Spike/Square or “Barbers” point

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    Can’t say I have seen this terminology for a razor point, or if I did, it didn’t stick. But thought it was interesting.

    It comes from an Agent brochure for Henry Graves Razor Co in 1921:
    Seems that they were clearing out a large supply of Genco razors and this brochure gave instructions on how to sell... and up sell :). “When you sell a razor it is very easy to sell the accessories that are used with it.”
    The upper left section had something that caught my eye.
    Two of the Genco offerings are sold with “Barbers points” and should be honed off if selling to individuals for personal use.

    Here is the back with pictures and a repeat of that expectation.
    Interesting that it also states to not hone the razor until sold, as a barber WILL NOT buy a “honed point.”

    Thought it was another interesting story on razor terminology.

    Have fun.
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    Interesting, Tom. Seem like the terminology is proprietary terms used by Genco. We sometimes use the term “spike point “, however their term “ needle point “ may be more accurate:). Honed point is just basically the same as the “barber point” but with a blunted tip, honed off after the sale.
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    I now have 3 more points to play around with in my razor vocabulary...
    Barbers, needle and honed points. ;)
    Fun to read some of these older docs.
    Good to hear from you Keith!
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