Tale of a Three Dollar and 50 cent razor

Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by M14Shooter, Jul 4, 2018.

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    Won three razor for $10.50 One was a Wester Bros 34 Di-Fi .I gave it to a new straight razor user at work .Great razor for a new shaver .The other is a 5/8 Blue Seal that needs a refresh.

    The razor the shocked me was 5/8 Union Cutlery made in 1909 in Union City Georgia.In 1910 they moved to New York.
    It was made with US Steel.They did make some with German Steel but they are marked as such.
    I honed her on Sharpton Glass up to 16K .Then Finished on Welch Slate followed by a Vintage Feslner Ruby Hone with tallow lather.

    Shave was out of this world.Blade was super keen and smooth as silk.This razor shaved like it was made in Eskilstuna Sweden .This blade can hold it own against any of my top razors.Very surprised and happy with this tool made 109 years ago .The craftsman who made it had to be very skilled.Grind was perfect with small even bevel.I imagine the craftsman had many years of experience in Germany or Sweden before he immigrated to the United States.Wonderful surprise for the Fourth of July.Just wanted to us a US Straight for the Fourth .But this lady really surprised me .:) rps20180704_203934_981.jpg
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    That’s great. There was also a Dixie razor company in Union City Ga. as well. I’m not sure if they were the same company or not. Maybe they changed names? I’ve heard they are great shavers as well. I’ve also seen some union razors marked made in New York, im guessing they moved there at some point. Can’t seem to find a lot of info, on any of these razors.
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    Not sure if you guys know who Mike Blue is, suffice to say he has forgotten more about steel then most people in the world know
    Over breakfast one day at a 2 day meet, we were discussing the merits of the turn of the century American steel that was used by many razor companies

    Mike thinks they were using Penn. steel which was known to be some of the finest grained stuff ever pulled out of the ground anywhere, which could be why they have the ability to take and hold edges that will shame many "Name" razors out there..
    I can tell you that they are some of the few I still use a full Shapton progression on because the resulting wicked sharp edge is still smooth as silk on the face and they can hold onto to the edge for much longer than most.

    But who knows,,, it was a fun discussion though with a master at his craft
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    Inspired by this thread I just scored a Union Cutlery razor from the Georgia era too. Glen, does the Shapton progression honing cost more from you than other honing methods? I may be sending this your way soon...
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