Starting the process of vacuum packing vintage items for long term preservation.

Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by Tim Spencer, Jul 25, 2019.

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    I finally have enough stuff in a few boxes that it's taking up space and I am worried that over time the scent of the items will spoil or the contents will dry-out. I invested too much money into all these to risk them going bad over time. So, I finally decided to find and employ a solution.

    My solution? Vacuum packing. As you can see, the first of the deodorants are getting done. I also will vacuum pack bar soaps to prevent them from drying out (or in the case of the vintage soaps, drying out further).

    You can see I immediately went to vacuum pack my rarest vintage toiletries, the incredibly-difficult-to-find Shulton Old Spice LIME deodorant stick and the nearly-impossible-to-find Safari Collection bar soap. I also sealed my very last Organic Essence Lemon-Mint deodorant, which I can't find anywhere anymore (I will save that one for decades from now when I'm super-old).

    The box is over-flowing with "backup" products that go to my various shaving sets. I plan to buy air-tight plastic tub-bins to put these in after they are vacuum packed. They can then safely be stored away in a closet without taking up a bunch of space.

    I'm on the fence on whether the backup shaving soap containers need to be vacuum sealed too. They seem pretty tight, but I keep asking myself "why risk it?, seal those suckers!".

    I still have yet to organize my shaving gear properly. I've been using the top shelf of my clothing closet and the storage area under the sinks in my bathrooms.
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    What type/ brand of vacuum packing equipment do you have?

    What is it about vacuum packing that helps preserve soaps and deodorants?

    Will vacuum packing extend the life of the preservative that each product already has?

    Will humidity still be a concern or only temperature? And what about light?

    Considering how much stock I have you’ve really peaked my interest.
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    A few of my custom deodorants and vintage deodorants have shown a smidge of drying-out. Vacuum sealing them should prevent loss of moisture in the deodorants and bar well as shaving soaps that aren't perfectly sealed. I figure just seal everything and see what happens. I figure if I store these in a dark, room-temperature closet and seal them then they should last many, many more years. Hopefully decades.
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    Article Team
    You might consider a few of these...
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    A thousand years from now when they dig it up, they will assume it was used for a religious ceremony.... and they'd be right.
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    Here's hoping you last just as long :)
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