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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by arvanlaar, Jan 11, 2021.

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    Hey All,

    Where I live the water is EXTREMELY hard. Leave a little water on something and white film begins building up immediately and substantially. I know I can disassemble my razor, dry off everything and put it back together, but I find this to be laborious and I often shave before bed and just want to head to sleep. You can criticize my laziness/late night shaving elsewhere haha but I have a question.

    I often clean my razor with CLR (for those unfamiliar it is Calcium, Lime, Rust remover. Basically gets rid of mineral build up mainly in kitchen and bath appliances) and after a good soak and cleaning, the razor works flawlessly. Is there any reason anyone can think of as to why I couldn't just have a jar containing CLR and keep my razor stored in it? Would any sort of damage to the razor or blade occur?

    Curious as to your thoughts. Thanks!
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    CLR is a mix of acids. Their website recommends that you not use CLR on nickel as CLR will desolve nickel. Some other metals are ok to clean with CLR, but storing them in it is still not a good idea.

    I wouldn't store my razor in anything. Keep them clean and dry and depending on the razor, lightly oiled.
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    Ah then I should probably not do that then. Thanks MrEE.
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    Unless you rent put a water filtration system on your main water line if you need to have filtered hot water out of the tap for showering and shaving. If not then get a faucet filter. I'd also recommend getting a water hardness tester. That will take care of your scaling problem.

    And to the original question storing anything in CLR is probably not a good idea. As alesmv says use isopropyl alcohol to displace the moisture if you want to store it in anything. Even a quick dip will be enough to displace any water on the razor before storing. Probably be quicker and easier to do a quick dip and swirl/brush with the razor in some distilled water to remove any minerals then dip in the alcohol and be done with it until your next shave.
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    Very good suggestions gents. Thank you! If I may ask, why is rinsing in distilled water quicker and easier than the alcohol?
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    Depends how clean you want the razor. Water and a toothbrush is good for removing scale and shave cream/soap build up first. Alcohol for keeping it dry and if you leave it in the alcohol for disinfecting.
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    That makes sense. Thanks you BBS. I appreciate the advice.

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