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    I finally managed to get my hands on a very lightly used Supply V2 via the BST and thought I'd do a quick review comparing it directly with the V1 I already own.


    I used a custom Shavemac D01 3-band fan brush, some Citrus CRSW soap, some BBA Pre-shave oil and followed up with some Fitjar ASB. The V2 is on the left in the pictures.

    I used a new Personna blade in each and a tried and tested means of doing half a pass on each side of my face with one razor and then swopping things around on the next pass so as to get an even picture.


    There are some minor differences in specification between the two models with the V2 being made using a metal injection moulding (which is often referred to as sintering) whereas the V1 was made using a CNC machine and was cut from a single block of metal.


    These different processes have led to the same design having different properties. The fit on the V2 is exemplary. Everything slots together very nicely with a higher level of tolerance than the V1. It wins hands down in this area.

    The overall finish in the polished version I have is not, though, as good as that of the finish of the V1. There are some very minor but still noticeable sink marks on the final polished handle on the V2 model and these mean that the overall polished finish, whilst still being a mirror finish, falls very slightly short of the very high standard set by the V1.

    Onto more important things, namely how well do they shave?

    Thankfully, the simple answer is that they both shave as well as each other. I have previously read that the V2 Baseplate were designed to be more efficient than their V1 counterparts and, in my experience, this appears to have been achieved. For example, I noticed a clear difference between the two dot plate on each version, with the V2 plate being more efficient. When I tried it against a three dot V1 plate, on the final two passes, the shave appeared to be identical in all respects.

    So the final question is which of the two versions do I prefer. This is a difficult question to answer. I like the heft of the V1 which feels better (and very slightly heavier) in the hand than the V2. The fit of the V2 is noticeably superior though.

    They both shave equally well (albeit using different plates) and I can, therefore, only conclude that I do not prefer one over the other.

    They're both great razors and the only question I now need to ponder is whether it is worthwhile getting the extra two plates that are available for the V2 razor or not.

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  2. mantic

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    Great review. I also have a V1 and a V2 and my experiences pretty much follow yours. I use the "mild" base plate though.
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    I don't have the V2 but after many shaves with the V1 I settled on DOT2 plate because the DOT3 plate is hefty on the aggression and the shaving feels somewhat scratchy while the DOT1 is too mild, DOT2 gives me great whether daily shaves or even if I skip days.
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  4. DesertTime

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    Any Supply razor users try the Schick Proline B blades? They're comparable in quality and sharpness to the Proline P AC blades.
    Just curious.
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  5. PickledNorthern

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    I haven’t, but been meaning to. Thanks for the reminder. Just bought Andrew’s @Linuxguile last two packs.
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  6. DesertTime

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    Jared, do you have the version 2?
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  7. PickledNorthern

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    Yes, mine is V2. I love that razor. It is the razor I imagine will be the last one I ever use as I age and my motor skills go to Hell. The one the nurses aides hand to me at the home. It’s just the easiest thing to use that I’ve ever tried.
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