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Discussion in 'The Brush' started by GDCarrington, Oct 11, 2012.

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    Very interesting read. Thank you.
  3. 178-bplatoon

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    Fantastic historical as well as informational articles. Actually brings many things shaving related into perspective. :signs001: for all you effort bringing them to our attention. :)
  4. GDCarrington

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    Article #6 has been released.
  5. Ryan B

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    I checked out #6. It was a good read, keep it up.
  6. GDCarrington

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  7. Slipperyjoe

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    Your articles are making for an interesting read. I'm astounded that the synthetic shaving brush dates back to the forties. Lol I like the name they gave that early snth hybrid..Badgerlon...
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    WOW, some seriously good work there mate - well done!
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    Now that I am all caught up on your articles I have a few questions but I will wait until the end of the series to see if they are answered in the future.

    Great to see your back up and running Gary I hope the healing is going smoothly, May the goddess grant you her blessings my friend.
  10. johnus

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    Question : "if you check very carefully, you can find `natural bristle’ brushes, which are plant-derived"
    Plant-derived? For a shaving brush? Familiar with them for brooms but haven't heard of its use for shaving?
  11. GDCarrington

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    I never found anything substantial on the plant bristle brush for shaving. The article referenced was an older article to find early usages for the second generation nylon fiber shaving brushes. That would be an interesting area of study, but I had to remained focused more on the synthetic fiber references of the early second generation nylon fibers which that article referred to. I did find these however...

    Now whether these materials could be "flagged" to become soft enough yet durable enough to use in shaving I don't know.
  12. GDCarrington

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    The last article in this series is scheduled to be released tomorrow 11/12/2012.
  13. GDCarrington

    GDCarrington Burma Shave

    The final article has been released. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read the series.
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  14. GDCarrington

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  15. Slipperyjoe

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    Lol.. the latest generation of synthetic boar..:eek:
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