the menthol in it that leaves a cooling menthol effect after application. :cool:
    The Old Spice knockoff is a rather weak immitation of the Old Spice ASL but it does have the scent of OS (for awhile) and it does act as an antiseptic lotion for after shaving.

    Those of us who have been wet shaving for a while, have our favorites, (usually upscale products) but, it really doesn't take a lot of money to get a decent shave. It's good to get back to basics every now and then to realize how far we have advanced in the art of shaving. This morning's shave was a very good shave; close, clean and comfortable. This type of shave was probably what most men did back in the 30'-50's. They probably didn't use the pre-shave or the aftershave balm or the scuttle; based on my experience watching my Dad and Granddad in their shaving habits. Life is good! :shaver

    Shave Photo 1061SM.jpg
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  5. LifesShort

    LifesShort Well-Known Member

    I used Arko SS this morning, also. When I first got it, I let it "air out" for a while and now it doesn't have any scent at all. I think it is a fantastic soap. I also have a VDH white handle boar and think it's a fine brush. Unlike your experience, mine went through a period of fairly heavy shedding starting on day one. That lasted for about 30 uses, but now it works great and doesn't shed at all.
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  6. BigMark

    BigMark Tests razors by shaving Wookies

    Prep - Garnier Clean+ for Dry Skin
    Lather - MWF (Head)/ Nivea Sensitive (Neck)
    Razor - Frankentech (Tech Head/Tradere Handle)
    Blade - Lab (4)
    Post - Dove Men+ Care Hydrating Balm

    I love MWF but at time its annoys me. You need to pay constant attention to it or it is a pain to lather. Every day or every other day max, but leave it alone for more than 2 days and forget it.
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  7. John Beeman

    John Beeman Little chicken in hot water

    If I could only keep one brush it would be my VDH white handled boar
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  8. Stroker

    Stroker Well-Known Member

    Scott I agree with you that Arko is a really good soap. It lathers very well and the performance is great. I kidd about the scent (smell) and, it does take some initial getting used to but, after a few uses it's not that bad at all. It certainly makes the bathroom smell nice after shaving. :D
    The initial lathering last night; it shed only 3 hairs (Those were just loose hairs that were there during the manufacturing process.) After that, it didn't shed one hair during this mornings shave and, I am impressed with the quality of the knot. (Of course it's not going to be better than my Semogue 820 but, for $8. bucks it's a very good brush!) It might shed in the future (I've only used it once.) but, I really don't see that happening based on this initial performance. :)

    John, That is very good to hear as, I value your recommendation and experience on this brushs' performance and quality over time. I really like the feel of the handle as well; very positive feel and weight. (I think you mentioned that previously in one of your posts which,..... is what got me thinking about this brush in the first place.) :signs001:
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  9. Boojum1

    Boojum1 Valet Parking Available Here

    SOTD Wednesday, SEptember, 17, 2014 In the path of Odile.

    Cold Shower
    Schick Injector I-1
    Schick Blade
    Omega 636 Silver Tip
    Proraso Red
    Alum Stick
    Generic Witch Hazel+
    Fine - American Blend

    IMG_0796.JPG Have a great Day.
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  10. John Beeman

    John Beeman Little chicken in hot water

    For a long time I thought it was because the green handled VDH was the brush I learned on (and the white handled one is the same thing but it doesn't shed anywhere near as much) but now that I've acquired several others I just think it's a good brush. The only thing I'd like different sometimes is a longer handle. I have hard water so sometimes with my larger shave mug I'm pretty vigorous and end up with lather up the handle and all over my fingers. I've bought a couple long handled brushes (with worn out knots) and my plan is to have someone make me a long handled VDH boar.
  11. PatrickA51

    PatrickA51 Well-Known Member


    Cold Water Shave
    [​IMG]Left to Right; RazoRock Ultimate Aftershave Alum; Arletta's Mug I (Daughter's White Coffee Mug ) ; Above the Tie Atlas R-1 88mm Kronos Handle;"Oscar11" Custom 24/48mm TGN Super Finest Black& White Resin Handle; Pacific Shaving Co. All Natural Shaving Oil; Wilkinson Sword DE Blades Black Container ; Captain's Choice North A/S

    Being as the WTG-XTG-ATG method worked each day that I shaved, I will use it again .

    Shower & Pre-Shave:
    Neutrogena Men Invigorating Face Wash
    Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo - Extra Strength
    Burt's Bees Natural Skin Care For Men Bar Soap
    Pacific Shaving Co. All Natural Shaving Oil
    Face Towel Soaked in "Ice Cold Water"

    Deodorant's :
    Old Spice Classic

    Razor & Razor Blades:
    Wilkinson Sword DE Blades {4}
    ATT Atlas R-1 88mm Kronos Handle

    Shaving Mug & Shaving Soap & Brush:
    Arletta's Mug I (Daughter's White Coffee Mug)
    Vander-Williams Shave Soap aka Patrick's Blend
    "Oscar11" Custom 24/48mm TGN Super Finest Black& White Resin Handle

    After Shave Balm's:
    RazoRock Ultimate Aftershave
    Nivea After Shave Balm

    After Shave:
    Captain's Choice North A/S
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  12. Derhey

    Derhey Well-Known Member

    I have never done this before but I thought it would be fun to share because I had an awesome shave today!

    Prep: Hot shower, wash face with Neutrogena Men Invigorating Face Wash
    Razor: Razorock Mission
    Blade: Astra Superior Platinum
    Lather: Strop Shoppe Baker Street (with tallow)
    Brush: WhippedDog Silvertip Badger (22 mm/56 mm loft)
    Post: Gentleman Jon alum
    Aftershave: Razorock Aftershave Wax followed by Boss Selection by Hugo Boss Cologne

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  13. HolyRollah

    HolyRollah BaconLord Staff Member

    I used the VDH brush for a number of shaves and had in the rotation for months. I liked the stiff backbone for whipping up lather and I do like the handle. BUT once it started shedding, there was no stopping it. I found myself plucking boar hairs constantly from my face lather. It got to the point I was counting them with each use as I pulled them from the lather ("...5.....6......7..."). This led to aggravation and frustration in using it. I eventually banished it to the bottom vanity drawer—where all misbehaving shave gear eventually ends up. Too bad as it was a decent brush for a while.
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  14. Monkeylord

    Monkeylord The Lather Lord

    Semogue 2000
    Erassmic shave stick (old tallow formula)
    Knatip frankenrazor
    Astra SP (2)
    Pitralon Polar
    Unlinke like the last one this shave with the Knatip was great. I got the best result ever with the Erassmic stick (grated in the Old spice container) by face lathering, starting with a dryish brush. I got a 2 pass WTG,XTG shave that is so close to BBS it almost makes no difference. Smooth :D
    Pitralon still smells just BLUE
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  15. Troy M

    Troy M Prep: Mephitis mephitis musk

    9/17/14 - late to post
    good to go
    Prep: warm wash with Stirling bath soap
    Lather: hobbyist made Lavender
    Brush: Vie-Long 13061
    Razor: Gillette New SC
    Blade: Treet Dura Sharp Carbon
    Post: Proraso green

    2 passes and good to go.
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  16. gwsmallwood

    gwsmallwood Well-Known Member

    I have the black handled boar that was my starter. I noticed it doesn't shed much as long as I give it a good soak before use.
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  17. HolyRollah

    HolyRollah BaconLord Staff Member

    Whatever it takes to get those pesky hairs from abandoning ship.....;)
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  18. Mouser

    Mouser Well-Known Member

    I had been thinking about my grandfather last night. I had been shaving with my father's Gillette T.V. Special Super Speed but I have my gramp's razor too so I took the Thin out of dad's and put it in Grandpop Muscato's . Gramps was from Italy and used Italian shave soap but also bowl lathered Old Spice as well. So..
    20140917_153228 (1024x768).jpg
    The hair scrunchy on the brush is a bloom control device
    Marvy 4 boar brush
    Shulton Old Spice bowl lathered
    Gramp's Super Speed
    Gillette Thin blade
    Shulton Old Spice AS
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  19. Stroker

    Stroker Well-Known Member

    Yep, when a brush starts shedding like a mangy dog it's time to chuck it no matter what brand it is or how much it cost. ;)
    Having a long stiff boar hair stuck to your skin under the lather when using a straight razor is not something that you can tolerate for very long! :angry019:
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  20. fram773

    fram773 Well-Known Member

    That has always been my experience. Now how much is myth? :innocent
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