Southern Soulful Collards

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    2 lbs. of bacon chopped and cooked crisp.

    Add 1 slice smoked ham chopped.

    3 big assed yellow onions chopped fine.

    Simmer until onions are soft.

    2 cups chicken stock and one whole bulb of garlic chopped. Bring to a boil for 10 minutes or one tall boy

    Ass of collards( 8 bunches or so)

    Wash DEVEIN and chop, add to big assed pot strainer a bunch at a time and blanch.

    Place blanched collards in a big assed pot

    Add simmered concoction and additional chicken stock to almost cover

    Black pepper, salt and apple cider vinegar to taste.

    Cover and simmer until collards are done. Sample regularly for additions.

    Continue drinking beer and simmer until you have a good buzz.

    Uncover and reduce liquid by one third or so.

    Make additions as needed.

    May take a couple of hours of cook time.

    Eat some and freeze the rest in quart zip locks.

    Have a beer.
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  2. ordinaryshaver

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    Lord Almighty that does sound good.
  3. cmorris357

    cmorris357 catching flies.........

    Of course you must serve them with cornbread to soak up the pot likker.
  4. ken brooks

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    Oh yes!!!
  5. jar

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    And use Vidalia onions.
  6. ken brooks

    ken brooks Member

    No ,,, I avoid all sweetness in collards .
    Yellow fine chopped.

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