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  1. Smooth Steve

    Smooth Steve Well-Known Member

    09/16/22 Shave of the Day
    Face Wash with Pré de Provence - Lime Zest Soap Bar
    Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Al Fin Conditioning Shampoo Puck
    Billy Jealousy Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment
    The Holy Black Lemon Ice Secret Stash Creeper Shaving Soap
    Wolf Whiskers RCE# 47 Custom Fluted DWW-3 25mm Black Wolf 3rd batch Synthetic hybrid/fan knot
    The Ca Yuen Workshop - The Large "Kryptonite" Textured Wet Shaving Lathering Dish
    Phoenix Shaving Ceramic Moonscape Brush Scuttle
    Raw Shaving RS-18 Clear Cut Definitive Edition Razor Model “A” 0.65mm Blade Gap with Lubrication Strips
    Bolzano Superinox Blade - 6th Shave
    The Razor Company Gray Shaving Towel
    Phoenix Shaving No Slip Grip Alum Block
    Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Alum Block Dry Dock System
    Thayers Alcohol Free Cucumber Witch Hazel Toner with Aloe Vera
    Dr. Jon's Shaving Soap Co. Essentials Lemongrass & Geranium Aftershave Tonic
    Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Epic 5% Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) Serum
    Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Diver Down Natural Deodorant - Sport Strength - Homage to the Original Seaforth Spiced!
    The Holy Black Limited Edition Galleon Grease Pomade ​
    D IMG_1711.jpeg
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  2. palmolive fox

    palmolive fox The British Birdman

    SOTD: 17th September 2022.


    Shaving recipe for today.

    Prep: Warm shower. /Asda Mandarin & Lemongrass Extract Shower Gel.

    Cold wet flannel to my face & head.
    Pears with Mint Extracts Transparent Bar Soap. / Bloom water.
    Brush: Omega 10066.
    Bowl Lather.
    Bowl: Home Bargains Stainless Steel Side Bowl.
    Franken-lather: Scottish Fine Shaving Soap + Wickham 1912 Irish Fern. (Sample)
    Razor: Gillette Guard. (D1) Face.
    Razor: Edwin Jagger DE 89. (Kelvin) / Dorco Titan. (D2) Head.

    Cold water face wash with brush squeezings,Cold Water Face Rinse. /Homemade (~Autumn/Winter mix~) peppermint lavender, eucalyptus, + Tea Tree essential Oils Mixed Together With 200ml of Care+Witch Hazel. /Lucky Tiger Aftershave & Face Tonic. /Nivea Men Replenishing PSB.


    (Face & Head Shave)

    A new eclectic shave set up to start the Weekend...I decided to use the EJ DE 89/Dorco Titan for my head shave and use up the remnants of the Wickham 1912 Irish Fern sample by mixing it together with the Scottish Fine Shaving Soap to make a wonderful franken-lather.

    It's been a while since i last used the Gillette Guard of which i will be using with all my shaves throughout the week.

    Without repeating myself i have mentioned before when i first started to fully shave my head and before i had the shaving confidence & technique to do so with a DE or SE razor my choice razor of was the Gillette guard. It's the only cartridge razor i still occasionally use.

    My first maiden shave with it felt like i was shaving with a potato peeler due to the tilting head, but what i really like about is it doesn't clog up due to it been open comb and having a large blade gap, one of the few if any open comb single edge cartridge razors on the market. It's excellent for tight spots and problem areas.

    My only crits are the plastic issue which i suppose will be recycle in the near future somehow, and it's very light in weight but that's expected considering what it costs to make, 'you're not going to get a shave from it like a DE or a SE razor granted but it's not bad the overall shave performance from this one-blade cartridge razor gives a "socially acceptable shave".

    The Gillette Guard is easy to adjust to when shaving with it...I can normally get 3-4 max combined face & head shaves from one cartridge/head which i consider this excellent value especially for head/dome shaving.
    It's an ideal travel razor, or when you're in need of a quick no fuss can't be arsed presentable face or head shave...I wouldn't replace it for my DE or SE razors, but i recommend giving a try if having the opportunity to do so.

    A close comfortable face & head shave with no errors to report. Finishing the shave off with a few small dollops of Nivea Men Replenishing PSB.

    My face & precious swede are feeling smooth & smelling divine. ;)

    Stay safe and enjoy the start of the weekend ladies & gentlemen. :cool:
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  3. shaveman

    shaveman Well-Known Member

    ERA OC L5
    Nacet Stainless
    Chiseled Face Bay Rum Soap
    Frank Shaving Silvertip
    Aloe Vera
    Stirling Soap Duke Aftershave
  4. Hogie

    Hogie Well-Known Member

    Lather Catcher Shave. Excellent!

    Razor - 1907 Ever Ready "Lather Catcher"
    Blade - GEM Personna SS 8th shave (I may even get at least one more shave from this blade)
    Soap - Sir Har "Classic Barber"
    Pre-shave - Proraso white
    Brush - Simpson "Commodore"
    Post shave - Thayers Facial Toner "Lavender"
    AS - Pinaud Clubman

    I just couldn't wait to try this razor and I was rewarded with a most pleasant LOUD shave. Lots of feedback from this razor. It is VERY efficient too! I could have stopped at one pass! I did a 2-pass shave WTG & ATG with no cleanup. I managed to get a small weeper near my adams apple that stopped on it's own. Very pleasant to use this razor so, I will use it again tomorrow. I would say it is a bit aggressive. I used no pressure at all. You can definitely feel the blade. I am not sure if I got the weeper due to the blade getting dull or my being a bit careless. I will give the blade one more shave tomorrow. 8 shaves is pretty good!

    I bloomed the soap with HOT water. Cool morning so, the warmed bowl and hot water made for a nice lather. Sir Hare is easy to lather for me. Whisked in the bowl and also a bit on my face. Face lathering is nice and builds the lather even more. I hated to see this shave end! Alum bar gave minimal feedback. The weeper stopped on it's own. No sting from the Afer Shave.

    Everybody should try a shave with one of these. VERY nice!

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  5. Yehuda D

    Yehuda D Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    Saturday morning:

    Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Wash
    Yaqi 30mm Barber Pole
    Canadian Tech/Wilkinson Sword day 4
    MSC Vintage Spice SS
    CutiBase Moisturizer
    MSC Vintage Spice AS Splash

    When the Shulton Old Spice soap was discontinued and when P&G took over the production of the aftershave and cologne and changed the scent to a significantly inferior quality I felt really sad, but my brother Fernando, may God bless him and his beautiful family came out with this magnificent pair of treasures which have the EXACT same scent as the beloved Shulton Old Spice soap, aftershave, and cologne. Wow, this soap lathers like a dream, thanks to the tallow formula it’s so slick, and you wouldn’t believe how soothing it feels both during and after. The CutiBase moisturizer is unscented so it won’t disrupt the gorgeous scent, and it’s a perfect balm for sensitive skin. Finally, the Vintage Spice aftershave went on so comfortably because it’s witch hazel based and that delightful scent lasts all day. Three glorious passes gave me a brilliant BBS shave that I enjoyed so much!

    Wishing you all the best - be well and safe![​IMG]

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  6. Jayaruh

    Jayaruh The Cackalacky House Pet

    Supporting Vendor
    Friday's Cold Water Shave

    Cold Water Rinse
    B-pure Shave Soap
    Oscar11 Synthetic
    Gem Flying Wing
    Supply Black Label Blade
    Lustray Spice AS

    The B-pure Shave Soap lathered well with the Oscar11 Synthetic brush. Two passes and touch ups with the Gem Flying Wing Razor and a Supply Black Label Blade gave me a close, comfortable shave. After a cold water rinse I finished off with Lustray Spice AS. I am clean, smooth, and refreshed...
  7. awk-m4

    awk-m4 Well-Known Member

    Saturday September 17, 2022
    Cold Water Shave
    Brush: Simpson T3 Trafalgar
    Bowl: Captain's Choice Copper Bowl
    Lather: Southern Witchcrafts Samhain
    Razor: Henson ++
    Blade: Gillette Platinum (1)
    Razor: Gillette Styler
    Post: Omega Alum Block
    Post: Southern Witchcrafts Samhain
  8. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

    Article Team
    Saturday, September 17
    A&E Chasing The Dragon~~Morris & Forndran Ali Baba 2~~Feather AC/Professional Super~~Vintage Tabac Extreme

    Amazing lather. This Kaizen 2 base rocks. The slickness is crazy and the post-shave rivals MWF.
  9. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

    SE SOTD, SEptemper 17th 2022

    Razor : Yaqi Excalibur SE AC 50mm- Mfg 2021> excellent tame mid range, interesting clamping design, blade is centered reasonably accurate IMO, I get great shaves from this razor 95%> of the time IMO.
    Blade : Feather Pro AC 50mm, Sharp & smoooth with reasonable longevity for a AC blade.
    Soap : Yaqi "The Green" nice sweet clean scent with some cedar wood base notes + excellent lather qualities.
    Brush : Yaqi Viper 24mm boar brush, excellent lather generator, soft split end boar bristle hairs, great splay scrubber + good lather painter.
    Pre shave : (Dedicated Cashmere synthetic)Brush wash whole face with CeraVe hand bar cleanser with a dollop of clear Aloe Vera on the cleaned beard area.
    Prep : Cold water rinse after each pass of 2 + pickups. WTG + ATG + pickups.
    Post shave : Yaqi the Green AS with witch hazel + a dollop of CeraVe moisturizing lotion(scentless).
    Results :CCS,DFS,BBS + no irritation + no weepers=[​IMG]Excellent shave with my SE Yaqi Excalibur with a Feather pro AC 50mm blade.
    Have some great shaves!
  10. Screwtape

    Screwtape A Shaving Butterfly

    Great to see you on here, Jason. For my most recent shave, I just used the Semogue brush you fixed for me, and will probably use it more this month. To be honest, I had completely forgotten I sent that Bostonian to live with you; good to see it is behaving itself properly!

    Great photo, by the way. I have wondered about Castle Forbes' shaving creams. How do you like their lime concoction?
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  11. stuartganis

    stuartganis Well-Known Member

    Gillette Red Tip / Personna Reds
    RajonCajonBrushes / Maggards Synthetic
    Fine Accoutrements / Snake Bite [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  12. jtspartan

    jtspartan appropriately stimulated, via Netflix

    I find the Castle Forbes Lime an excellent product. A straight up, strong Lime scent and a very slick lather. Face feel is nothing special, imho. Price is a negative to note. I received this one in what turned out to be a trade with @Keithmax a few years ago. As it has hardened a bit, I load it just like a soap puck.
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  13. Gian

    Gian Well-Known Member

  14. Ursa

    Ursa Well-Known Member

    Today's shave: Citrus Saturday

    Face brush-washed with Earth Ylang & Palmarosa soap
    Gillette Pre-War Tech razor with ball end handle
    Astra Superior Stainless blade - 2nd shave
    RazoRock Essential Oil of Lime soap
    RazoRock Snowman brush
    Gabels Lime Menthol aftershave

    Face-lathered. Full face WTG; chin and neck XTG; full face ATG
    Shave quality: BBS! Even better than yesterday's superb shave.
    Nicks, cuts, weepers, irritation: None.
    Razor burn: Zero.
    Shave comfort: Just like yesterday--exceptional! Couldn't feel the blade.

    2 shaves into my first-ever Astra SS blade, I'm thinking I may have found the perfect blade for my Gillette Tech razor. If these hold up for 5 shaves, they will set a new and very high standard of performance.

    That said...I still have 8 more blade models to test out, including the respected Gillette Rubie and Tatra Platinum. Something even better may be waiting in the queue!

    Today's face-wash soap was a delightfully-fragranced mini-bar scored from a hotel room. The lather showed promise of being usable for shaving but came up just short. I'll tweak my technique tomorrow and see if I can't coax something shaveable out of this.

    Today was also my first encounter with Gabels Lime Menthol aftershave. It delivered a satisfying menthol blast. Upon application, the nose is greeted with the fragrance of fresh lime juice with Vicks VapoRub added. The essence of VapoRub quickly fades, leaving only a muted and very natural aroma of fresh limes. Nice!

  15. brit

    brit in a box

    awesome.:cool:i have the signature scent in k-2 .lovely stuff.
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  16. brit

    brit in a box

    1945 #77 rfb/black case
    custom badger
    sc binoli

  17. gorgo2

    gorgo2 geezerhood

    Gem Jr.
    carbon blade

    2 pass BBS

    A/S: vintage Skin Bracer Dry Lime
  18. James Kleinkauf

    James Kleinkauf Well-Known Member

    Sunday 09.18.22
    RAZOR: REX Ambassador Adjustable @3
    BLADE: Gillette Nacet
    BRUSH: Elite Razor Fire & Ice 24mm Manchurian White
    LATHER: Saponificio Bignoli Young Shaving Cream
    POST: Saponificio Bignoli Young Aftershave Splash
  19. Hembree

    Hembree Not as pretty smelling

    FuzzTech razor head (modified post war Gillette tech head).
    Razorock thinbar stainless steel handle.
    Feather blade - snapped (fresh).
    Lakewood Soap Company Smokeberry shave soap.
    Shore Shave synthetic brush.
    Timeless Razor shave bowl.
    Cremo Bourbon and Oak EdT
  20. Smooth Steve

    Smooth Steve Well-Known Member

    09/18/22 Shave of the Day
    Face Wash with Stirling Soap Co. Glacial Unscented - Pre-Shave Soap
    Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Son of Honeysuckle Conditioning Shampoo Puck - Summer Seasonal
    Ariana & Evans - Never Alone 2 - Special Edition Shave Soap K2e Base
    AKA Brushworx - Never Alone No. 18 - Synthetic G5C Knot - 28mm Resin Handle
    Crown King Dual Chamber Porcelain Scuttle
    Phoenix Shaving Ceramic Moonscape Brush Scuttle
    Aylsworth - Drakkant Stainless Steel Safety Razor - Machined Finish Serial #118 - 1st Use
    Phoenix Shaving Platinum Strangelet Super Sharps Double Edge Blades - 1st Shave
    The Razor Company Never Alone 2 Black Terry Shaving Towel
    Phoenix Shaving No Slip Grip Alum Block
    Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Alum Block Dry Dock System
    Thayers Alcohol Free Cucumber Witch Hazel Toner with Aloe Vera
    Ariana & Evans - Never Alone 2 - Special Edition Aftershave Splash
    Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Epic 5% Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) Serum
    Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Diver Down Natural Deodorant - Sport Strength - Homage to the Original Seaforth Spiced!
    Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Atomic Age Bay Rum Pomade Wax Based Ol' Fashion Pomade Grease! Medium Hold ~ Limited Edition​
    D IMG_1767.jpeg
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