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    Today I'm reviewing a great product and easily one of the best shaving creams out there. The "Tabula Rasa" is an unscented shaving cream, handmade from natural ingredients in very small batches in Berlin, Germany and is especially intended for people with very sensitive skin as there are no fragrance oils or preservatives added.

    The cream contains mango butter, shea butter, argan oil and a special, natural product called "Stimu-Tex" from a Swiss Company that has a softening, nurturing effect on the skin.

    Ingredients (INCI): Aqua, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Argania Spinoza Kernel Oil, Hordeum Vulgare Wax, Butyrospermum Parkii Extract, Mangifera Indica Butter, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Borate.

    Now for the review:

    Ease of lathering
    Use very little water and a hazelnut-sized amount of cream and you'll get great great lather in next to no time.

    Life span of lather
    It lasts till the very last stroke with your razor - both on your face and in the mug.

    If you suffer from dry skin you're in for a real treat, the TR moisturizes your face like hardly anything else out there due to the mango- and shea-butter and the arganoil. It's also very slick so your razor will cut through your beard as if it were butter and the thick, stiff lather provides excellent protection for your face.

    Well, you could give it a zero or a ten here - I decided to go for the full score. The TR is unscented and even though there's a slight odor from the ingredients, it's next to scentless which is a good thing when you're making superlather or don't want the shaving cream to interfere with the AS/Cologne.

    at 20€ for 90g (27$ - 3,17oz.) it's quite expensive - but worth every cent of it.

    Would you buy again?
    Definitely. No need to say more.
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    Well, it's official: The "Dark Lavender" version is available now (in small quantities, that is).

    I've received a tub from Erik and just had an incredible shave with it.

    The new version is the same, good old formula of the unscented TR, only with some added scent ;)

    The "Dark Lavender" fragrance has been developed by a skilled aromatherapist from Potsdam, Germany and is a real treat. As the name suggests, it's a "dark" version of Lavender, with some Patchouli added. Let me tell you, this cream is simply divine - when you open the tub it just hits you right in the face and it fills the entire bathroom during shaving with this lovely, manly fragrance.
    What's also great is that the scent doesn't linger on your face after rinsing so it won't interfere with your EdC.

    If you're looking for a great, all-natural (no FOs used!) lavender-cream that offers a tad more than "just" lavender, look no further and treat yourself with the great "Dark Lavender" Tabula Rasa!
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    After shaving with TR for 7 days I now have a good enough feel to write a reveiw.

    Lathering is a breeze with this cream. I wouldn't say it is a water lover but it does take a little to get the brush to explode. The life span of the lather is exceptional and I can get enough for 3-4 passes with a little left over. Another plus is the fact that the lather doesn't dry out between passes.

    TR is very moisturizing and probably the most moisturizing cream I have tried to date.

    Lubrication and protection is what really makes this cream great. The razor glides over my face when I use this cream. I shave with this and my face feels great.

    Scent is a little tricky here because I purchased the unscented cream. I gave it a 10 because there is still some scent from the ingredients but it is a pleasant scent.

    Price received the lowest points for me. I picked this stuff up for $15 at a sale. Normally the cream is $28 before shipping, that is a little high in my opinion.

    Overall this is an exception cream. TOBS was my benchmark before I tried TR, now TR is my benchmark. I will pay the $28 price once I run out. Definately a top notch cream.

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