SoS: September 2021

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  1. jgreenepa

    jgreenepa Nasal Barbarian

    3FD453EF-7FD0-4B65-8DCF-F9B3D020A403.jpeg SOTD SEPTEMBER 16, THURSDAY MORNING, 2021

    RAZOR: Rigarazor 7/8 (Mug), Eclipse Red Ring (Dome)
    BLADE: Feather DE
    PREP: Cold water rinse followed by a scrub with Argan Oil
    BRUSH: Alpha Shaving T-400 Tribute with 24mm Hybrid Knot Ferrule.
    SOAP: Nancy Boy Signature Scent
    POSTSHAVE: Cold water wash with brush squeezings followed by a rinse with Humphreys Lilac WH. Finished with Nancy Boy Signature Scent AS Balm.
  2. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

    Article Team
    Thursday, September 16
    Mike's Vetiver~~The "Duke"~~Barbasol FH/Voskhod~~Kiehl's Original Musk
    Have a great day!
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  3. awk-m4

    awk-m4 Well-Known Member

    SOD Thursday September 16, 2021
    Ever wonder how many shaves in each tub of Proraso? See below in the Lather report!
    Brush: Simpson T3 Trafalgar
    Bowl: Shave Nation
    Pre shave: Proraso Red
    Lather: Proraso Red (38)
    Razor: Gillette 1959 E4 Settings:
    Face WTG:3-XTG:2-ATG:1
    Head WTG:5-XTG:4-XTG:4-ATG:3
    Blade: Gillette 7 O'Clock Yellow SharpEdge (2)
    Razor: Gillette Styler
    Post: Omega Alum Block
    Post: Thayers Witch Hazel
    Lotion: Proraso Red Dopobarba
    Balm: None
    A Terrific Thursday Shave!

  4. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    DE SOTD, September 16th 2021

    Razor: TARMAX DE adjustable by Tom White, Mfg 2021(4 only made) excellent adjustable, I really enjoy the audio feedback, with Aluminum it makes a sound of a blade cutting like no other metal razors I own(sizzling sound of sharpness how I can best describe it). I cranked it up wide open (8) and the TARMAX performed very well for a nice carefree shave. Nice razor is the bottom line, enjoyable to use.
    Blade: Gillette Astra SP (2) excellent blade, sharp & smooth with good longevity. I like this blade for testing all my DE shave gear as a standard comparison. It lets you know if a new blade is a little better or a little worse making it easy to gage IMO.
    Soap: Speick, excellent triple milled soap, nice spicy scent with excellent lather qualities IMO.
    Brush: Yaqi 24mm boar brush, excellent lather generator, nice soft split end hair tips, great scrubber + good lather painter.
    Pre shave: Brush(Cashmere syn) wash whole face with CeraVe hand bar cleanser + a clear dollop of Aloe Vera on the cleaned beard area.
    Prep: Cold water rinse after each pass of 2 + pickups.
    Post shave: Witch hazel skin clean, Razorock King Louis lavender with witch hazel + a dollop of CeraVe balm(scentless+ good stuff).
    Results: CCS,DFS,BBs + no irritation + no weepers = [​IMG] excellent shave with my TARMAX DE adjustable razor with a Gillette Astra SP blade.
    SOTD,  Sep 16th 2021.jpg

    Have some great shaves!
  5. Douglas Carey

    Douglas Carey Wildman

    Beautiful brush Amigo.
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  6. novicz

    novicz Well-Known Member

    Not a bad shaving brush. At the beginning, she greedily gave away the foam for some time. But now there are no problems
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  7. Aztecmike

    Aztecmike Well-Known Member


    September 16th, 2021

    "THE BALL" Roller Guard Razor
    Made in England - circa 1930
    Treet Carbon "Black Beauty" (3)
    RazoRock Hive 24 Mokasoft Synthetic
    RazoRock XXX FRESCO Shave Soap & Splash
  8. stuartganis

    stuartganis Well-Known Member

    Thank you.

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  9. stuartganis

    stuartganis Well-Known Member

    Gillette Flare Tip (black handle) / Gillette Silver Blue
    WCS Handle / Maggards Brown Synthetic
    Stirling Sandalwood [​IMG][​IMG]

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  10. clint64

    clint64 Blind Squirrel

    Thank you Amigo

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  11. jimjo1031

    jimjo1031 never bloomed myself

    Gillette Aristocrat (1947) Razor
    Gillette Nacet Stainless Blade
    Lord Chesterfield/Two Band Badger Brush
    Monroe Shaving Holly Boggin Soap
    Dickinson's Witch Hazel w/Egyptian Musk
    Pinaud Lilac Vegetal After Shave

  12. brit

    brit in a box

    thank you Paul.:):eatdrink047:
    thank you Jim.:):eatdrink047:
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  13. brit

    brit in a box

    absolutely splendid set ups and pics gents..:cool::happy096::bounce017:
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  14. brit

    brit in a box

    brit gold flare tip
    bbj custom boar



    good day gents.
    another gold standard shave today.
    smooth 2 passer in the usual manner.
    lovely tobacco scent.

    the 1959 brit gold presentation set


    have a great day everyone
  15. James Kleinkauf

    James Kleinkauf Well-Known Member

    Thank you Gary. ;)
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  16. jimjo1031

    jimjo1031 never bloomed myself

    Thanks Gary.
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  17. James Kleinkauf

    James Kleinkauf Well-Known Member

    Super flare-tip shave and pix Gary. ;)
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  18. brit

    brit in a box

    thank you Jim,lovely shave.:):eatdrink047:
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  19. Aztecmike

    Aztecmike Well-Known Member

    more pics here
    Thanks Gary and that's a sweet gold flare tip shave today! Just Awesome! :cool:
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  20. brit

    brit in a box

    thank you's a cool set that i use occasionally.;):eatdrink047:
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