Supply Single Edge Version 1 and Ikon Shavecraft OSS For Sale

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    Supply Provision Single Edge Classic Version 1-$80.00 obo

    Ikon Shavecraft 101 OSS-$55.00 obo

    Good day Gents,

    I am doing a bit of den clearing and am willing to part with two excellent razors. At one time these were among my top tier, but have since fallen into disuse. They are both in excellent condition as pictured, but if you have any more detailed questions please ask. The Single Edge is the one with the ability to drop the blade out if the bottom of the plate below the screw is depressed firmly and the original finish, which I greatly preferred to the updated one that looked much more cheap in comparison imho.Later versions changed both the finish and the blade drop out feature, which I missed. I am extremely particular and so I must note that there are two very minor scratches on the back of the handle towards the bottom on the Single edge. Otherwise, it is in excellent condition. Please send payment through pay pal to and I will send through usps and will take care of the shipping costs. Price are negotiable so pm me if interested. Make sure to give me your address and thank you for looking!

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