Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap

Discussion in 'Shave Soaps' started by PLAla, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. PLAla

    PLAla Bit Shy of a Full Puck

    Anyone ever used this soap?


    I found it today in a shop and went ahead and bought it. It's inexpensive. The smell is great. It says it can be a shower or shave soap, so if it doesn't work well for shaving then I'll just move it to the shower.
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  2. Bussemand

    Bussemand Well-Known Member

    Google says it's a "scrub" soap and not the best for shaving. Someone on amazon claims it contains those darn microbeads. I love the retro design though
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  3. PLAla

    PLAla Bit Shy of a Full Puck

    I just tried a test lather with it. It was not the usual consistency of shaving soap. Very airy with the zillions of tiny bubbles. However, I'll give it a go tomorrow or Wednesday with a shave. It might be surprisingly good.....or not. But hey, what's the worst that could happen??
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  4. Jasman

    Jasman Well-Known Member

    I have read several reviews of this product. I have yet to find one person who considers it a viable shave soap, rather than bath soap. At least a couple of folks have opined that the oil used is inappropriate to use with the salt base, for lather purposes. That said, best of luck.
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  5. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    Yup, that's bath soap lather.
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  6. kurtmill

    kurtmill Active Member

    I want to say I saw another sea salt soap review about 6 months ago. Although I think that one was Norwegian.
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  7. Darkbulb

    Darkbulb Cookie Hoarder

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  8. PLAla

    PLAla Bit Shy of a Full Puck

    Thanks! I may just move it to the shower after reading your previous thread. There is no use in shaving with terrible, disappearing lather.
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  9. Darkbulb

    Darkbulb Cookie Hoarder

    Give it a try first.
    You know what they say..."YMMV" :)
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  10. PLAla

    PLAla Bit Shy of a Full Puck


    I had a go with it this morning for a shave. @Darkbulb is right.....it ain't good. I thought the lather was going well at first. There was decent pastiness and what seemed to be passable lather. But it dried and dissipated quickly. I kept rehydrating and actually got a pretty good pass about the jaw. The neck was scary though. I kept at it but decided to stop after one pass with that lather. I switched to a different soap for clean-up and then stopped. I was worried about irritation.

    Too bad because it claims to be good for shaving. Thanks for everyone's comments and suggestions!
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  11. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    I LOVE the scent of this soap and it appears to give good lather at the beginning, but then, yes - it disaapears and you're left with nothing. :(
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  12. Salty Belle

    Salty Belle Well-Known Member

    I can't figure out why they ever marketed it as a shave soap. I make a lot of sea salt bath soaps and they are wonderful as just that...bath/shower soap, but produce no where near the type of lather one needs for shaving. Sea salt soaps aren't really exfoliating either but produce a tighter, denser lather than the typical light and airy bubbles you see in a typical bath bar. They do make the skin feel wonderful...like after a swim in the ocean or a therapeutic salt bath soak. I love them for that and they are the only kind I make now for our own home use.
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  13. droberts0503

    droberts0503 Well-Known Member

    That's what I was thinking. Salt soaps are great but there's not a one that would be good for anything other than a bath/shower soap.
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