Tahini-Yogurt dressing

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    This is nice & easy and can be used on salads or as a sandwich spread. I make it a little thinner for salad.

    1/4 c. Tahini/sesame paste
    1/4 c. Plain yogurt (we use low-fat Greek yogurt)
    1 tbsp. Lemon juice
    2 tbsp. Olive oil
    2-4 tbsb. Water (I use 2 for sandwich spread or 4 for dressing.) The water is needed to thin it.
    salt & pepper to taste
    1/4 tsp. Cayenne pepper (optional)

    Stir in tahini & yogurt. Add the other liquid ingredients and stir until smooth. Add spices & stir in. (You can, of course, vary the spices to your own preference.)
    Store in the fridge.
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