Super Speed evolution....a bunch of useless info you probably don't need to know

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by MTgrayling, Nov 26, 2008.

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    thank you Mike..:):eatdrink047:
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    Reviving an old thread... I didn't realize there were ways to "date" the SS razors.

    Examining mine (I have two), one came in a red case and I have no reason to believe it was a mismatch (an estate sale and there was only 1 razor there in its beat-up red plastic box). The notch for loading blades and the red case makes me think this one is a 1949-50 (notch came in '48 and the red box started in '49). The Mystery Razor (on the right in my photos) came from an online auction and arrived in a mismatched (much more modern) case. Not sure how to date the latter. Examining the ol' 49 and my latest acquisition, I noticed one difference that stuck me... how the bar was peened. Here's a pic:

    SS variation.jpg
    Notice the center post?
    The peen (divot, crater) on the center post is high on my '49 (at left) and the peen invades the beveled part of the center post. The unknown SS on the right has a peen (divot, crater) that is lower on the center post and comes to the EDGE of the bevel, but does not intrude upon it. Lazy machinist that day, or a no-kidding variation?

    Here's another difference I noticed... the patent number part:

    To the left of the center post, the one I believe is a '49-50 says "PAT.NOS." but on the Mystery razor, the wording on the left of the post says "PAT.NOS.ON" -- and to the right of the center post the possible '49+ says "ON PKG" while on the Mystery Super Speed the wording on the right of the center post says "PACKAGE" -- the sentence is broken in a different place on the two razors, and the font on the Mystery Super Speed at right is smaller, too. Interesting.

    Are either of these features that would help me confirm a "date" for either of the Super-Speeds?
    - Bax
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    The one with pkg if it doesn't have a date code is 1950. The one with package is 49 - 50. Where the stem extends out the ring is how to tell if it is 49 - 50 or 48 - 49. It is narrow like the 1950 one so it is a 48 - 49. If earlier that ring is wider. If the one marked package is original to the case we can determine if it is 49 or 50 by how the red styrene case is made. It is a few pages back in the thread but the information is there on the difference between the cases.
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    The "PKG" is the one that came in the red case. It's the razor on the left in my photos above. If PKG was used on undated razors and that makes it a 1950, then I reckon you nailed THAT one down!

    The "PACKAGE" razor is the one that came in a clear/white case that is not helpful for dating, as the case is from 1967 or 1968. It's the razor in the right on the photos above. Since these both have a narrow stem, I reckon that makes it a '49 or '50.

    Did the peen/divot/crater location mean anything helpful?
    - Bax
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    No on the peen part unless you are referring to the stamped ring around the center of the plate where the stem comes through. They went from package to pkg in 1950 and formally went to date codes for all razors starting with W 1 in 1951. The only 1950 razor with a date code is a V 3, all other quarters are undated. On the 1950 on if it is in the wrong red styrene case that can be determined just the same. Those 1950 ones only came in a red styrene case and in only the 2nd of the styles of cases they made. If it is in the first style it is a mismatch.
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    A particularly good shaver, that.
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    Found it! Yep, I've got the early styrene box that would be correct for a 1950 unnumbered "PKG" razor. Yay! Looks like I have a correct 1950 with styrene case.

    The undated Super Speed "PACKAGE" must be its older brother from 1949 or early 1950.

    I guess that (what I now know is an) unnumbered 1950 red-case SS is on the left below; the unnumbered Mystery SS (49-50) is on the right:
    SS Variation 2.jpg
    Seems weird that the post & peen variation isn't a "thing" to help date these things.
    Hey! Maybe I'm the first one to notice it!
    Extra points for me!
    Or one of my SS's are weird.
    - Bax
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    thank you sir,just arrived today..nice shaver..:):eatdrink047:
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    It happened according to this after they changed how they stamped base plates for all razors not just the Super Speeds which we do know was most likely 1949 while they still said package on them after the red styrene cases are introduced. We know that by the width of the ring. That divot detail unless it happened in 1949 gives no added context from a date stand point. If it did happen in 49 or even 50 on the ones marked with package the context is it was made close to the end of 49 or early 50 with the narrow ring on the center hole of the base plate for the ones lumped into the 48 - 50 time frame.

    It is a good catch from a detail stand point don't get me wrong but it only changes the context of what we assume is correct on these razors very little. If you looking for something made birthyear and quarter then it is an important detail.
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    just arrived,1947 u.s aristocrat found.


    after a cleaning,on far left.
    the 47 with its other stable mates,
    the 47 brit aristocrat jr (middle)and the 48-50 notched superspeed.(far right)

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