Stretching the skin and wrinkles?

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by FurryFan93, Sep 11, 2019.

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    Hi Shave Den! I'm just wondering from anyone here.. I found a few ways to stop getting nicks and cuts on my chin but it involves me stretching the skin a bit by like biting my lip slightly.. I'm just wondering now though have any of you who has been using these single bladed razors that needs you to stretch the skin in some spots have it lead to wrinkles for you?
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    Other way around....
    Stretching of the skin during shaving is required because of preexisting extended/wrinkled/etc. does not cause the same.
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    I'm with Chris @americanshamrock on this one. Many of the folks in The Wet Shave Revival are twice you age or older @FurryFan93. We used carts for decades and never heard of skin stretching or making shaving faces. We just mashed those carts against out wind and sun burnt faces and hoped for the best. The wrinkles were earned as prizes for raising our families and working hard. At your young age of only 25, our American Way of extended childhood is about over. Time for you to start your collection of wrinkles, blemishes that Clearasil won't cure, and just wait until the receding hairline of male pattern baldness does it's thing. Fortunately for you developing your shave technique now will have you prepared for when you shave your head later to hide the encroaching baldness. Good luck with that!

    Besides skin stretching, there are a couple other techniques many of us have discovered. If you are curious, visit The 30 Day Rule / Focus Group to learn more. It's a bunch of veteran shavers sharing thoughts, tips, and tricks with new shavers of all ages. There's a link in my signature below. ;)
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    I read somewhere that compared to women, men tend to get fewer facial wrinkles due to the exfoliation that is a side effect of the shaving process. Of course, crows feet are a different matter. But, hey, they're not wrinkles if they show character.
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    I think you make a great forum caretaker tbh. Probably one of the best i have come across.

    Sorry, i got carried away with your shepherding. As you were...
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    Getting kicked out of Badger & Blade sensitized me to how traumatic it can be to a newbie shaver. I prefer the gray haired old Boy Scout / school janitor model of Moderation. Practicing my Stoic Philosophy (bottom link in my signature below) means understanding folks have issues. No reason for me to get all in a huff about it. I prefer a kind word, a dose of reality, and sharing TSD's expectation of Gentlemanly behavior works better than issuing warnings or boot & ban.
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  7. BBS

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    Poor skin care and shave prep is more likely to lead to skin problems including wrinkles. Poor shave prep can also lead to more cuts even with a mild razor or cart.

    For the wrinkles part keep the skin hydrated, pliable but taut and PH slightly acidic. You can do 2 of the 3 during the shave. The ph part you need to do afterwards. Key is keep away from stuff that dries out the skin like most creams in a can during the shave and aftershaves that contain alcohol which dry and irritate the skin afterwards. So good creams that don't dry the skin keep the skin hydrated during shaving which in turn will keep irritation and cuts down that other creams may not. It also keeps the skin pliable but taut during shaving though you can make it taut during shaving through skin stretching for a closer shave. The best thing to use to keep wrinkles from forming either after shaving or by itself is use a alum block. Just rinse it off after applying on the face after shaving since it can cause the skin to sting depending how irritated the skin is from shaving. I let it sit a minute then rinse. If you apply it when not shaving you can leave it on. Alum block will cause the skin to stay more taut. You can also use it as a deodorant also, it is a lot safer than the stuff they sell which has aluminum in it. An alum block won't keep you from sweating since it isn't an anti-antiperspirant but it will keep you from stinking plus it goes on clear and doesn't stain shirts and such.

    The problem though with washing your face with soap and shaving is it destroys the skins naturally acidic PH barrier and makes it basic which causes skin issues and could lead to wrinkles over time depending how quick your skin recovers and other skin problems. To deal with this use vinegar as part of your aftershave routine. I use apple cider vinegar, it helps restore the skin PH, relieves shave burn the same way it does with sunburn by allowing the heat built up to release in the skin and helps with a myriad of skin issues like acne for example.

    Depending how much time you have here is my aftershave routine I do. I use an alum block, alcohol free witch hazel which is astringent and will do the same as the alum block plus more and vinegar.

    1. I clean my face of shave cream.

    2. Apply the alum block all over my face not just where I shaved and let sit about a minute then rinse and dry.

    3. Apply alcohol free witch hazel over the entire face. Leave wet.

    4. I put a few drops of vinegar in one palm rub my hands together and lightly touch my face where I shaved, it can sting good until the heat releases so lightly touch then rub it in real good once it has. You let your face air dry and your skin will be like you never shaved except the missing hair within a half hour or so.

    Couple of things if you skip step 3 make sure you wet your face first with water before applying the vinegar. You can also skip the alum block and get the same results if you are pressed for time. Without the alum block my post shave takes about a minute tops. The witch hazel will also help with irritation like the alum block.
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    One other thing that does help with nicks and cuts if you are able to use filtered water to shave with. Hard water will shave differently than soft or filtered. If you want to test that use your tap water for a few days then filter some using one of sink faucet filters or pitcher filter and see you feel a difference. Make sure to do this with an aggressive razor.
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    Alright guys, Thanks for the help. I guess I was being paranoid for nothing.
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    It's ok to be paranoid, most of us only get that way when we find an old rusty cart razor.... hanging in the shower!

    Anyway there are lots of old wives tales about shaving. Just ask like you did here and the answers will pour in.
    good luck
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    Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean THEY aren't out to get you. You are in a great position to avoid the damage many of us are trying to repair. Let us know how it's going? Take a photo of your shave gear set up and post in the Shave of the Day thread. Ask questions! We're glad to share and happy to help. :cool:
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    I would be paranoid too, with that user name. Furrys are generally regarded as deviant scum on the internet, but you seem nice enough. (Gillette probably considers wet shavers to be deviant scum as well, :D).

    If you use witch hazel as an aftershave splash, you can pretty much avoid developing wrinkles, sagging jowls and the dreaded old age neck wattle...and yes, skin stretching is part of the shaving routine.

    Edit: and welcome to the shave den.
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    Yeah, we let all kinds of odd people join up here! Just no electric shaver fanbois. I think some of those weird-O's from the flash light forum may have snuck in. :cool:
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    It always cracks me up when someone posts a thread asking about electric razors.
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