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    Jim needs cash. Help Jim out!
    First up:
    Red Imp 1.jpg
    Red Imp 2.jpg
    Red imp back.jpg

    This is a 4/8 Case Red Imp Wedge. It's a shaver, not a looker--hone wear, uneven bevel, pitting and staining...the scales are straight but the butt needs repinning.

    It's a project razor, for sure, but it's a good shaver.

    $30 by paypal, airmail shipping around the world included. PM me.

    Next up is a Vintage Friodur SOLD

    Friodur box.jpg
    Friodur Blade.jpg
    Friodu back.jpg

    This is a vintage Friodur 6/8 roundpoint. It's in pretty good shape, there's some honewear and a bit of a smile at the toe, and the bottom jimps are a little blackened. The scales aren't quite as smooth in real life as they appear in the pic, and there's a VERY slight warp toward the inlay on the front scales, but it doesn't cause any problems opening or closing. The pins are tight and the blade closes centered.

    This is a great shaver, in fine shape. I wish I could keep it, but I need the money...

    Friodur is SOLD

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