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  1. where were tabac and mitchell sold in the late 90s across retailers in the united states? or were these two only sold at certain boutiques other than traditional retailers like walmart? who more than likely carried these two all across america? or would only small and pop pharmacies carry them?
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    well let me see now I was born in the 80s and grew up in the 90s and early 2000s I never saw tabac or Mitchell in the eastern side of the mountains in Washington state only willaims shave soap at Walmart in the early 90s
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    I don't think any major retailers do now or ever have stocked Tabac or Mitchell's Wool Fat. Those are Very European products that would only show up in very special shops. Choices were Barbasol, Gillette, and those types of gel or foam in a can available all across the country. But in the late '90's the internet was still trying to figure out how to get commercial, and The Wet Shave Renaissance was only taking baby steps.

    I've seen archived newspapers referenced in other discussions. Don't know where to look for that info. Could take hours or days flipping through photos to still not find the info you seek.

    @haroldwashington - are you compiling info to write a book about the history of our hobby?
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    I actually do know the answer to this one. Mitchell's Wool Fat was sold in some cutlery stores that also sold straight razors. These were little mom and pop stores, and not very many of them that I saw. The only shaving soap I saw in chain drugstores was Williams Shaving Soap, although they stopped selling it several years ago. Not sure about Tabac. I never saw it sold in retail stores or online until around 2007, and even then only online.
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    interesting I didn't know that but in my nick of the woods straight razor weren't interest so I never saw that kind of stuff my grandfather was the only one I new that still used a safety razor so the info the shaver x just gave is new to me

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