Stressful Job? Site Shows How Job Could Age You

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    Some days do you think your job is killing you? Does all that stress and all that work make you want out?

    What if you could see how it's aging you?

    From the creators of the popular comes, a lighthearted, interactive Web site where you can take a quick quiz and literally see how too much stress at work can really age you. and the Cramer-Krasselt agency have teamed up to deliver the interactive experience that they say will hopefully inspire people to find less stressful jobs, or empower them to find ways to deal with the one they have.

    "Welcome to Age-O-Matic," the site reads. "Find out what your soul-sucking job is doing to you."

    And you might not like what you see.

    It's the first site to allow users to upload a photo to be aged.

    New studies show most workers are stressed out, overworked, overwhelmed or feel stuck in jobs they hate. According to a nationwide survey of 6,169 workers by, one-in-five workers reported they plan to change jobs in 2007.

    "I show up at a client's office, and they already hate me because I'm an auditor," said Tim Kalmen. "One time, I went to a cement contractor, and he told me he owns the company and knows what to do with a body."

    Shannon Haughy, mother of six, said she feels stressed out, too.

    "Physically, exhaustion sets in and I don't want to get out of bed," she said.

    "There's really good evidence now that our DNA is being damaged," said Dr. Lyssa Menard of Northwestern Memorial Hospital Wellness Institute. "We are aging faster."

    Menard said humor and social support is important to relieve the distress that comes with a difficult job.

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